Breaking in new male FWB Swinging

horny fun…

I've been fucking Tom (FWB) for a year now and we're both single and like it that way, I let Tom bareback me now and he has a nice sized cock and boy does he cum a lot.

He suggested we bring in his friend Gary for some fun, which is nice as I wanted a 3sum for some time, so I agreed, I arranged a date for them both to come over to my place for some fun, so i picked out a nice outfit that was quite revealing, open crotch for easy access.

So … Read more

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Even More Education Swinging

My second term at uni…

I have told you what happened with my first term at Uni, I may not have mentioned that just before Leaving for the first time my mum sister Auntie Janet had taken me to one side, and suggested as I was going to be away I would meet Men and she showed me how to put a condom on and insisted I use one every time, she had a selection of toys one of them was a Huge Rubber cock and it was BIG when I asked her about it she just giggled and changed to s… Read more

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More Education Swinging

I arrived at my University exciting times lay ahead…

I had told you before about my start to life's Education, getting to University, On arrival I met up with another girl I knew slightly, her name was Nikki, her father like mine was into property development, and we had met at some of the auctions they had gone to. We roomed together and got to know one another, she was a little taken back when I walked around naked as I was so used to it and she was not, but she soon came round to the Idea, Sta… Read more

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Life Before University Swinging

My dad was a property developer and at home and weekends we where all Naturists…

When I was 14 or 15 years old I had worked with my dad in the holidays as he and his 2 brother brought houses & flats and either rented or sold them on, by that time I could fit a kitchen knew how to fit pipes into walls and also could wire in as well, oh and I could lay a course of bricks. I worked doing paper rounds in the mornings & evenings washed cars and did shopping for people, I saved up all the money I could. When I was 17 I had passe… Read more

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Interesting First Time Swinging

mate and I met a couple of women in a bar…

Some time ago when serving in the Army my mate Tom and I had been posted into the same camp, We had first met the day we joined up and done our training together and had served along side one another or followed each other around different parts of the World, We had to drop some dry cleaning of so went to the nearest town this was on a Thursday evening. Blazing hot summers day, but by the time we had taken out stuff into the cleaners and came ou… Read more

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Obeying my Boss Swinging

First sex with the Boss…

Taking my arm as we left the restaurant, he steered me towards the lifts, and without asking simply took me to my room, whose number he had obviously committed to memory. Then without speaking, he just looked into my eyes once again and I felt the command to open the door, which I did.

As soon as the door closed behind us he simply grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me deeply, pushing me back against the door as he did so. What a grea… Read more

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The Shower 3 Swinging

An afternoon of sex…

We had met a couple, Anna and Adam on the beach and invited them back to our room. We had had fun and were now having lunch. It was the first time I had seen my wife fuck another man.

Lyn went to to the toilet and Anna followed. That gave Adam and me time to chat. We congratulated each other on our choice of wives. Then Adam got down to it. 'Is she Bi, does she take anal was I bi'

'She does not do anal, don't ask her. We are not bi'

'Ann… Read more

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The Shower in our room. Swinging

Lyn asked them back,…

It was the morning after the incident on the beach. We were having coffee at a cafe. Lyn had hardly stopped commenting on the couple.

It was a pleasant surprise when the couple walked by, Lyn said hi. I offered coffee and they excepted. We introduced ourselves. They were Adam and Anna. Anna sat next to me and soon had a hand on my leg. I push my leg towards her's. She moved toward my Cock. I kept my eyes on Adam and Lyn. They were chatting bu… Read more

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is she really cheating Swinging

not what i expected pt2…

Sue drinks her wine stands up and ask Sally if she like another one.
Sally says “wait a moment please ive got something to ask you but I dont want to offend you or lose our friendship”
Sue sits on the arm of the chair revealing her long bare legs
“our friendship goes back a long way i think our friendship would suffer no matter what”
“well” sally says “you know when we go clothes shopping and I always say you have a good body an… Read more

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Linda's first threesome with a couple Swinging

So I knocked, and the door was opened almost immediately by a good looking woman in her late 40’s who introduced herself as Anne. Anne then led me through to their lounge and introduced me to Tony her partner. Tony was also quite good looking and probably a little older than Anne, with what looked like a fairly good body but slightly overweight. He gave me a cheeky wink as he kissed me on the cheek and asked if I wanted a drink, I said yes, of… Read more

Ellie and Mike Try Dogging Swinging

As Mike kissed her, and she felt his hand slip up between her legs and touch her already excited clit, Ellie couldn’t help thinking of the last time they had met. and how much she had enjoyed the club Mike had taken her to. Was that only last week? And only two weeks since they had first fucked? She had felt so strongly before then that she would never fuck a married man, but as the waves of lust and desire, again started to radiate from her sw… Read more

Suzy and Mike Visit a Club Swinging

Suzy could not believe she was here, sitting in Mikes car and heading for the club he had told her about. Only last week she had broken one of her strictest taboos, by meeting Mike for a drink and then letting him fuck her. She should have known that after months of flirting and exchanging intimate sexual fantasies, it was never going to stop at a drink. Indeed she had even left her bra off and put on one of her shortest skirts to make him want h… Read more

Sex with a Married Man? Breaking a Taboo Swinging

Suzy opened her eyes and for a moment had no idea where she was. But then she realised that she was naked in bed with someone’s hand resting on her breast, and she felt the wetness of recent sex leaking from her pussy. Then it all came rushing back, the innocent drink with Mike, supposedly as old friends, the feel of his fingers pushing into her as they kissed in his car, and then the supposed final drink for 30 minutes in his room. For the la… Read more

Amsterdam trip Swinging

We arrived at our hotel excited as we had been looking forward to our tip to Amsterdam for ages we had been before but as now liberated swingers we were here to have a lot more fun than before. The clubs bars and cabins all held a new sense of fun for us and we intended to enjoy them all.
We quickly unpacked in the hotel it was early evening and the place was jumping as it always is on a Friday night, you eased in to a nice short skirt and a boo… Read more

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Fun at the Beach Swinging

Well then here we were a hot sandy beach and a holiday full of fun and games we had got there early and pitched our beds close to the water as it was less crowded and as we relaxed and enjoyed the view I imagined all the things we were going to do on this holiday at that moment a youngish couple came and laid their towels down in front of us not too close but within good sight of us I frowned as the plan was to have no one in front of us but as i… Read more

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Sub at the club Swinging

We had been talking and camming each other and I knew you wanted to be dominated and used by me fully. And that was exactly what you were going to get at the club tonight. I gave you very specific instructions and even send a skimpy black dress for you to wear low cut at the front and down to your ass at the back.
The instruction was simple no underwear was needed only your dress and heels also you were not allowed to play with yourself all day … Read more

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The Villa Swinging

Well we had arrived and in style we all got out of the limousine and as we adjusted ourselves we were met by two of the sexiest Spanish ladies I have ever seen Mark nudged me and said they were part of the entertainment staff, and right behind them were two of the hottest guys I guess girls need eye candy too I saw Sarah grab your bum and say they are entertainment too you giggled as she said it.
We were introduced and led in to the Villa where … Read more

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The Holiday Swinging

We had looked at this trip for a while not sure if we were ready for a full on swinging holiday but finally you had agreed and the date was close. We had been shopping but what to get it was an upmarket Spanish Villa in Marbella with luxury evenings of food wine and frolics so we had to dress for the occasion.
The day had arrived and we were very excited we had made a command decision that no underwear was needed for the trip so both of us were… Read more

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A different night out with friends Swinging

We had decided to have some different fun tonight we would go out with our own friends and at the end of the night would go to the same club and act like strangers and see how the night went, we got dressed at friends houses so we had no idea what we were wearing and went out for a good night of sexy fun with our own mates.

The night went well for me having a few women show interest in me through the night as we wondered from pub to pub. I loo… Read more

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Special night at the club Swinging

Well tonight was the night you wanted to be pushed to see what would happen when you were not in control and it was going to happen tonight the club had special rooms for private occasions and I had ensured we had one as you waited in the bathroom naked except for you stockings and heels your mind wondered what was going to happen tonight what I was going to allow to happen tonight as your mind wondered your nipples hardened and you stroked them… Read more

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A naughty tale with a bdsm twist. Swinging

New times she had been promised.. and as she looked at herself in the mirror she wondered how her change of appearance would be viewed.. She felt she looked okay but this was a long way from what she would normally wear... She smiled though, knowing that underneath she was so much more herself... but the exterior of her clothes looked strong but sexy... Just as a Dom should look ( well okay there was not a shred of pvc in place but she was so not… Read more

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The four of us... Swinging

I undo your bra and take your tits in my hands. I lean down and suck your nipples one at a time into my mouth, flicking my tongue over them and teasing them with my lips and teeth. You feel my fingers sliding over your thong. Both my hands are teasing you. I lie down beside you and Sarah kneels between us. You reach out to stroke her pussy through her thin g-string. You feel Stephen’s fingers brushing up and down over your thong. I'm still hold… Read more

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Our fantasy Swinging

Jen and I are very happily married, enjoy a great sex life and trust each other completely. I'm 52 and Jen is 44. We're both in pretty good shape and Jen has gorgeous long blonde hair, lovely blue eyes and a fantastic curvy figure. Her 34E bust never ceases to turn me on! We've never ventured into the active swinging world but who knows what we may get up to one day?
Although we've never experienced it, we both love to fantasise about sex with … Read more

First Night At a Swingers Club Swinging

In my story, ‘First Foursome’, I told you about our experience at an ‘Adult Club’ we attend now and then. I also mentioned that although it was our first proper foursome, it wasn’t our first night at the club and that I’d write about that at a later date. Well, this is how the night went:

J** looked terrific in white, high heels, white fishnet stockings and a little short, tight white dress that only just met her stocking tops. Her… Read more

First Foursome Swinging

First Foursome

J** and I have had a few experiences trying to live out our fantasies. But one night we discussed going to a swingers club and started sifting through the internet trying to find somewhere suitable. Eventually we found a club only 20 minutes drive from our home and called the owners to have a chat. It sounded a very nice and well run establishment and we arranged a visit then became members just a week later. Our first experienc… Read more

A true story of deceipt and sex Swinging

It was late in the year, dark evenings and bloody cold, I had been talking on line to a couple who were really up for meeting, I had a fuck buddy and we all became quite excited about meeting and arranged a date a couple of weeks ahead. My fuck budy chatted with the guy on line and she said they were getting on famously, very sexy and they spoke of the things they wanted to do with each other, similarly I chatted to his partner and to be honest … Read more

The Hotel Suite Swinging

The Hotel Suite

Amy had been looking forward to this weekend for months, the hotel had been booked and unknown to me the original room we had booked had been upgraded to a suite. I walked into the room and admired the massive bed, naughty thoughts shot through my mind. We always had an amazing time in hotel rooms and this was to be no exception.

I turned and saw another door open off the bedroom and saw a huge lounge dining area, wow what a… Read more

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Driving Mrs N Swinging

Driving Mrs N,

Mrs N and I are experimenting a little and I have to recount one of our most exciting adventures yet. I detected Mrs N was getting a little bit fed up of the same meet scenarios happening and it was time I came up with a new idea. She loves spontaneous and unplanned things to happen. To cut to chase I asked her if she fancied a drink and meet up with a guy we've met 3 times before.

She put on a gorgeous dress she wears that … Read more

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first time cum fun Swinging

contacted horny devil, she stripped to sexy kinky underwear and decided she wanted to be whipped, she started to scream and begged for more. asked for others to join i contacted mates they came and she was given the time of her life she sucked fucked all 3 holes were filled. this was my first experience and since then she has met me for more fun her husband still thins she has lunch with friends. now she brings her friends from other swing sit… Read more

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