After breaking in my FWB Meetings

More Fun…

Well from my previous story I got a new 2nd FWB , Gary , which I broke in with Tom, since then we've met many times, sometimes as a 3sum , sometimes just one or the other.

It's great having the attention of 2 really nice guys and they're happy sharing me, so here is a little story of a meeting with Gary.

Gary rang me to see if i was free , which i was , so I arranged for him to come over in a few hrs, so I could take a shower and pick out a… Read more

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Breaking in new male FWB Swinging

horny fun…

I've been fucking Tom (FWB) for a year now and we're both single and like it that way, I let Tom bareback me now and he has a nice sized cock and boy does he cum a lot.

He suggested we bring in his friend Gary for some fun, which is nice as I wanted a 3sum for some time, so I agreed, I arranged a date for them both to come over to my place for some fun, so i picked out a nice outfit that was quite revealing, open crotch for easy access.

So … Read more

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The club Groups


I'm not sure who suggested going to a club but we went one Friday night.

After booking in we changed, took the 3 condoms from the lockers and went into the bar. We opted for a wrapped round towel,  Sara covering her breasts Jenny just covering her lower half. 

I few single men eyed them up. One even said hi. We chatted to him but we were waiting for a couple.

Andy and Jan arrived,  we introduced ourselves.  The girls gave us th… Read more

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4sum Groups

Fucking Jenny…

You may have read about my mfm, my first 4sum started with a phone call.

Sara phoned me, asked me to make a 4sum with her gf who was staying here while she found a flat. Jim would be the other man.

I walked to the pub, found Sara, Jenny and Jim at a table.  Chat was about the weather but soon moved on to Jenny's new job, which Sara helped her get.

By the time we moved on to the Italian the conversation had moved on to the flat she… Read more

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First 3sum Meetings

She had us both…

I was asked how I started swinging,  that question sent me back a couple of years.

It started when I saw a woman, Sara, I had been bedding in my local. I said hi, and a man walked up behind me and asked me to join them. Sara looked worried,  the man asked me to help him with drinks and told me he was buying. 

As we waited for the drinks he introduced himself,  Jim. He asked if I was fucking Sara.  I told him I was.  He nodded and … Read more

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Christmas on the island Other

Getting bored…

Xmas on the island. 

Life is quiet and relaxed on the island.  

There is just one couple left, the others have gone home. 5 of the staff have gone home and will not be back before any guests. 

I don't have much to do. Sometimes I  go to the mainland with Sami to pickup supplies. I keep the water plant and generator going.

Apart from that its been planning new games and sex from,  well 24 7. 

We are all looking forw… Read more

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Holiday Party Fiction

She had them all…

Saturday morning we started preparing for the party. Emma and Jon had invited some swinging friends.

We nibbled through the morning, food not each other. 

By midday everything was ready. Food in the fridge covered or waiting for a quick blast in the oven and wine on ice.

We all took time out for a shower or bath. We spread condoms and towels about. 

The first couple to arrive walked up from the beach. Irene and Jim, they had… Read more

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Holiday 7 Fiction

Swing high…

We woke, had breakfast and showed Lin the Swing. The morning was still cool but promising to be a hot day. 

'How does it work?' Asked Lin.

Anna patted the swing and said 'sit here'.

I helped Lin up. She lay back, Anna strapped Lin's left leg and I strapped the other.  Lin lay in the swing her pussy open and on display, unable to move her legs.

Everyone closed around her. Adam and Jon, their cocks close enough to suck and Jon off… Read more

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Holiday 6 Fiction

Loads of fun…

We woke together and hugged. 'OK' I asked. Lin nodded. 'No regrets ' Lin shook her head. 'Want to make love?'

Lin rolled over my body and descend,  my cock slipped into her pussy. She began to grind. My mind slipped back and forward between my wife grinding away above me and the day before when she kissed women, eat them 69, and taken cocks in her ass.

She came first, but kept grinding. I came, sat up still inside her. We kissed. She a… Read more

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Holiday 5 Fiction

Never before…

Breakfast was a slow affair.  Emma dropped a little yogurt on herself.  Anna licked at the yogurt cleaning her breast.

Anna dropped fruit on to her lap. Adam bent his head and went dipping,  Anna opened her legs and Adam came up with a cube of watermelon in his teeth. 

After that everyone started dropping things. We all moved to the sofas, no longer a need for food.

'O, look a cherry' I  told Lin, and bent to her lap. 

Emm… Read more

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Holiday 4 Fiction

She took them both…

It was morning again. I woke with my arm draped over Anna and my hand on Emma. My cock was hard and pressed against her back. She reached back and positioned my cock at her backdoor. I took the hint and her backdoor. We woke Emma,  who turned over and started to kiss Anna. As I fucked Anna and they kissed, Emma sometimes allowed her hand to roam over my shoulder. Then I bust my morning load into her. I rolled on to my back and Emma lay on Anna, … Read more

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Holiday 3 Fiction

It's not monopoly…

I was dreaming of sex, being inside a woman. I had no idea who she was. Slowly the dream became reality.  I opened my eyes,  Anna was gently rubbing my cock. As I pulled myself from sleep Anna leaned down and sucked on me. I rolled over and began to eat her 69. Just as she was about to cum, I slipped into her pussy doggy. She came twice before I did. I do enjoy a lady giving me head but I am blessed by the fact I almost never cum that way. Yes … Read more

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Next Holiday 2 Fiction

She did…

I woke up with a woman in my arms. It took me a moment to remember her name. When I did I whispered softly, "Good morning Emma."

She straightened her body and stretched, then snuggled her backside into my hard cock. I kissed her softly on the back of her neck. She wiggled her bum against my cock. "I was hoping you had recovered  " she informed me. Just as I was thinking how I would like to take her she turned over, pushed me on my back and … Read more

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Covid Island Other

Locked down with swingers…

When Covid hit and the island went into lock down I thought a nice quiet holiday. That was how it was looking. The guests left 2 by 2 as they went home.

Finally there were 4 couples and one man, plus the staff. Two couples were retired and the others we set up office space for. 

I have never worked as hard on the island.  The whole place got a paint job, I put new IT in, improved the camera and added more. We even had a team come in t… Read more

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my first married woman Fact

i didnt get involved with married women until now…

I am relating to the days before the internet. now, my pet hate was cheating partners, especially if I were the aliby, didn't like it one little bit. this happened when I placed an advert in a popular contact mag. my advert was in for a couple of years, hell its probably still there if the mag is still published. anyway I hadn't heard anything for a few months, out of the blue, I got a text from Kate. she told me right away she was married, but h… Read more

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dont cum in my mouth Fact

sheasked me not to cum in her mouth…

i met this woman via a contact magazine, ha, remember them eh! well to cut to the chase, I picked her up at the bus station. on the way home I stopped at a local store to see if she wanted drinks, food, milk ciggies etc. we got to my place at around 7ish. we had coffee and a wee chat, she was quite lovely, great figure, 5ft 5" tall, small pert tits, which I love, obviously no bra, short mini dress, hold ups. long dark hair, which I also love .d… Read more

Dog walking (part 2) Fact

my lady was now joining me and we sucked a tit each…

......Well, I'm sorry to leave you half way through the story but, as you recall on a hot sunny day I had taken a recently befriended lady to a new area to walk her dog. We were quite a long way from and houses and had settled down in the long grass on the edge of a huge field, our friendship had developed to the extent that had literally fucked the brains out of each other when yet another dog walking lady had cum ..ooops come across us in a ve… Read more

Dog walking (not dogging) Fact

Fun in the long grass…

Just recently on one of those very hot days, I had been chatting to a lovely lady I met on one of my walks, walking her dog, we chatted for a while and she said she walked the same route every day at the same time. We started meeting (by accident haha) and I suggested trying another walk I know and walk regularly, she agreed and I picked her and her dog up and drove about 20 mins to park up and off we went.

I had drinks in rucksack and soon we… Read more

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Dog walking (not dogging) Fact

Fun in the long grass…

Just recently on one of those very hot days, I had been chatting to a lovely lady I met on one of my walks, walking her dog, we chatted for a while and she said she walked the same route every day at the same time. We started meeting (by accident haha) and I suggested trying another walk I know and walk regularly, she agreed and I picked her and her dog up and drove about 20 mins to park up and off we went.

I had drinks in rucksack and soon we… Read more

sex on legs Fact

first time involved in group sex…

i'll start by saying this was the first girl I had that let mr cum in her mouth, we would be watching porn, at her request, by the way. it would come to a particular scene and she would say I've done that, I've tried that etc. horniest girl ever, at that point, oh a few yeas ago, long before the internet, this was in the days of contact magazines and personals in the newspapers. i met her through one of these. we had one hell of a sex life. she … Read more

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bouncer to getting bounced on Fact

two hookers asked me for a favour and they would make it worth my while…

This is going back 20yrs plus, It is based on fact but just added a little extra for effect. a wee bit about me, I'm just an ordinary guy, left school went to work, did a few different jobs over the years, could have went to uni, but being 16 and knowing everything, I wouldn't listen to teachers etc. I started as a chef, have been a road sweeper to a coach driver, a few others in between. back to my story. I was a doorman in one of the better … Read more

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The quest room Other

After dinner…

We took soft drinks with us to their room. John set the lights to low and pushed the button to close the blind. Outside there was a sofa, all the rooms had a sofa to give voyeurs a comfortable seat and a place to play. No one would be looking at us tonight. 

We picked up where we left off by the pull. John stood behind Sam and took hold of each breast. I pulled my tail off then Jan's. Lifted my cock to sit in the small of Jan's back, kissed… Read more

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Next holiday Fiction

The surprise…

It's mid January 2021. Lyn has started to talk about Anna and Adam again. She went from guilty to excitement sometimes in the space of a sentence.  

The week before our holiday she shaved her pussy. I knew that was for Adam. 

The original plan was to go back to the same hotel as last year but Anna had found a villa with a private pool so we agreed to share costs. Now we were arriving in a taxi. It was late afternoon but the day was s… Read more

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Dinner on the Island Other

And fun in the garden…

My first dinner on the Island was odd. Everyone wore tails apart from the staff who wore shorts or full whites if they worked in the kitchen. I had been naked at picnics and eaten naked  with friends but there must have been 30 couples sat,  mostly 2 couples to a table. Every now and then someone would walk past to the buffet.  Cocks in various states and fannies trimmed, full bushes or clean shaved.  

It was Sam who showed me the dinin… Read more

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Introduction to the Island Other

Fun before dinner…

Cath introduced me to the two women Sam the hotel nurse and June a cleaner.

We all walked to the bar, soft drinks and low alcohol only Cath told me there was no booze on the guest side except one glass with dinner. Many guests bring their own and keep it in their rooms.

We walked into the garden. Sam asked me what I thought of a statue. I'm not into modern art, I told her. She giggled and told me it was a shagging pillar. She stepped toward… Read more

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Even More Education Swinging

My second term at uni…

I have told you what happened with my first term at Uni, I may not have mentioned that just before Leaving for the first time my mum sister Auntie Janet had taken me to one side, and suggested as I was going to be away I would meet Men and she showed me how to put a condom on and insisted I use one every time, she had a selection of toys one of them was a Huge Rubber cock and it was BIG when I asked her about it she just giggled and changed to s… Read more

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More Education Swinging

I arrived at my University exciting times lay ahead…

I had told you before about my start to life's Education, getting to University, On arrival I met up with another girl I knew slightly, her name was Nikki, her father like mine was into property development, and we had met at some of the auctions they had gone to. We roomed together and got to know one another, she was a little taken back when I walked around naked as I was so used to it and she was not, but she soon came round to the Idea, Sta… Read more

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Life Before University Swinging

My dad was a property developer and at home and weekends we where all Naturists…

When I was 14 or 15 years old I had worked with my dad in the holidays as he and his 2 brother brought houses & flats and either rented or sold them on, by that time I could fit a kitchen knew how to fit pipes into walls and also could wire in as well, oh and I could lay a course of bricks. I worked doing paper rounds in the mornings & evenings washed cars and did shopping for people, I saved up all the money I could. When I was 17 I had passe… Read more

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Ticket To Ride Fact

fun in the afternoon…

Round about 20 years just before the national lottery started I used to sell scratch cards door to door for my local football team usually on a Saturday evening but if weather was bad or people not in used to go back on a Sunday morning
One couple who lived about 20 doors away were hardly ever in on a Saturday but I called the following morning .
I noticed that most times they were only in their dressing gowns and the man,s legs were bare so h… Read more

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Lockdown Fantasy Romance


This is for Dragon. 

I would like to tell you how Simon has tempted me into the dark world of swinging but we have been good, getting no closer than 2 metre to anyone.

So here is a fantasy that Simon and I have. 

Simon opens the door, he is naked and takes me to the bedroom where there is another man also naked, I will call him Dragon. 

I stand by the bed and they take my top off touching and sucking my breast. (Simon says … Read more

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