Written by beechbum36

21 Nov 2014

Well then here we were a hot sandy beach and a holiday full of fun and games we had got there early and pitched our beds close to the water as it was less crowded and as we relaxed and enjoyed the view I imagined all the things we were going to do on this holiday at that moment a youngish couple came and laid their towels down in front of us not too close but within good sight of us I frowned as the plan was to have no one in front of us but as it happened they were attractive and she had ample tits for me too stare at as I lay there  and I could see from you that his trunks held a substantial bulge which you smiled at.

The lunch time rush had started on the beach and a waiter brought us some cocktails which were going down rather well you had been on your front and decided to turn over as you removed your top you asked me to rub some oil in to your back I smiled and grabbed the oil the couple in front of us were lying there and facing us but with sunglasses on I couldn’t tell if they were awake or not but fuck it I didn’t care we were on holiday and I was going to have some fun .

I poured the oil on to your back and rubbed it in to you massaging your shoulders all the way to the base of your back slowly rubbing my fingers in to your skin I poured more on to your legs admiring the bum which stood out pert either side of the thong you had on as I rubbed the oil on to those sexy legs slowly working my way up to the top easing my hands to the inside of your thighs and letting my finger brush against your pussy through the material.

I carried on putting oil on and started to concentrate more and more around your hot bum and thighs as I worked my fingers under your thong and slid one along your pussy lips it slid straight in to you as it was covered in oil and you were wet as hell I looked to see if the two in front saw what I was doing but they made no movement so I carried on and slid a second finger in to you as your legs slowly parted at this point my cock was rock hard and I was sitting up with a towel over my bulge and a dirty grin on my face .

I pulled your thong to one side and bared your pussy to anyone that was looking as I slid a third finger in to you and started to pump them in to you fast and hard you started to whimper as I did it at the same time I thought I saw the girl moving on her towel and as I looked I could see that her hand had slipped under her as she was looking straight at your pussy filled with my fingers and I was sure she was playing with herself I smiled and carried on .

You were moving up and down on my fingers now getting wetter and wetter and I whispered that the girl in front was watching us you opened your legs even wider so she could see more clearly and right then you moved your hand back there too and started to slowly rub your bum and as I watched you slid your finger in as I pumped in and out of you then all of a sudden as your finger was in knuckle deep you froze and came hard your juice flowed out of you all over my hand and the towel soaking everything .

It was so hot and I placed my fingers in to my mouth and sucked them clean before covering them again for you to lick I looked at the girl and smiled as I did this and I think she came too as she seemed to shake as I did it  mmmm what a turn on it was time to get you cleaned up so as you rolled over and straightened your thong covered your tits in oil and rubbed it over your hard nipples before I stood up still stiff I adjusted myself and we went to the sea to cool off walking past the couple and as we passed I could see a wet patch on her pants from behind and we smiled as we went in to the sea you grabbed my cock and started to lead me in up to our chests you stroked me slowly and in seconds I was rock hard again in one movement you wrapped your legs around me and I guided my cock which was now out of my shorts and lined up with your pussy as you lowered on to me it felt great as your hard nipples pressed in to my chest and you sank on to my cock the water swilling around us as you moved up and down slowly.

I started to suck on your nipples and pulled your thong right over so I could grab your ass as I fucked you the beach was not to busy as it was a private hotel and we had our own space as you were fucking me and biting my neck as I bit you too I saw the young couple coming in to the water and she had removed her top to reveal an amazing set of nipples on a large set of tits swinging freely but rock hard and her boyfriend seemed to begetting aroused too as he was obviously covering his package .

I told you and turned around so you could see them as you fucked me you whispered that they were coming towards us and slowed down so you were just sat on my cock with the water brushing around our bits the girl walked up and bold as brass said hello and her name was Anna and this was Dave she told us that she was so turned on watching us play she had to come over we smiled and Dave came and said hello too and that Anna had told him everything as he lay there listening to her describe what we were doing .

We smiled and said that was great to know they enjoyed watching just as you said that Anna reached forward and put her hand on my balls and slowly traced a line to your pussy and smiled saying I knew it and smiled at Dave she stroked my cock as it was in you and traced around your pussy lips you closed your eyes and carried on fucking me as she did it with her other hand she grabbed Dave and started to wank him as we stood in a huddle.

I was looking at her tits as Dave said help yourself and raised one of Anna's tits up for me to suck as I did this he slid a hand around you and grabbed your nipples and rolled them in his hands Anna was enjoying this and leaned over and kissed you full on the mouth it was the sexiest sight I had seen in ages as you responded sliding your tongue in to her mouth your hand dropped down and I knew you were grabbing Dave's cock and the smile on your face told me we had been right he had a very large one indeed and you wanted it.

Anna moved behind me and pulled my trunks down as she rubbed my body and sucked on your nipples all the time your fucking me Dave moved behind you and I felt you lifted off of my cock Anna's hand was there straight away wanking me as I saw him lift you and your eyes opened wide as he impaled you on his cock which with the water and the juice slid in deep you moaned out load and Anna said she new you would like it as she said this she moved in front of me and guided me in to her pussy there we were fucking you two as you were facing each other caressing each others bodies and kissing as we fucked you .

It wasn’t long before you came on his cock and Anna was not far behind as we pumped in to you both hard as we could as she did I came hard and deep in to her and Dave did the same and you smiled at me as I saw you enjoy every squirt we all smiled and stayed stroking each other for a while cocks still buried and then Anna suggested we go somewhere private and carry on the fun we all agreed and went to collect our clothes.