Written by crazy_c

7 Sep 2009

i had been looking around on the internet for a while as i was curious about avin anal sex wiv a man and this search led me to a man called brian. brian was a young 23 year old man wiv a good athhletic build and contacted me to go to his flat. upon arriving i was greeted by him at the door and i was wearing a shiny blue 80's nylon jacket which i told him i like to wear as it turns me on. he invited me in and straight away handed me a fag which i placed in my lips and lit up. i stood in front of him dragging away heavily on my fag as i was nervous and told him it was my first time. he asked me to keep dragging away on the fag and leave the nylon jacket on as it made me look slutty so i did and i was ready to take his cock. he put a condom on his large hard cock and thrust me up against a wall with his hand around my neck but instead of panicking i was turned on and let him undo my jeans. he applied anal gel on his cock and around my arse and thrust his cock straight up me as i dragged heavily and slowly on my fag. he started pounding away at my arse and my jacket was rustling away noisily as he kept thrusting and i was on my second fag as i smoked my fisrt one quickly. he came in his condom and i stood in front of him wanting more. i then went for a piss in the toilet and whist avin a piss i felt his hand on my shoulder pulling my jacket towards him as he handed me yet another fag and told me to light it and carry on having a piss. as i cariied on he thrust his fingers deep inside me and i kept draggin away as he stood behing fingering my arse and he turned me round and got his cock out once again. he slipped his cock up me as i sat on the toilet top and began thrusting as i smoked and i told him to take his cock out and take his condom off as i wanted to feel his skin up my arse bareback. i started to smoke very heavily and lit up one more fag as he pumped away wiv his bare cock and i moaned loud as i ad the fag danglin in the side of my mouth takin him deep in me. after 10 minutes we were finished and i we sat on his bed talking about us avin good sex and i lit up another fag and it all started again as i cudnt get enough of him xxxxxx