18 Feb 2018

Suzy could not believe she was here, sitting in Mikes car and heading for the club he had told her about. Only last week she had broken one of her strictest taboos, by meeting Mike for a drink and then letting him fuck her. She should have known that after months of flirting and exchanging intimate sexual fantasies, it was never going to stop at a drink. Indeed she had even left her bra off and put on one of her shortest skirts to make him want her more. Even worse, after their first wonderful fuck, she had, without prompting, reached out for his cock, taken him in her mouth, and then climbed onto him, and ridden his cock to another wild orgasm.

Now after a number of very suggestive messages, she had agreed to him taking her to a club he knew, that was very quiet in the afternoons and where they would be able to fuck again, in nice comfortable surroundings. What was she doing, what was happening to her? Mike had picked her up as arranged, and as he had instructed, she had again left off her bra and wore no pants so was sitting here with her nipples pushing against her blouse and self consciously holding her legs together to hide her nakedness, even though she had one of her nice short skirts on, to show off her legs that Mike had complimented her on. In fact he had been very complimentary about her body saying he loved her smallish breasts with their hard little nipples, at least when he was playing with them, and her long legs and cute bum and of course her pussy muscles which he had said made her one of the best fucks he had ever enjoyed.

As if he could sense her questions to herself, she suddenly found Mikes hand on her knee, pushing up her skirt and moving slowly up to her pussy, whilst she automatically opened her legs for him. Then he began slowly circling her clit with one finger, wetting it by pushing it deeply into her first, knowing she would already be wet for him. Whilst he teased her clit into erection he told her to play with her breasts and make them hard then started telling her in graphic detail, how he loved the feel of her squeezing his cock when he pushed it into her. All of this soon excited her further and she could soon feel her juices leaking from her pussy. Then Mike removed his hand and told her to show him how she made herself cum, which she gladly did giving a little cry as she reached her climax. Now she wanted more and reached for Mikes very obvious erection, but he told her that that was just a taster and she had to behave herself as they were almost there.

She was a little scared as she followed Mike into the club, she had been to one before but didn’t know this one, and she realised, didn’t even know Mike very well, or at least not as well as she now knew his body and wonderfully thick cock that seemed to fill her completely. After paying, they took their towels and valuables box into the couples changing room, which was thankfully empty, and rather self consciously removed all their clothes in front of each other. Ellie could see Mikes erection immediately as it sprang from his trousers and she felt his eyes staring at her breasts, and wondered if he could see how wet her pussy now was. To break the spell, Mike simply reached out, pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply, cupping one of her bum cheeks in his hand and letting her feel the wetness of his pre-cum on her leg from his hard cock. Then before they fucked each other where they were, he told her to wrap her towel around herself and follow him out to the Jacuzzi which they both climbed into. Closing her eyes she felt the currents massage her breasts and flow up her legs and over her very sensitive clit, which Mike was again massaging gently. After a few minutes of this he whispered in her ear that he couldn’t wait any longer and needed to fuck her now, or he would have to fuck her where they were, and possibly drown them both!

They quickly stood up therefore, stepped out of the Jacuzzi and after towelling each other off quickly Suzy found herself being pulled down some steps and into a small private room with a TV showing some guy with an enormous cock fucking a very excited young woman. The room was covered in mattresses and Mike simply pushed the door closed and then pulled her down onto these. Next second she felt herself in his arms and they kissed urgently as she grabbed his cock and he roughly pushed two fingers deeply into her pussy. Then his mouth was on her breasts and he was licking and gently biting her nipples whilst he finger fucked her. His mouth then started moving down, circling her belly button, then further down onto her freshly shaved pussy. She felt his fingers slip from her and his hands roughly grabbing her bum and separating her cheeks as they squeezed them strongly, and then his tongue was inside her and she felt his hot breath on her clit. She tried to move around to take him into her mouth, but he ordered her to open her pussy for him instead, so she held herself open while his mouth and tongue ravaged her throbbing pussy. His tongue seemed to be everywhere, licking, fucking rolling her clit around, and his mouth and lips were sucking her pussy lips and gently nibbling her clit which felt as if it was going to explode. She groaned loudly and then she felt him suck her clit into his mouth whilst lifting her bum off the bed as he pulled her towards his mouth. She just screamed loudly as everything suddenly happened at once, her legs locked around his head and her whole body went into spasms as she had one of the biggest orgasms she could remember, she felt her juices flood into his mouth as he sucked her clit again and one of his fingers entered her hum as she thrashed about, moaning loudly and squeezing his cock as hard as she could. Then as she started to relax, he tore himself free, pulled her body around and lifting her legs off the bed climbed onto her and pushed his cock roughly into her already throbbing pussy. She was so wet, and his cock went straight in with that wonderful filling feeling she was growing to love. She gripped him tightly, wrapping her legs over his waist and crossing her ankles, then gripping his bum she pulled him as deeply into herself as she could whilst fastening her own mouth on his nipple. It couldn’t last long as they were both too excited but as she felt his sperm flood deeply into her, she screamed again and started shaking uncontrollably as he moaned and pumped himself into her. Her muscles in turn, gripped his cock tightly and tried to squeeze every last drop out of him.

As they came back to their senses, they realised they were no longer alone, the door, which had a glass pane in it for people to look through had been pushed open and a small group of people were watching them. Everyone was naked and the guys all seemed to be slowly massaging their cocks as they watched the action.Suzy felt herself going red with embarrassment and was aware of the large wet patch between her legs as Mikes cum and her own juices flooded from her. Grabbing a handful of paper towels from the nearby dispenser, they both quickly cleaned themselves up and as Mike mumbled something about showers, they left the room and their small audience behind and went up to shower. As they showered, and Suzy returned to a normal colour, Mike reminded her that other people would probably want to join them, particularly after what they had seen but that she only had to say no if she didn’t want anything or anybody, and that he would be there to keep an eye on her and look after her. They then decided to go into the sauna instead of drying off again.

As they opened the door to the Sauna they were hit by a wave of heat and in the very dark interior caught a quick glimpse of a number of naked bodies both male and female. For some reason the so called quiet afternoon was now anything but. They managed to find a couple of seats and realised just how dark it was as the door closed. Suzy found herself on the middle row with Mike on her right and someone she thought was another woman on her left, but there were also bodies in front and behind and as the door opened another two bodies, obviously male as they were holding their cocks, came in. Everything was quiet for a few minutes and then Suzy felt someone massaging her neck, and another hand touching her knee, however she felt ok about this and began to try to work out who was doing what. To her right she felt Mike take a sudden gasp and felt him shift, just then the door opened briefly for someone to leave and she caught sight of a woman’s head sucking Mikes cock. She was quite shocked at this and perhaps a little jealous but then the hands on her neck moved over to her breasts and she felt the pleasurable sensation of someone playing with her nipples, however she also felt long hair on her shoulder so could this be another woman? At the same time, the hand on her knee slowly crept up her leg and as she parted her legs a little she felt someone’s head move up and then a hot tongue lapping at her pussy. At her side, mike was now kissing someone, but obviously someone else as she could hear someone still slurping on his cock. Between Suzy's legs hot lips closed over her clit and the first suck brought an automatic groan from her lips. The hands massaging her body were then joined by a head and she found herself being passionately kissed by another woman, who pushed her tongue deep into her mouth just as she started to orgasm yet again as her clit was sucked. All this was amazingly exciting but it was soon getting too hot and both Mike and Suzy needed some air. As they stood up to leave however, disentangling their various appendages from other mouths and hands, someone said why don’t we all go to the big playroom upstairs so after another shower and a quick dry off that’s what they did.

Upstairs they found themselves in a larger room with mattresses over the floor and another TV showing soft porn on the wall. There were about 10 others on the mattresses, male and female and looking around Suzy realised she had never seen so many different cocks in one place, along with a considerable variety of breasts, bums, hands and all other body parts. After her third orgasm of the day, who was counting, Ellie wanted more so kneeling down she soon found herself licking and sucking three cocks and slowly masturbating a fourth with her hand, whilst a woman with enormous breasts was licking and slurping on her pussy and someone else was sucking her nipples. Over in the other corner she could see Mike fucking a very attractive woman with long blonde hair, doggy style whilst hanging onto her swinging breasts. Then another woman with short red hair came up behind him, put her hand between his legs and started massaging his balls with one hand whilst kissing up and down his spine. Just then, Suzy found herself being pushed backwards and then a very large cock trying to push itself into her, obviously one of those she had just been sucking, the womans tongue had disappeared but this ‘monster’ cock definitely wanted in. Luckily, Suzy was so wet now that he managed to push himself into her but she thought it would never stop and it hurt a little as he reached what was probably her womb. But it felt amazing and any discomfort disappeared as he began to move, someone or two others were still taking turns to massage her nipples and kiss her but she couldn’t think of anything except this large cock moving faster and faster inside her. She gripped it as hard as she could but was soon cumming yet again, but he carried on and she came another couple of times before she felt him flooding into her. As he climbed off her however, someone else immediately took his place and so it went on, for what seemed hours with a number of different cocks fucking her, people kissing and exciting her body and the wetness of however many different men running down her legs onto the mattresses. She ever had two women at one stage licking some of this sperm from her pussy.

Eventually Mike came over and said it was time to leave, but she knew it wouldn’t be long, before she was back again.