Written by unknown

9 Jul 2010

I was at a dogging place in Northamptonshire, which at least in day time is frequented mostly by middle-aged and older gay men. You do see guys there a bit younger than that, but I've not yet seen a woman. But there is a lot of activity. Even if I don't get anything myself I rarely come away without seeing several guys having it off, maybe mutual wanking, maybe one giving the other a blow-job and occasionally a couple will leave together.

The other day I was walking down the path in the woods and came across two guys, both with their trousers round their ankles, wanking each other. I stopped a few paces away to watch, and as I did one dropped down and took the other guy's cock in his mouth. At once I saw it was quite a large one, and rock hard. From the look on his face he was clearly enjoying it as the other guy's mouth worked on it.

Watching these two guys was a turn-on and my own cock was pretty hard too, so I pushed down the elastic waistband of my shorts and let it out so I could stroke it more comfortably. My attention was focused on the two guys, and at first I didn't notice the guy approaching along the path till he was pretty close. He was a bit younger than the average, dark, and he stopped next to me, smiled and said "Do you want any help with that?" I smiled back and nodded and he dropped down in front of me and took my cock in his mouth. The pressure from his lips and the warm wetness was all I needed - I forgot about the other two as he gave me a great time. Looking up I saw we were being watched too. I love being watched when I am having sex, and now with this guy working on my cock with his mouth and a couple of guys watching us, not to mention the two standing a few paces away, I had everything I needed. I felt the critical moment arriving, I started to gasp, then suddenly I came, pumping my spunk down the cock-sucker's throat.

He looked up and gave me a big grin - I beamed at him and told him it was great, but in a moment there was another guy standing beside me, hard cock in hand. The guy who had just sucked me off turned to him, took his cock in his mouth and started on him too. I stepped back and got my shorts back in position, and in that time the newcomer was already reaching crescendo and in a moment or two he too gasped and jerked as he shot another load down the guy's throat.

As we stepped back and onto the path I noticed that all three of us were wearing wedding rings - perhaps someday someone will come with his wife and we can have a bit more fun.