After breaking in my FWB Meetings

More Fun…

Well from my previous story I got a new 2nd FWB , Gary , which I broke in with Tom, since then we've met many times, sometimes as a 3sum , sometimes just one or the other.

It's great having the attention of 2 really nice guys and they're happy sharing me, so here is a little story of a meeting with Gary.

Gary rang me to see if i was free , which i was , so I arranged for him to come over in a few hrs, so I could take a shower and pick out a… Read more

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First 3sum Meetings

She had us both…

I was asked how I started swinging,  that question sent me back a couple of years.

It started when I saw a woman, Sara, I had been bedding in my local. I said hi, and a man walked up behind me and asked me to join them. Sara looked worried,  the man asked me to help him with drinks and told me he was buying. 

As we waited for the drinks he introduced himself,  Jim. He asked if I was fucking Sara.  I told him I was.  He nodded and … Read more

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A First Meet Meetings


So I knocked, and the door was opened almost immediately by a good looking woman in her late 40’s who introduced herself as Anne. Anne then led me through to their lounge and introduced me to Tony her partner. Tony was also quite good looking and probably a little older than Anne, with what looked like a fairly good body but slightly overweight. He gave me a cheeky wink as he kissed me on the cheek and asked if I wanted a drink, I said yes, of … Read more

The Shower 4 Meetings

Lyn took DP…

We met a couple, Adam and Anna and had some fun with them. We were now waiting for their return the following day.

Lyn was excited but feeling guilty. The door bell went and went to answer the door. I was naked so checked the eye hole in the door. It was them, I opened the door and let them in. Anna was first with a big smile and hello. She headed for the bed and Adam followed.

Anna undid two buttons on her left shoulder, her dress slipped … Read more

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A traveller's fantasy Meetings

One for her from a lonely hotel room…

Im alone now... lying naked in my 5th floor hotel room with the light off but the curtains open... watching the world go by, but hidden from view by the reflection of the lights outside. Every so often, a train on the raised section of the line whizzes past the window filled with commuters staring into nothingness...

I'm imagining that you are here with me.

Lying on top of me - your sexy ass against my stomach, your head resting backwards o… Read more

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A little incident whilst walking Meetings

The picnic site is quite a way from where I live, but I've always enjoyed driving and it is reputed to be a popular site for dogging, and you never know do you.
In the three years I've been going there and enjoying the walk, the fresh air and the hope of a bit of fun...nothing has ever happened.
I was crossing the car park after my walk one fine Sunday, disappointed again and on my way home when I saw a car parked in one of the secluded bays.
Read more

Fall Out Meetings

It all started when I was posted as a newly promoted corporal (acting) to a unit, the camp was miles from anyware.
After being there for six or seven weeks one of the warrent officers asked me if I would like to baby sit for him. Now being so far away I was saveing up hard for a car, so any money would be a help. I readily said yes, and he picked me up from the camp gates, it was even quite a way from there to the Quarters, He introduced me to … Read more

4PM Meeting Cont'd Meetings

So there I was, lying back on my own desk, my knees around my ears with this wondrous woman tonguing my arse, gently playing with my balls in her hand as she lifts them clear for better access. She's perched practically naked on the edge of a chair rubbing her soaked pussy with her free hand when I hear a click and the office door opens!

I jerked my head round at the sound and looked towards the door, and there stood halfway in the room was C… Read more

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4pm Meeting Meetings

The phone rang and I picked it up 'Your 4pm is here' said Christine, the recepionist downstairs. 'OK thanks' I replied and returned the receiver to it's cradle. With a sigh I stood up and went to meet my appointment wondering why on earth I had agreed to the meeting in the first place. I was only half considering outsourcing our telemarketing and didn't really want yet another sales rep in giving me the usual spiel, especially so late in the afte… Read more

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Taking her unawares Meetings

I pull up and park on the road outside the semi-detached house at the end of the cul-de-sac. Peering through the gloom I can just a bout make out the number on the door. I am in place. I watch the clock excitedly as it ticks over to 8:30 and not 30 seconds later my phone bleeps to tell me to come to the door.

As I approach the porch the door opens slightly and he peers around the door. He is shorter than me and unshaven, His profile says he i… Read more

BigAndy Meetings

In early 2012 I joined this site for a few months (under a other user name). I got to see another member called bigandy he lived in the north east and he was hot tall,dark haired and the BIG in his user name certainly was true. He was early thirties like myself and after exchanging emails we decided to meet up after chatting and exchanging pics for a month. He was staying at a hotel in Manchester and we met in a public place first. He was very ni… Read more

Eye Full Meetings

We had gone to spend the weekend with some very old friends, as we had for some years, old thing they came to our we went to there a few times a year.. Some years ago Paul had built an upstairs extension on to the house, above the garage, as a small workshop drawing office. the outside had Shutters like you would find in Dutch houses. We had know each other long enough not to have to dress up and we where relaxed in each other company. The Friday… Read more

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be Carefull what You say Meetings

I had met my girlfriend when we where both posted into the same Army camp. we had been dating and shagging for several months, One weekend we had gone down to a naturist beach some distance from camp, laying there soaking up the sun, Helen said I would not mind shagging that woman just over there, I was a bit startled, as she was like cinzano for cock any place any time. she did explain that she liked a taste of a woman's pussy and she like to be… Read more

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my ex wife Meetings

my ex wife called me when she was drunk we flirted and she asked me to come see her as i went in she sat on the sofa wearing a short dress that looked like one she had years back she leaned over and i seen her tits clearly she noticed me looking saying my tits are ok she said i replied yes as i sat next to her playing with her nipples as i kised her she said she liked her girly fun with my girlfriend asking what she said as she was drunk i told h… Read more

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my g/f heard fone sex Meetings

I had regulare chats with alice and one time we were saying what we liked when we fucked but my g/f was listening and when we finished she asked me later who I was talking to saying don't lie tell me so I confessed it was alice she asked me to call her and put it on speaker for her to hear so calling her we talked of sex asking her if there was any other guys she new she would fuck none she said asking me the same loads I said and lorna the same… Read more

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halloween party Meetings

my g/f and me went to a Halloween party at a club in town I went as batman and she went as a nun we drank and chatted to lots of ppl and noticed some sexy things going on I recognised my g/fs old mate alice who was dressed as a sexy secretary and she did not know me as we chatted I said she had great tits and ass she said jim her man liked big tits I said hers are nice and if she had sexy undies on all the better yes I have she said as I looked a… Read more

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A walk in the woods Meetings

This story started in 2007 when on the way back from visit up north my wife was rather horny so we managed to find a quiet spot not too far from home where we parked up and fucked outside the car. This has always been a fantasy of mine and I remember telling her that someone was watching us and this only made her more horny. Having this memory with me I decided to try my luck one morning and said let's go for a walk in the forest. After a bit of… Read more

Lunch break Meetings

This meeting took place after we had built to a crescendo of desire for each other via e-mail, text and on the phone...

We met in a country park at lunch time both having scheduled "external meetings" from work. Arriving in separate cars she hopped into the front seat of my car where we were finally able to kiss. Her mouth and tongue soft, yielding. The delicious, deep kiss continue whilst I ran my hand between her thighs, tracing the line of … Read more

The great outdoors Meetings

So I had been chatting to someone else from another site. Smart, communicative, pretty and deeply dirty. She lived nearby my route home from work and was also eager to meet.


She still sounded excited, although unsurprisingly rather nervous, when we spoke on the phone and organised meeting in a hotel car park before deciding on a final destination...

It was a warm sunny day when we met. I was once again in a frenzy of excitment b… Read more

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Rescued from the Dragon's Den Part 2 Meetings

Part 2 - Dinner & More.

I had one more call that afternoon, rather more successful this time, and got back to the hotel around 5pm.

I changed out of my business suit, showered and put on some smart casual clothes. I watched TV for a while catching up on the news and went down to the bar around a quarter to 7. The bar was quiet so I sat at the bar, ordered a drink and got chatting to the barman. I told him I was waiting for my dinner date wh… Read more

Rescued from the Dragon's Den Meetings

Part 1 - Lunch

It was my second call of the day. I was a rep working the Northwest of England. I lived near London so that meant I was on the road most of the time.

The building was an undistinguished two storey block on a small industrial estate on the edge of Blackpool. I parked my car in one of the customer bays and went in.

"I have an appointment to see Mrs. Green at midday" I said to the receptionist. While she made a ph… Read more

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Who said camping isn't fun? Meetings

Who Said camping cant be fun??
Well, its not exactly in a tent, we bought a caravan last year and have just had our first “meet” in our van with another couple in a motorhome.
We have chatted on line for a while and once we realised we both had caravans ( I shall refer to theirs as this for ease) we finally managed to meet on a very quiet site in Suffolk, parking next to each other with doors facing , we met and very politely started cha… Read more

repeat performance Meetings

this friday me and A decided to meet up again very quickly as we both enjoyed last weeks events so much. he picked me up then went back to his place as soon as we got through the door we were pawing one another like lions on LSD he had his uniform on as he had been on earlies and looked very hot indeed i wore black skinny jeans with a sheer pussy bow blouse the weather was cooler than recent days thankfully we would have more energy. he started k… Read more

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my first meet from S P went very nicely Meetings

last week i met a lovely local guy i had chatted to for a short while,he was a married paramedic and in his lates 30s. usually i meet in public first but as we got on so well over the phone and he was so honest and only over a mile away i invited him round to mine on a night my hubby would be away at a snooker match. when i answered the door i was very happy i did go through with it he was gorgeous 6 foot 3 with dark hair,a fit athletic body and… Read more

waiting horny & in antisipation continued. Meetings

as promised i will let you all know how K and her meeting went.

K came home at 5.30am, she looked worse for wear here hair was all over and makeup smudged but she said she had one of the best nights of her life, after they met and went for a meal & a few drinks , they set off around town checking out some other bars, K said she thought it a bit strange as she thought he`d suggest going up to the the hotel but she went along with it having q… Read more

waiting horny and in antisipation Meetings

this is a follow up to my last story on here, where i took K to enjoy herself in a glory hole.

since then we`ve not really done much in meeting up with anyone, until the other week, K has quite a lot of admirers from male work collegues as she travels around quite a bit, but normally she always comes home and very rearly stays over anywhere.

but there`s a guy in scunthorpe who keeps chatting to K on line and txt`ing her as he is one of the… Read more

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my horny ambulance man Meetings

this is what started my uniform fetish.i collapsed at home with a fit and my hubby called for a ambulance,whilst coming to in the ambulance i noticed the guy with me was very attractive with a nice body although older than me. a week later when i was at home i got a knock at my door it was him he said he wanted to see if i was ok i invited him in and made him a coffee,we sat chatting he was on the sofa facing me. he told me i had called him a hor… Read more

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Ian and Anna Meetings

I met a great couple about 6 months ago. At their request, I've changed their names, but the rest is all at it happened....

After swapping a few emails and an msn chat, I agreed to meet up with a couple from Bradford. He’s (Ian) in early 50’s and she’s (Anna) in her early 40’s. I’d seen a few pictures and they looked like an attractive couple.

We hadn’t really discussed what would happen when we met, as they preferred to play it… Read more

Joe & Lorraine Meetings

I’d been living with my girlfriend for 2 years, and we had been together for 5 years. We still had sex on a regular basis, but it had become a bit dull. You see, I’d always had a very adventurous sex life. I lost my virginity when I was 14, to a 20 year old German girl, called Claudia whilst I was on holiday with my family in Ibiza, and had never really slowed down since then. I went to university when I was 23, so as I was a bit older, wiser… Read more

he cum just missing her face covering her hair with his hot spunk before turning her over and fucking her Meetings

To cut to the chase so to say, my wife and her friend go out quite regular every other Saturday evening
Kaz has told me about these two guys in the bar they go to keep chatting them up and buying them drinks, she said the other night after a few too many her friend Liz started to kiss the guy she was dancing with, before she knew it this guy had his hands all over her before long they went missing for half an hour when she came back they left fo… Read more

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