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paul the builder

had a great threeum

On the job I am a fairly good builder / trades person but not qualified – one of those guys who can put his hand to anything well one night I was out having a drink with the boys and bill ask me if I knew anyone who could make a nice patio out in his back...

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me (paul) and mrs (sarah) got together in 1999 with our two children each and married six months later We were both open to the idea of nudism and tried it at home at first and was delighted that our children were acceptable to it but as the kids got olde...

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Cruising fun

Chatting at the adult only pool I couldn’t help seeing her bikini bottoms revealing her pussy

Just a short story really, a two week break on an amazing ship around the Caribbean. I was enjoying being around the pool and used my time trying to finish off a short story for one my children’s books, silly poems etc. No real rush so it was a pleasure c...

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Well from my previous story I got a new 2nd FWB , Gary , which I broke in with Tom, since then we've met many times, sometimes as a 3sum , sometimes just one or the other. It's great having the attention of 2 really nice guys and they're happy sharing me,...

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I've been fucking Tom (FWB) for a year now and we're both single and like it that way, I let Tom bareback me now and he has a nice sized cock and boy does he cum a lot. He suggested we bring in his friend Gary for some fun, which is nice as I wanted a 3su...


I'm not sure who suggested going to a club but we went one Friday night. After booking in we changed, took the 3 condoms from the lockers and went into the bar. We opted for a wrapped round towel,  Sara covering her breasts Jenny just covering her lower h...



Fucking Jenny

You may have read about my mfm, my first 4sum started with a phone call. Sara phoned me, asked me to make a 4sum with her gf who was staying here while she found a flat. Jim would be the other man. I walked to the pub, found Sara, Jenny and Jim at a table...

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First 3sum

She had us both

I was asked how I started swinging,  that question sent me back a couple of years. It started when I saw a woman, Sara, I had been bedding in my local. I said hi, and a man walked up behind me and asked me to join them. Sara looked worried,  the man asked...

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Xmas on the island.  Life is quiet and relaxed on the island.   There is just one couple left, the others have gone home. 5 of the staff have gone home and will not be back before any guests.  I don't have much to do. Sometimes I  go to the mainland with...

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Holiday Party

She had them all

Saturday morning we started preparing for the party. Emma and Jon had invited some swinging friends. We nibbled through the morning, food not each other.  By midday everything was ready. Food in the fridge covered or waiting for a quick blast in the oven...

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Holiday 7

Swing high

We woke, had breakfast and showed Lin the Swing. The morning was still cool but promising to be a hot day.  'How does it work?' Asked Lin. Anna patted the swing and said 'sit here'. I helped Lin up. She lay back, Anna strapped Lin's left leg and I strappe...


Holiday 6

Loads of fun

We woke together and hugged. 'OK' I asked. Lin nodded. 'No regrets ' Lin shook her head. 'Want to make love?' Lin rolled over my body and descend,  my cock slipped into her pussy. She began to grind. My mind slipped back and forward between my wife grindi...


Holiday 5

Never before

Breakfast was a slow affair.  Emma dropped a little yogurt on herself.  Anna licked at the yogurt cleaning her breast. Anna dropped fruit on to her lap. Adam bent his head and went dipping,  Anna opened her legs and Adam came up with a cube of watermelon...


Holiday 4

She took them both

It was morning again. I woke with my arm draped over Anna and my hand on Emma. My cock was hard and pressed against her back. She reached back and positioned my cock at her backdoor. I took the hint and her backdoor. We woke Emma,  who turned over and sta...


Holiday 3

It's not monopoly

I was dreaming of sex, being inside a woman. I had no idea who she was. Slowly the dream became reality.  I opened my eyes,  Anna was gently rubbing my cock. As I pulled myself from sleep Anna leaned down and sucked on me. I rolled over and began to eat h...