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Swinging Stories

The swinging lifestyle engages singles and partners in relationships to engage in sexual practices with a variety of other partners. Many people choose this lifestyle who have a sexual drive that requires different fulfilment than what they currently have.

Swinging is seen as a healthy outlet that can help increase the quality, quantity and variety of sex. Swinging can take place in the privacy of many homes, hotels, swinging clubs and safe private outdoor areas like dogging locations.

Having friends with benefits, experiencing life-changing encounters, or finally relishing a long-standing curiosity - let other readers enjoy your swinging story.


I've been fucking Tom (FWB) for a year now and we're both single and like it that way, I let Tom bareback me now and he has a nice sized cock and boy does he cum a lot. He suggested we bring in his friend Gary for some fun, which is nice as I wanted a 3su...


Even More Education

My second term at uni

I have told you what happened with my first term at Uni, I may not have mentioned that just before Leaving for the first time my mum sister Auntie Janet had taken me to one side, and suggested as I was going to be away I would meet Men and she showed me h...

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More Education

I arrived at my University exciting times lay ahead

I had told you before about my start to life's Education, getting to University, On arrival I met up with another girl I knew slightly, her name was Nikki, her father like mine was into property development, and we had met at some of the auctions they had...

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Life Before University

My dad was a property developer and at home and weekends we where all Naturists

When I was 14 or 15 years old I had worked with my dad in the holidays as he and his 2 brother brought houses & flats and either rented or sold them on, by that time I could fit a kitchen knew how to fit pipes into walls and also could wire in as well, oh...

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Interesting First Time

mate and I met a couple of women in a bar

Some time ago when serving in the Army my mate Tom and I had been posted into the same camp, We had first met the day we joined up and done our training together and had served along side one another or followed each other around different parts of the Wo...

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Obeying my Boss

First sex with the Boss

Taking my arm as we left the restaurant, he steered me towards the lifts, and without asking simply took me to my room, whose number he had obviously committed to memory. Then without speaking, he just looked into my eyes once again and I felt the command...

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The Shower 3

An afternoon of sex

We had met a couple, Anna and Adam on the beach and invited them back to our room. We had had fun and were now having lunch. It was the first time I had seen my wife fuck another man. Lyn went to to the toilet and Anna followed. That gave Adam and me time...


The Shower in our room.

Lyn asked them back,

It was the morning after the incident on the beach. We were having coffee at a cafe. Lyn had hardly stopped commenting on the couple. It was a pleasant surprise when the couple walked by, Lyn said hi. I offered coffee and they excepted. We introduced ours...

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is she really cheating

not what i expected pt2

Sue drinks her wine stands up and ask Sally if she like another one. Sally says “wait a moment please ive got something to ask you but I dont want to offend you or lose our friendship” Sue sits on the arm of the chair revealing her long bare legs “our fri...

So I knocked, and the door was opened almost immediately by a good looking woman in her late 40’s who introduced herself as Anne. Anne then led me through to their lounge and introduced me to Tony her partner. Tony was also quite good looking and probably...

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As Mike kissed her, and she felt his hand slip up between her legs and touch her already excited clit, Ellie couldn’t help thinking of the last time they had met. and how much she had enjoyed the club Mike had taken her to. Was that only last week? And on...

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Suzy could not believe she was here, sitting in Mikes car and heading for the club he had told her about. Only last week she had broken one of her strictest taboos, by meeting Mike for a drink and then letting him fuck her. She should have known that afte...

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Suzy opened her eyes and for a moment had no idea where she was. But then she realised that she was naked in bed with someone’s hand resting on her breast, and she felt the wetness of recent sex leaking from her pussy. Then it all came rushing back, the i...

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We arrived at our hotel excited as we had been looking forward to our tip to Amsterdam for ages we had been before but as now liberated swingers we were here to have a lot more fun than before. The clubs bars and cabins all held a new sense of fun for us...

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Well then here we were a hot sandy beach and a holiday full of fun and games we had got there early and pitched our beds close to the water as it was less crowded and as we relaxed and enjoyed the view I imagined all the things we were going to do on this...

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