Written by Wendy

20 Jun 2020

I had told you before about my start to life's Education, getting to University, On arrival I met up with another girl I knew slightly, her name was Nikki, her father like mine was into property development, and we had met at some of the auctions they had gone to. We roomed together and got to know one another, she was a little taken back when I walked around naked as I was so used to it and she was not, but she soon came round to the Idea, Starting the course I had met up with a guy named Phillip, and we got on great, He played Rugby for us. a few weeks in Philip had gone to see a band at the student union bar, Nikki had gone off to play netball, with one or two drinks Phillip and I went outside as the group was not as good as they appeared, few kisses and cuddles he had his hand under my bra, we hurried back to the room, and after undressing, and feeling his cock We had not switched the light on so not to draw attention to ourselves, I quickly put a rubber round his tool and he had just got his cock inside me when the door opened and in cam Nikki, I said quick close to door, Phillip bless his had not missed a beat and continued to pound my pussy, Nikki went into the bathroom had a pee, and came out naked she had switched on the little bedside light, Phillip came his load and flopped out next to me, Nikki was laying on her bed watching what was happening, after a while with some joint encouragement from the both of us he hardened once more and then fucked Nikki whilst I looked on. We had another couple of sessions like this with him fucking the both of us. We had started to watch the lads play rugby, and he introduced us to a mate of his Ben, One night we all went back to the room and it did not take long before I had Phillips cock inside me and Nikki was fucking with Ben, Not long before the Holiday we all went to a mobile home holiday let for the weekend where as soon as we got inside Philip and I was shagging as where Ben and Nikki, we washed up and had some food, back in the van I had swapped and had Ben fucked me and Nikki fucked Phillip this happened several times over the weekend, If I am hones I prefer Phillip fucking me Before we entered our second year we had to find accommodation outside the campus, Along with 6 other we found a place Phillip & B en in one room Nikki and I in another and the other room filled by some of our friends. We All went off for the 1st Break, (quick note, when home I did manage one afternoon fucking with Paula Peter and Max)