Written by Wendy

20 Jun 2020

When I was 14 or 15 years old I had worked with my dad in the holidays as he and his 2 brother brought houses & flats and either rented or sold them on, by that time I could fit a kitchen knew how to fit pipes into walls and also could wire in as well, oh and I could lay a course of bricks. I worked doing paper rounds in the mornings & evenings washed cars and did shopping for people, I saved up all the money I could. When I was 17 I had passed a lot of my exams and was going to go to University, Mum and dad went away for a weekend I stayed, at home, I was sunbathing naked when Paula our next door neighbour asked me round, she to was naked, in her 30 with a good figure, I went round and she offered me a drink, she had lots of books and magazines around her and I started to look, there was women fucking women men fucking women and all sorts of poses, she asked me if I liked them, I admitted that I had never seen anything like it before, we went inside the conservatory and she showed me some very hard porn, not the rubbish stuff you mostly see. she asked me if i had ever fucked and I had to say no. she took me into the bedroom and we started kissing and she showed me wear to put my fingers inside her quim as she called it, she did the same with me and sucking tits and licking each other quims out, she got out a selection of toys, ad she showed m how to please her with a couple, and she then used them on me, , Just then Peter her Husband came in to the room He was naked and had a hard on, Paula should me how to run my hands up and down his cock, and stroke his balls before letting me take him into my mouth she was fingering my quim and I was very wet, Paula slipped a rubber round his cock fitting it on using her mouth. he laid me down and I opened my legs and his shaft entered me, Bit of shock as this was my first time, He fucked me until he came, he flopped out Paula took the rubber and suck his cock dry we all lay on the bed kissing and playing with our bodies, Peter his cock hard once more fucked Paula as i watched them. I sucked his cock dry and could taste his spunk and her juices. a little time later the door closed and up came max there lodger lat in his early 20 who worked with Peter in there landscaping business, Paula called for him to come in he called back just taking a shower, he later came in naked as well his cock at half mast, he was surprised to see me. he leant over and kissed Paula on the lips and nipples and ran his hand down into her hole, she took hold of his cock and wanked him into hardness. Paula said you know Wendy of course why not make her welcome, he came over to me and started to kiss and fondle me, Paula put my hand round his cock and I gently rubbed him like she had shown me with Peter, she slipped on a rubber and she told me to ride on top of him, his cock was longer but thinner that Peters, she guided his cock into my hole and we fucked like that until he shot his load. Peter and herself where shagging next to us. we all had to rest and wash up later on when Once more Peter fucked me and Max fucked Paula at the same time. We had a couple of more times like this before I went to university. That was the start of my Education.