Introduction to the Island Other

Fun before dinner…

Cath introduced me to the two women Sam the hotel nurse and June a cleaner.

We all walked to the bar, soft drinks and low alcohol only Cath told me there was no booze on the guest side except one glass with dinner. Many guests bring their own and keep it in their rooms.

We walked into the garden. Sam asked me what I thought of a statue. I'm not into modern art, I told her. She giggled and told me it was a shagging pillar. She stepped toward… Read more

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The Island Other


I was not sure why I got to be standing on this boat motoring out to sea. I remember chatting in the rooms to a couple. I remember a very interesting meeting with them. I thought they were inquisitive but the sex was great. A few months later I had a job offer, 25,000 everything found. So here I was standing on this boat straining to the island.

Finally it came into sight. Not much more than a rock with a large building. We docked on a sm… Read more

Am I a Sex Addict Other

Confused as to my actual sexuality…

For over a decade my lovely wife and I have been soft swingers. More like a hobby rather than a lifestyle though. We played with other like minded couples, with the girls putting on a sexy girl-on-girl show before the guys join in. Doing everything but keeping final penetration to our own partner.
The only exceptions to this were an MFM (soft) 3sum with an old mate of mine + a session on holiday in November 2018 when my wife shocked me by aski… Read more

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Dogging in Scotland Other

So there he was I thought, dead on time and just where we had agreed to meet, all I wanted to do was turn around and go home, but I had come this far so knew I had to push myself over the last nervousness. I had thought about this for a long time and knew I wanted to find out for myself what it would be like. So feeling very aware of my short skirt and no knickers, as ordered by Mike, I plucked up my courage and walked up to the white car. Just… Read more

He was with another woman Other

I had to tell everyone. My best friend Jenny was staying with us for the weekend. She was divorced  4 months ago and we were on the first glass of our second bottle of wine.

Paul my husband came home from work and found us in bath robes. 'In here love, I have something for you.'

Paul came in and looked at us. 'You like Jenny, I know you do. Take her upstairs.'

Paul looked at both of us and I said 'I'll follow you up.' Jenny walked towar… Read more

What is Cuckolding? - One Explanation Other

Everyone thinks they know what cuckolding means, but in fact there are lots of slightly different idea what it involved. In theory it means having sex with another mans wife or partner, which sounds easy enough, but in practise it can mean much more, taking the woman out for the night, the other partner watching, photographing, being tormented or joining in, a little bi-play, bondage, bdsm, gang-bangs or the old favourite trying a bigger cock. A… Read more

Over my Desk? - An office Fantasy Other

I was a section manager in a large Civil Service office some years ago, this was quite a boring, monotonous job but I was surrounded by women, on an almost 20 -1 ratio. This sounds better than it was because it meant I had to listen to numerous discussions about hair, clothes, babies and what other people had done to each other. One of the better part of this however was that there was en endless supply of breasts, cleavages, legs and bums to gla… Read more

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Daddy/Young Slut Role Play - A First Spanking Other

As you took your coat off I almost gasped to see the slutty little girl that you had turned yourself into for our fantasy play. We had been in contact for a couple of months on a well known sex site and had met briefly for a coffee last week, to confirm who we said we were, and what we wanted to do with each other. Role Play was on the top of our mutual hit list, with sex for dessert, of course, and we had decided to get a motel room for the afte… Read more

A flight to remember Other

It was late, 2am late and I was tired. It had been a long day and my flight had just been called for boarding. I stood and joined the queue, watching my travel companions as they fussed about with their hand luggage, looking for boarding passes as the line of people slowly crept towards the desk and off into the grey boarding bridge onto the plane. There was not too many people and I was pleased that this leg of my journey would be spent slee… Read more

What A surprise Other

Bit of background, Carol and I had a caravan parked up on a site about and hour or so drive, and normally went there most weekends just for a bit of R&R, we had made some friends with Ken and Jenny, and we had the vans parked up next to each other, We normally arrived at about the same time and generally walked down to the little pub and had a meal and a few drinks.
Just as we where setting off Jenny phoned and told us Ken had been caught up on … Read more

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Weekend Pass Other

I had been badly injured whilst serving in the Army abroad, and after a lenthy recovery I was back at my unit, but on Light duties, as I did not have full mobility at that time. My old army mate Paul, who had left about 2 years ago offered to pick me up and take him back to their place for the weekend. His wife Carol and him and myself had serverd in several bases over the years, so I knew her pretty well.
A nice surprise awaited me on our arr… Read more

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no idea how good Other

i was married and at a party i went to a room and was stoned and fell asleep i woke up with my cock getting rubbed iwas solid and loved it heard a girl and guys voice and as i looked the guy was wanking me and said nice cock as he wanked his it was very big and thickest i ever seen we had a joint after i got over the shock we chatted he put porn on talking of how he liked it he gave me a look as i offered him a pipe we had a few and i got hrny … Read more

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My Big secret Other

My Name is Julia and I have just joined this website. My husband is ok with it but letting me do all the work. I have to share with you why I want to experiment and have just told my husband what happened and he is fine. Last year we went on holiday and up to then the only person I had ever had sex with was my husband. As usual another couple latched onto us and became our 'holiday pals'. It was ok but they wanted to go everywhere with us. She … Read more

mother in law surprised me in kitchen Other

me and my ex wife got married at 18 and when I was 33 we attended a party at her parents house her mum always got drunk and told me she loved me she was pretty with dark hair and eyes but having 6 kids made her hips curvy and her tits bigger than her daughters 34b but they were not huge as I saw her one day as I looked through her room door that was slightly open as she got changed and saw her saggy tits that got me horny as they had big dark nip… Read more

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spunky fun prt 2 Other

well its been a few weeks since myfirst story, well i promised an update so here goes.well after the married guy showed up and had a bit of fun, theres now five of us and liz is geting well fucked,shes exausted and we stop and take a break for drinks, now chris and jim start to play around with each others cocks,now im far from gay, but seeing two guys wank each other and suck each other in a 69,well i got hard again, liz noticed this and asked i… Read more

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Not a word! Other

You checked my profile, I checked yours. Just one short train ride and a million miles separate us, we both know it. We move in different worlds, both married, both loyal in all but body, both reaching out for contact, but would never meet without tentative first steps. You're younger than me, you like all kinds of music I cannot bear, you watch chick flicks, you get home for Big Brother. I love peace, stadium rock, foreign film and radio4. … Read more

spunky fun Other

we were talking about having a threesome, or moresome,with maybe another couple, just wanted to spice things up a bit, this new partner already told me about some of her exploits, you know,watching blue movies etc and her piping up, i've done this and that, at first i was a bit shocked,pist of that she would do snternetuch things, then i found myself quizing her about it and getting turned on, in fact she was the first girl to let me fuck her up… Read more

Naughty naughty! :o) Other

We were getting out of the pub one night and a the way back to home we were both feeling naughty....

So here we are walking back home and suddently we stopped. Mr asked Mrs to take off her panties and to get on her knees. Took out his cock and tell her to suck it... That was nice and exiting.. very exiting.. but that was not enough!

So Mr decided to ask Mrs to take off all her clothes.... She did. Just wearing her shoes we walked back hom… Read more

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wife fuck Other

j had become my mate but his old horny wife was my dirty fuck buddy and when c and v caught me in the room with her bent over the bed skirt up and me holding her knickers to the side as i pumped her hole as she moaned as v left c stood watching us and i said to him did he want a fuck at her as she was a good fuck yes he said getting his cock out and forcing it up her as she yelled to him to fuck her as i went into the livingroom i heard groans as… Read more

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he asked me to get a web cam Other

i have been looking and reading the stories on this site for a while and i have to say they make me very horny.
i'm a married lady in my 40's very limited sexual experiences and i have been married for 20yrs.

but my hubby is always out with his friends or out at the pub and never shows me any affection only when he wants his leg over which these days is very limited.

i have always dreamed about someone picking me up and making mad passiona… Read more

All Tied Up Other

A little something I wrote,thought you might find it arousing ;-)

You come home after a long day at work,I ask if I can help you unwind a little,you notice the sparkle in my eyes and the slight grin playing on my lips and you smile back at me and nod slowly.
I help you to slip out of your clothes and ask you to lie down on the bed,softly securing your wrists to the bed,I also tell you to close your eyes as i fasten a blindfold around them… Read more

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never thought i'd be the xmas office party shag Other

I have visited this site many times since my best friend told me about it I am a mother of two don't get out much as my husband is always away golfing or fishing so this site and it's stories have helped me out many many times.

Never ever thinking I'd write one here I have a story to tell which has happened recently I was invited out to my friends xmas party being the only time I have been out in the last few months the drink was flowing and I… Read more

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Wife needs sex Other

I think there are many men that have a fantasy of
seeing their wife fucking another man. My wife Kathy is
getting herself ready right now to meet a lover she had
hand picked just for that very reason. I can only
imagine what is going through her mind right now and
how she feels about another man fucking her with her
husbands blessing.

I'm standing here outside our bedroom door watching my
wife as she pulls up her nylons and atta… Read more

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The Tempest Other

After doing the odd (ahem) research early last night I found myself again working throughout the late evening and night. It wasn't till the early hours of the morning I found my way to bed having just finished my latest piece to a website stateside. The theme was the usual naughty threeway and being a somewhat promiscuous lad myself as per usual I found inspiration from my own life as a living and breathing open-minded, bi-sexual lad.

At eleve… Read more

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Neighbourhood Watch Other

After what had turned out to be a long, rather exhausting day with interviews spread throughout the day including two photo shoots for two different news papers that went on far too long for my liking I had decided an early night would do just the trick. So after a quick bite for late tea and a very nice, refreshing shower I had gone to bed. Without even turning the telly on to catch a bit of news I simply went to bed.

Soon I found myself half… Read more

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Country Girls Are Best Other

Country Girls Are Best.

I had a friend called Ian who travelled a lot, working funny hours driving a van full of some kind of technical stuff, something to do with printing. He was married to a girl called Jenny who at that time was twenty years old, real natural blond and blue eyes, just a touch on the plump side. She had a Norfolk, country girl sort of accent and for some reason I found that very attractive, certainly her chemistry worked o… Read more

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Dirty Little Slut!! Other

My Dirty Little Slut!! By Kelly Ritchie

It was a hot sticky summers day and i was up early as usual pottering about the house with fuckall on as usual i was a dirty little slut just like you. You had stayed over last night we had a couple of days left before you had to go back to work. I was trying to sort out something special for you before you had to go back and it was working out nicely, i was hap… Read more

The Fantasy Chair!! Other

Fantasy Chair!!

Well this is my new fantasy i hope you like it x would come to my house and i will answer the door wearing my new gangster girl suit x i will say hi and you will think WOW!! you might be nervous so i will show you to the livingroom first where we can sit and chat and have a drink for a bit. Then when your feeling comfortable i will kiss you and take your hand and lead you into my bedroom. I will be slightly do… Read more

wife masterbating to strangers online Other

it started a few months ago i am in the airforce and we bought ourselves a web cam my wife was never into computers but i can be away up to 6 months at a time so we bought one so we could keep close contact and as usual for our pleasure , kate learnt how to use it ( the cam ) and we have had many many good nights playing online together.

about 3 weeks ago i was home on leave & was going through the mail etc on the pc and found a load of differ… Read more

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Office Liasons Other

and we both new each other was in, and we new that one facied the other, the canteen was on the ground floor, i was horny as hell from the night before from reading all these stories on here so i knew i wanted sex it was just a case of when and where would i get it, i heard her get up to go either to the toilet or b the better option the Canteen cos i knew she would have to take the lift so i gambled and won and she got the so there i waited stan… Read more

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