Male on Male Gay

A first meeting exceeds expectations…

Male on Male

As a bisexual man I will occasionally meet a man alone for pleasure as a prelude to him having sex with me and my girlfriend.

A was one such person. We had corresponded over a few weeks, through a website , exchanged pictures, and agreed to meet up at a convenient motorway service area with a motel.

On the agreed evening I packed a bag and set off. It was getting darker earlier as autumn approached and by the time, I arr… Read more

First time tale Gay

I'm sure this will seem very tame to some of you but I wanted to share my first proper experience with another man. I was in my early 20's and having had some unsuccessful relationships with women I was unsure of my sexuality. Long story short having stumbled across the cottaging scene I found a telephone number of a man called Colin who wanted to meet other men. He asked on the phone what I was into, did I want to give or receive? I had no exper… Read more

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night off at work Gay

I worked in a city centre hotel in Manchester then one night on my night off I was asked to go for a few drinks at work with some colleagues as it got late I arranged to stay in the hotel that night.

As I went to my room I noticed a slim cute looking guy near to my door I asked if he was ok he said he was locked out of his room I said he could ring reception they could unlock his door he said thank you can he use the phone in my room.

so I … Read more

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Gay Sex in the Woods Gay

I read a story on a UK stories site called "" and it reminded me of my own experiences in those same woods. About three months ago I also stopped off at the cruising / dogging spot just of the M4.

I was very horny that night and headed into the wood after parking up. There were several empty cars so I hoped I would get lucky. As I got into the woods an older guy was fucking a younger guy so I stood near buy, got my cock out and started to wank… Read more

A hot day got hotter Gay

I was at a dogging place in Northamptonshire, which at least in day time is frequented mostly by middle-aged and older gay men. You do see guys there a bit younger than that, but I've not yet seen a woman. But there is a lot of activity. Even if I don't get anything myself I rarely come away without seeing several guys having it off, maybe mutual wanking, maybe one giving the other a blow-job and occasionally a couple will leave together.

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a smoking fetish fuck !!! Gay

i had been looking around on the internet for a while as i was curious about avin anal sex wiv a man and this search led me to a man called brian. brian was a young 23 year old man wiv a good athhletic build and contacted me to go to his flat. upon arriving i was greeted by him at the door and i was wearing a shiny blue 80's nylon jacket which i told him i like to wear as it turns me on. he invited me in and straight away handed me a fag which … Read more

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Unexpected BJ Gay

It's ages since I touched a guy – I've been married for a long while, although it's over now – and as long or more since I went cottaging. I wasn't exactly cottaging this time: I just needed to pee. So when this place appeared I pulled over, parked, and went in. Exactly like I remember: it was darkish with little light coming through high windows, and it had that certain aroma about it. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust, but I could … Read more

The Baptism Gay

It had been an all-round fine day. The weather had been gloriously sunny with not a cloud in the sky and with just the touch of a slight breeze. People had been polite, even the usual judgemental ones you didn't really like all that much. Everyone seemed to get in on the event at hand and now that the day was reaching its close the first group of people had already left the party. Some had work to get up to early tomorrow morning; some had kids o… Read more

Taken bi surprise Gay

This happened to me a little while ago now and every time i think about it gets me really turned on, this is the most horny experience i have ever had!
It all started with me.. danny and my good friend billy, we was out on the town and going from club to club, drinking and chatting with whoever, as you do. later on we bumbed into billy's girlfriend georgina, she was very drunk and flirty, you could she wanted some fun that night. so after talki… Read more

The day I sold too much. Gay

On a recent trip to Staffordshire, I found myself chatting to a couple in the hotel bar. I'd never gone for swinging before, but after talking to these guys I found they were interested in all the thing I have fantasized about.
Well, we'd had a few drinks and were all feeling pretty relaxed, when I suggested they come back to my room to help me "empty the Mini Bar".
I've never spent a night like that before. I learned that there's a lot to sex … Read more

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