28 Sep 2018

Sue drinks her wine stands up and ask Sally if she like another one.

Sally says “wait a moment please ive got something to ask you but I dont want to offend you or lose our friendship”

Sue sits on the arm of the chair revealing her long bare legs

“our friendship goes back a long way i think our friendship would suffer no matter what”

“well” sally says “you know when we go clothes shopping and I always say you have a good body and most thing suit you well. Well to be honest ive fancied you for a long time but never found the right moment to ask but when you came in with the wine and I saw you breast and fanny my feelings for you just got to much to retain any more and I so want to go to bed with you”

“i didn't expect you ever to say that “ replied sue “ but ive felt the same way about you for ages”and with that sue starts to stroke sallys hair and sally puts her hand on sues legs and starts stroking,

sue hand reaches for Sally's breast and squeezes it hard.

Sue says shall we go upstairs “ and help sally out of chair. As she stand up there eyes meet and sally move her mouth towards sues and their lips meet and their tongues explore each others mouths . Their passion for each other as their tongues meet and both are getting a little wet below. After a while they withdraw from each other mouths and sue turns toward the door followed closely by sally.

As they enter the bedroom sue turns and their mouths embrace once more but their tongues more deeper and harder tasting each other and their hands exploring their bodies sally's hand reaching down between sue legs to feel her wetness and sue hand reaching down inside sallys top to fell her erect nipple

sue stops kissing sally and helps sally remove her top reviling her firm cleavage her nipples under a black lacy bra

sues removes one breast from sally's bra and her lips go on the her nipples making sally moan with pleasure

sue the removes sally's bra and runs her hands down her body to her skirt fondling her bum. Sally kicks of her shoes and removes sues gown revealing her nakedness . Sue undoes sally skirt letting it fall to the floor. With just her black lacy knickers on sues hand reaches for sally's pussy and can fell how wet she is too . They both lay on the bed sue pulling the knickers tight into her and licking and sucking through her panties

she then removes then leaving the two women naked on the bed together

they both arrange themselves so the mouths and tongues can lick each others clits and they are both moaning from the pleasure there receiving

I get out of my car and as I,m a walking upto the house thinking all sorts of things – are they in bed -are they just chatting - do I beat the guy up? – is our marriage over? - what am I gonna say to sue? - What am I gonna find? - hopefully nothing.

I turn the key in the door and all quiet – too quiet – I close the door behind and look to see if sues in kitchen or garden but no so now my most worried thoughts kick in .Then I notice the green parka on the chair – its quite small but now angry so I proceed upstairs


just as sally and sue are just about to change positions so sally can lick sue arse they here the front door go – “oh shit” sues says “must be Dave quick gather up you clothes and hide under the bed” and sue snuggles beneath duvet making out to be asleep

the door opens and I walk in “ alright wear is he” “who “ says sue pretending to just woken up “ive had a bad headache so just went to bed”

sally's heart beating fast as she lays still under the bed

“ your man friend who this coat belongs too”and shows sue the parka

“ oh that I found that In a charity shop”

“Don't lie to me “ then my eye sees a shoe on the floor and as I pick it up I realise its smaller then sues “and who does this belong to “

“where's he hiding”

“please go I need to sleep”

I look in the only place he can be under the bed

and see a figure there “ alright come out games up”

and out come sally all sheepish with her clothes in front of her

“what the fuck is going on you two been at it “ didn't know you was bi” the last words directed at sue

sue goes to talk but I just throw the coat on the bed “im disgusted” and walk out go downstairs pour myself a whiskey and sit in my favourite chair

the two women look at each other but don't say anything then after a while sue says “what am I gonna do “sally replies don't worry ill go and talk to him you stay here” and she puts her parka on does the zip up and goes downstairs

as i'm sitting in my chair I here footsteps on the stairs and see her best friend in this green coat coming down

she enters the room and sits opposite

“i'm sorry you had to find out like this but we have liked each other for a long time and lust overtook us I we ended up together”

“I cant believe it that I was you of all people”

“what can I sa”

“you've known I fancied you for ages and you've always flirted a little but didn't know it was to get in my wife's panties”

sally kneels of floor by chair

“I do like you but you're married and thats what stopped me telling you”

“It dind't stop you going with my wife”

sally puts her had on my knee

“I'm sorry. No in fact i'm not sorry i've wanted sue and you both in bed but never been able to say it till now and with that her hand moves up my leg to my groin and starts to rub my cock through my trousers

I don't say anything but am getting aroused

after a short time I can feel i'm fully erect and want to fuck sally now forgetting what went on upstairs thinking if she can have my wife I can have her

sally is now undoing my my button and zip on my trousers lookin g me in the eye as she does it she gently pulls down my trousers while if lift my bum so she can do so and she reaches inside my pants and reveals my cock now throbbing for her

“ are you going to remove your coat not very sexy”

she obliges and reveals her naked body to me make my cock even more erect if that is possible;e

I remove my shirt and she puts her mouth to my cock and first licking the sucking my whole length

“think is about time I tasted you too” I say to her and she releases me

”lets go back upstairs “

I just shake my head in a yes motion

and as I stand up I kick of my shoes and take off te rest of clothes all now round my ankles

as we go upstairs I am fascinated by sally bum so firm and round

as we enter the bedroom “ sally says “see I told you t be okay”and she she's see me fully erect and smiles. “looks like you've started without me”

Sue throws of duvet and all three of us are Naked and ready for fun.

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