Written by Wendy

20 Jun 2020

I have told you what happened with my first term at Uni, I may not have mentioned that just before Leaving for the first time my mum sister Auntie Janet had taken me to one side, and suggested as I was going to be away I would meet Men and she showed me how to put a condom on and insisted I use one every time, she had a selection of toys one of them was a Huge Rubber cock and it was BIG when I asked her about it she just giggled and changed to subject, But whet she did do was drop a big box of rubber's in my suitcase. The other thing I should have mentioned was when the four of us went to a caravan for the weekend the lads asked if Nikki and I would get together as girl on girl Now I had encountered that when Paula had first shown me, and from Then on it was not unknown for Nikki and myself to keep our hands warm on one another.

going to our new flat it was nice to see Phillip and Ben waiting for us with flowers and chocolate and some drink, sparing no time we where all naked and fucking, Now earlier I had said any money I earned went into savings, and Nikki and I had said it would be a good idea if we could save to start our own Property Business, Antie Janet had told me when she was at Uni she had got a position as a Life Model for a Art Classes, Nikki and I did that and also for a Local Camera Club, now the idea was clothed half clothed and some naked, it turned out to be more naked shots than ever, One evening just as we left for the night one of the guys Ian came up and asked if we would do some Private Work for cash we agreed to met him at the weekend as the lad where going away on a Rugby match, Ian picked us up and drove to a farm house in the countryside, on going in there was a Woman in her early 40 I suppose completely naked but she did have a good figure Introdused us and her name was Rosa, Ian took some pick of us and gradually Our cloths came of Rosa wanted some girl on girl action so Nikki and I went together when they took picture and then Nikki and Rosa fucked and then Rosa and myself, Ian had removed his clothes and is cock although not Big as a nice handful by the look of it, after Rosa and I had finished Ian Went over to Rosa and they just fucked in front of us, Nikki took some pictures of them doing it. he paid us £500 each for the session. A few week later he asked if we were up for it again, We arrived at the house and several vehicles Land Rover Jag and even a Bentley, Going inside there were several men some dressed some naked, Rosa was there naked but sat on the edge of a table with some guys cock inside of her, all the guys seemed to be late twenties or so , suddenly another women entered to room middle late thirties by the look and she has an amazing body good firm tits and campletely shaven pussy and a six pack of a stomach like before we went girl on girl Nikki and I then Nikki with Rosa and I went t with Brigit. After we had finished Ian was soon fucking Brigit another guy fucked Rosa, one of the others came up to me and asked if I would like to, I replied at the last moment for $500, he agreed, and he fucked me in front of the others Nikki soon had a guy inside her as well I gave a bloke a blow job for £200 Ian took us back and paid us another £500 each.

Another few sessions followed and we quickly made nearly £10 grand in our joint account and we still went back to our flats and shagged the life out of Phillip and Ben who knew Nothing of our escapades