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Breaking in new male FWB

"horny fun"
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I've been fucking Tom (FWB) for a year now and we're both single and like it that way, I let Tom bareback me now and he has a nice sized cock and boy does he cum a lot. He suggested we bring in his friend Gary for some fun, which is nice as I wanted a 3sum for some time, so I agreed, I arranged a date for them both to come over to my place for some fun, so i picked out a nice outfit that was quite revealing, open crotch for easy access. So the day came for my 3sum, I opened the door and there was Tom and his friend, Gary was already stiff judging by the bulge in his pants, and it looked quite a good size. They both sat down with me in the middle, Tom went to make drinks for us all to get the party going, when he left the room I unzipped Gary and took out a nice 8" cock, I sucked on it greedily and he started to moan, whilst he played with my pussy and ass. Tom entered the room and put down the drinks and got undressed and sat next to Gary , I knelt in front of them both taking in turn to both suck their now very hard cocks, I love sucking so used my tongue to the best of my ability, licking each shaft, sucking each ball sack, both of them very hard now. Tom got up and got behind me and pushed his hard cock in me and I gasped , but I carried on sucking Gary while being pounded from behind, after about 5 mins they swapped, Gary now slid his 8" in me all the way to his balls and it was such a great feeling, Tom sat in front of me and I sucked my pussy juices off his cock whilst staring him in the eye, which he enjoys. Gary was giving me a huge pounding from behind and he started to moan and he exploded in my pussy, Tom told me he'd not had any action for a while and I could tell by the amount of cum he shot deep in my pussy, I grabbed his balls to make sure I get every drop. Gary slid out from me and Tom got up to swap places, I could feel the cum dripping out of my now very used, creampied pussy, Tom got behind me pushed in and moaned as he could feel how lubed my pussy was with Gary's cum, after a few strokes Tom pulled out and stuck the tip of his cock on my ass and gently pushed his cock in to his balls using Gary's cum as lube, at this point I moaned heavily. Gary sat in front of me and I sucked his cock clean , whilst being pounded in the ass by Tom, after about 10 minutes , Tom moaned and exploded in my ass and shot a huge load in me, I could feel the hot cum shoot deep in my ass which is one of my favorite feelings. After that we relaxed and drank the wine Tom had prepared earlier and fucked some more until the early hours of the morning, Gary and Tom DP'd me multiple times that night, I think I got about 6 loads between them, my ass, pussy and mouth received their offerings with great delight. Needless to say we've repeated this many times now.

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