Written by alex_varde

5 Jun 2009

It had been an all-round fine day. The weather had been gloriously sunny with not a cloud in the sky and with just the touch of a slight breeze. People had been polite, even the usual judgemental ones you didn't really like all that much. Everyone seemed to get in on the event at hand and now that the day was reaching its close the first group of people had already left the party. Some had work to get up to early tomorrow morning; some had kids on their own they needed to get home to before the babysitter of the day began to questioning things.

Going to a Christening on my own was never going to be the most pleasant of experiences, granted, though going to a wedding alone is probably worse, I guess, but it helped that it wasn't a family gathering. One of my oldest mates and his missus had their first child a few months back and today the kid was getting his name as well as being formally introduced to religion, as we know it. Normally I wouldn't have bothered whatsoever, formal gatherings like this had always been something I dreaded the most, but how could I turn an invitation down when it came from someone I've loved for years and years and considered a good friend for even longer.

Luckily, though, I wasn't the only one there going to the event on my own. A mate of my good mate went on his own, too. And as it happens at these things the single people, unrelated to the proud parents, were seated together both in church and at the dinner that followed. That was how I came to know Jake. Or Nessie as he was known to his mates; something I would understand allot better later in the evening.

Both the Christening itself and the following dinner went pretty much as good as it could possible be. I turned down every single chance and invitation to hit the dance floor, just like I always do, but noticed how my table companion strut his stuff many times over. He seemed like a fella who didn't turn down any invite to hit the dance floor that came his way and to his credit I have to admit he didn't do too bad a job either. Having been forced to attend ballroom dancing lessons from the age of just four and for what was still some of the most embarrassing eight years of my entire life I've hated strutting my own stuff the same way ever since. Don't parents know what it does to a young boy having all of his mates at school know only too well he goes dancing once a week when he'd much rather join them playing football? I wonder what the Human Rights Tribunal in Den Haag would say. Some people should just not be allowed to have kids, end of.

I couldn't keep my eyes off Jake, though, each time he entered the dreaded dance floor. He did so with what seemed like no care in the world. And not just that either, he looked great out there, too. Every time he returned to our table he had a great big grin on his stubby face as if he knew the secret of having a good time and all I did was sitting there looking on.

Don't get me wrong, I had a nice time, too. Allot can be said about watching other people express themselves and God knows I had a great time watching how he shook his hips galore, how he took the hands of each lovely lady he took to the dance floor, how he laughed with them and not least how he moved what seemed like a very fit body to the tunes from the live four piece band playing after dinner.

But all good things come to an end and as more and more people took off and the large ballroom got less and less crowded I felt it was time for me to part the party as well.

Never getting round to actually getting a licence I had not driven to the Christening and the following party myself. And as I got up from the table just as Jake came back from yet another he stopped me:

- You off, matey?

He said, looking slightly miffed.

- Yeh…

I replied, while moving my chair back under the table in front of me before continuing:

- Been a long day and I'm knackered…

His smile sort of vanished but his blue eyes kept focus with mine:

- Are you going all the way home or do you have a place to crash for the night?

- Nah, I figured I'd just take a cab to the nearest town and try to find a motel or something for the night and then go home tomorrow…

His smile returned:

- I have a place.

He said, with a grin, placed a firm hand on my left shoulder and continued:

- I mean, I've booked a room at the motel close to the beach from here. It's got two single beds, you're welcome to stay there if you like, mate.

Still with his firm hand on my shoulder I almost felt him squeeze an answer out of me.

- You sure?

He moved his hand and padded my tummy gently:

- Of course! The night is still young, matey!

He said, with a grin just as yet another fortunate young lady grabbed his other hand and dragged him back to the dance floor.

- Sit down and have another drink… Don't go anywhere!

He grinned, as he was dragged back to the dance floor to the tune of a classic disco song played in a slightly different version by the excellent live band.

Standing there for a few seconds I then decided why not, eh, pulled the chair back out from under the table and sat myself down again. Reached out for a half empty bottle of still somewhat chilled Chardonnay and filled my glass again.

- - - -

A couple of hours later we were some of the last people to leave the party. It had indeed turned out to be quite a good, long day and if I was knackered earlier on it was nothing compared to how I felt now. My entire body was too tired for words and I was aching in places I didn't even know was possible.

- You all set to leave, mate?

Jake said, as he returned to our table after what could well have been his curtain call on the dance floor for the night.

- Yeh…

I replied, tired as fuck and more than ready to hit a bed.

- Great, we're all set then.

He grinned, and while still standing up reached out for his glass of wine, downed it in pretty much one go, turned to me again and continued:

- Time to go then, matey.

- - - -

Having said our farewells and final good wishes we soon found ourselves sitting next to each other in a cab taking us to his motel. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes both pretty knackered from what had been a fine day all round and I for one was only thinking of how nice it would be to get some well deserved kip soon.

- - - -

Having finally reached our destination we found ourselves in his room at the motel some fifteen or so minutes later.

- Am going to grab a shower, mate, put your feet up and let your hair down.

Jake said, and we both smiled seeing I was bald as a rugby ball.

He went into the bathroom and within seconds I could hear the shower being turned on. I could've done with one myself and would most likely take one when he was done but for the time being I just took off my shoes, loosened the tie and placed myself on the bed. Oh, how good it felt having my feet up at last and with the help of the alcohol I'd had during the night I dosed off a bit.

- All right there, matey?

Jake said, as he returned to the room having finished his shower.

- Yeh…

I said, with a mix of slight irritation to haven been woken by him and the pleasure it was of seeing him standing between the two separate beds wearing only a towel.

- Think I'll grab a shower, too…

I said, and with what seemed like slow motion moved myself from a position flat on my back to sitting to finally getting on my feet.

- No problem, mate.

Jake replied, and sat himself down on his own bed next to mine.

It was as if we had known each other for years and not just a few hours as the case was and as he placed himself on his back with one leg stretched out and the other slightly bended still only wearing a towel I looked at him for a split second there nicely located in front of me. Then I pulled the shirt out of my trousers, undid my belt and trousers and let them fall down my legs. When they hit the floor I stepped out of them and began to undo the buttons of my shirt. All while he watched my every move.

- You're a good-looking lad, mate, if you don't mind me saying so.

He said, and gave me a wicked grin.

- Cheers, you're not bad looking yourself, like…

I replied, though I have no idea where that came from. I'm not exactly used to complimenting other blokes on how they look but it didn't seem at all weird now.

- Ha, bet you say that to all the gals…

Jake replied, and his grin went even wider.

I just smiled back and continued getting undressed. Soon I found myself wearing a pair of boxers only.

- You got another towel, mate?

I said, feeling very naked all of a sudden for no reason whatsoever.

- Sure…

He said, and pointing to the bathroom he continued:

- There's one next to the shower cabin.

He smiled, and I left the room heading for the bathroom.

- - - -

A nice, refreshing shower later I left the bathroom again. Following Jake's example I only wore a towel 'round my waist and as I entered the room again I noticed he had fallen asleep in front of the telly. Walking over to my own bed I couldn't help but look his way. He was a very handsome young lad with a body most of us would give up a testicle to have. He had fallen asleep with one hand down his left side with the other hand nicely placed on the lower part of his beautifully hairy tummy. His head had fallen to one side, the side away from me, and he looked so peacefully there in his sleep. Peacefully and utterly sexy wearing just the towel showing off the surroundings of his manhood ever so nicely. Looked like his cock, though relaxed of course, was placed by his left thigh. I stood there watching him sleep for a few seconds wondering if his thighs were as wonderfully hairy as his tummy and parts of his chest. But when I noticed I was getting a semi hard-on I went to my own bed, dropped the towel and crawled underneath the duvet as naked as the day I was born.

The duvet felt nicely chilled softly pressing against my naked body and our andy seemed to like it as well as he soon grew from semi hard to fully solid even without a single touch.

Once well underneath the duvet I looked for the remote control, figured there was no reason to have the telly turned on with Jake already fast asleep and me probably following troop soon, too. Took me a few seconds to find that it was on his bed next to his semi-naked body on top of his duvet but though I could most likely still fall asleep with the telly on I felt it was for the best to turn it off so I got out of bed, still naked as sin, and went to his bed next to mine.

I looked at him there in his sleep for a few seconds before reaching out and grabbed the remote control, switched the telly off and with the room now pretty much all darkened went back to my own bed to get some sleep.

- - - -

I don't know for how long I had been asleep but what seemed like only a couple of hours and with the room still being somewhat dark I was wakened by a sound. It came from the bed next to mine. Sleeping on my back I turned my head to where the sound came from only to find Jake wanking himself off nicely trying not to make too much noise in the process.

Watching him touch himself like that for a couple of minutes needless to say I soon grew a full-blown hard-on myself. There was just something both provocative and very naughty at the same time about what was unfolding before my very eyes.

Having watched in silence how my room mate for the night, a complete stranger to me only hours earlier, touch himself in ways you don't get to experience too often as a spectator I moved my hands underneath my duvet. And as I moved both hands inside my boxer shorts I pulled my shaven balls slightly with my left hand while taking a firm grip of my now fully erect cock with my right hand. As I began to stroke myself off slowly the hand movements with my firm touch around our andy pressed my shorts and moved the duvet gently up and down. Barely visible to anyone not looking directly at my hidden crotch but with enough pressure to make me very horny indeed.

With my eyes focused on Jake there on his own bed next to me with everything out in the open and not wanting to make a mess with the duvet I slowly moved my right hand away from my hard cock up to the edge of the duvet and pushed it silently down to my thighs unveiling a nice, pointy tent in my boxer shorts. Still with my left hand gently pulling my smooth balls ever so nicely inside I moved my right hand back to my shorts and pulled them down a bit.

The top of my hard cock got hit by the top of my shorts doing so and without noticing I had made a slight sigh. Slight, but loud enough for Jake to hear as he stopped his wank and turned his head to where I was on the other bed next to his.

Giving me a great, big smile he nodded in my direction and began to stroke himself off again. Now with both of us having our fat, juicy cocks out nicely we kept eye contact for a few seconds. Then I noticed his eyes moved down my naked, hairy chest and further down to my right hand firmly around our andy. The room was still somewhat dark but we could fairly easy see what the other one was up to and soon we found ourselves stoking our hard cocks off nicely.

No words were spoken between us, we just enjoyed what was a very intimate moment between to lads in separate beds.

Then after a few more minutes like that Jake stopped his wank, sat up in his bed and looked at me with a grin so delightfully naughty I doubt anyone could've resisted his next move.

Kicking off the bit of towel now covering his feet he got out of bed and came to mine. I was still wanking but slowed down somewhat as he came closer.

Without saying anything he stood in front of me for a few seconds. His big, hard cock pointing straight towards me but he didn't touch it, just let nature do the work and moved it up and down a few times on its own. He was very large and I suddenly got why everyone called him Nessie.

Then he placed his left hand on my chest. His hand felt warm and wonderful against my naked skin and as he began to explore my upper body his smile was still sinfully naughty. Moving his left hand around in a slow motion he touched the sides of my chest, the sides of my hairy tummy, my tummy itself and back up to my chest where he touched and caressed my already fully erect nipples nicely.

Then he bent down and gave my tummy a soft kiss, still with his left hand placed on top of my chest. Gave my tummy another kiss, this time a bit longer before looking up at me and smiled.

A third soft kiss followed and this time I felt his wet tongue touch my tummy as well. Without letting his mouth leave my naked skin he moved his lips around my tummy a bit, moved up to my hairy chest and as he paused he moved his left hand down my other side and placed a soft kiss between my nipples as well.

Moving his mouth to my right nipple, the one closest to him, he soon reached it and with just the tip of his tongue sticking out began to caress my nipple the most glorious of ways. It felt so good and I upped the speed of my right hand and began to wank myself off a bit faster now.

Jake noticed this but continued to lick and suck my right nipple for a few seconds before finally leaving it and still touching my upper body with his mouth let his lips run down my chest, down my hairy tummy where it circled my belly button a couple of times.

Then he placed his left hand on top of my chest again and moved his mouth further down.

As he got closer to my hard cock I slowed down my wank again and almost stopped wanking completely when his mouth reached the top of my pubes.

With my dark-red cock head, already shiny and glossy with tasty pre-cum, being well outside my firm grip he moved his right hand and placed it on my thigh. Gave it a few gentle strokes and moved his mouth even closer to my cock.

I'd stopped wanking altogether now and loosened my firm grip on our andy slightly though still holding him nicely.

Then in the same move at the same time he moved his right hand from my thigh to my inner thigh and up to my smooth balls. They had moved up a bit but were still hanging pretty loose. While doing this he moved his mouth to within half an inch from my hard cock and gave my hand a soft kiss as well.

Within seconds his right hand was cupping my sack of nuts ever so nicely and as I moved my hand a bit down my cock at first and then shortly after left my cock completely letting both my hands rest by my sides Jake moved his mouth to the tip of my hard cock, stuck his wet tongue out a bit and touched my throbbing manhood for the first time.

God, it felt good. It was such a great sensation having his tongue touch my cock head like that that I could've cum on the spot. Luckily I didn't and as Jake continued to cup and feel my balls he now moved his mouth up and around my cock head.

Then he took me into his mouth. It was lovely and warm and as he pulled my balls gently he began to suck me off. Slow at first but soon he upped his speed and sucked me off like a good one.

He obviously knew what he was doing, it couldn't have been his first blow job that's for sure, and with the right amount of spit and sucking he now moved his left hand from my hairy chest a bit down to my tummy and let it rest there. Then he moved his right hand from my balls and took a firm grip of our andy. Squeezed him gently and then began to wank me off. Still with my cock in his mouth he now both sucked me off and stroked my hard cock at the same time all while feeling how my tummy moved up and down slightly the more excited he had me going.

- Mmmm…

I moaned, as I got hornier and hornier by the minute.

Then, just as I was getting ready to reach climax he took my hard cock out of his mouth, changed position slightly, moved his left hand from my tummy and spat on my already very moist cock head. Moving his right hand away from my shaft again back to my smooth balls he now took an even firmer grip of our andy with his left hand and as he began to suck me off again he stroked me off wonderfully firm with his fresh hand.

His right hand around my sack of balls playing with them nicely while sucking me and wanking me off made me spread my legs a bit. It wasn't meant as such, really, but he took this as an invitation to move his right hand further down and as his fingers slowly left my shaven balls I felt them get closer and closer to my arse now.

Some of his spit had long run down my shaft and down my balls all the way down my arse crack and as his fingers ventured further down the spit made access easier for him.

He slowed down his sucking and wanking a bit but still with my hard cock buried in his warm mouth I suddenly felt the tip of a finger right at my arse. Playing with my crack hole a few seconds as if to see if I was up for more and with me still moaning nicely there on my pillow he now gently pressed the tip of his index finger gently into my arse.

I've never had anyone do that to me before, it was a completely new and exciting experience for me and it didn't hurt at all.

With the tip of his finger inside my arse he began to stroke me off faster with his left hand again and his sucking increased again, too.

- Mmm… Mmmmm…

I moaned, experiencing something very pleasant and enjoying every second of it.

As he sucked my hard cock harder and harder and wanking me off with increasing speed I felt his finger move a bit further into my arse. It felt odd but very good, too. I spread my legs a bit more and before I knew it I felt his finger move up and down inside my arse.

Never been sucked and wanked off as well as being finger fucked at the same time before and already being too horny for words sadly I knew it would only be a matter of time before I could no-longer stop the process of nature. So horny and new was the experience to me that I didn't even feel my balls pull up getting ready to offload.

- Mmm… I'm cumming…

I moaned loud, but Jake just kept doing what he did.

- Mate… I'm cumming… am cumming…

I moaned loud now, but Jake just increased the speed of things even more and with his finger now moving fast up and down inside my arse he wanked me off with the other hand as fast as he could still sucking my hard cock the most glorious of ways.

I moved both my hands from down my sides and placed them on top of his head and only just made it in time:

- Mmmaarrgghh!!

I almost screamed, as my hot, creamy cum shot deep into his warm mouth. He slowed down the wank and the sucking somewhat and his finger up my arse almost paused inside of me altogether as he took my big load.

- MmmmMmmmmmm!!!

I moaned, and still with both my hands placed on top of his head on top of my crotch I moved uneasy on the bed. My cock head always gets very sensitive just before and after cumming but Jake obviously knew the score and I was glad he'd slowed down a bit.

Still shooting my hot cum into his warm mouth he sucked the best he knew, wanted every last drop of my creamy load and when our andy appeared to have done his part Jake simply continued to wank and squeeze the last drops out of me. It felt so good and God did I need a cum like that.

When he was done sucking and licking my cock clean as a whistle he slowly pulled his finger out of my arse again. The feeling as it left me was even more odd than how it felt having it pressed gently into my arse in the first place. Not unpleasant or anything and it didn't hurt at all, it was just a very odd and new feeling for me.

With his finger out of my arse and my cock nicely resting semi-hard and slobbery on my thigh Jake got to his feet again, turned to me and as I gave his bum a little slap we both grinned.

- Did you enjoy that, matey?

He said, and was about to sit down on my bed.

- Oh God, yes.

I said, grinning all over my face:

- It was fantastic, cheers.

Then I reached out and grabbed his still fully erect, big cock just before he was about to take his seat. He stayed on his feet with both hands down his sides and looked down at himself at my right hand playing with his fat cock:

- You like it?

He smiled.

- Mmm…

I nodded, and returned his smile.

Pulling him by his hard cock he moved closer to me.

- Looks very tasty…

I said, and looked up at him.

- It's all yours, matey…

He grinned, and came closer to me. Standing right in front of me now still with me touching and playing with his big cock in front of me he reached out and began to caress my stubby face:

- You don't have to suck it if you don't want to, mate…

He said, and his grin turned into an almost innocent looking smile.

- Come here, big boy.

I grinned, and reached my left hand out to him as well now grabbing his left arse cheek while pulling him by his hard cock with my right hand even closer to me.

I sat myself up in bed and still with my left hand on his left arse cheek I now moved my right hand away from his hard cock to his right arse cheek, too. And with a firm hand on each cheek, squeezing them ever so nicely, I moved my head into his crotch. Didn't need any hands for this as his cock was solid as a rock pointing its way to my lips already all by itself.

Moving my head down a bit I started off by licking his inner thighs then his balls which sadly weren't hanging as free as we both probably would've liked the most at this stage. He had been wanking on his own in bed before I woke up after all and sucking me off while finger fucking my arse most likely only made him even hornier so it was hardly the biggest surprise to see his balls had already pulled themselves up somewhat. Ah well, this would have to do and I would do my best to sort him out nicely as well.

With my soft tongue licking his slightly hairy balls he spread his legs a bit to give me more and better space. His hard cock was rubbing against my stubby face leaving behind a thin, clear string of lovely pre-cum. When I saw that I knew I simply had to have him in my mouth. Regardless of how long it would last for him to cum or not when I saw that pre-cum of his stringingly play with my face like that there was just no turning back for me.

I absolutely love the taste of pre-cum. The taste and how smooth it feels when it almost melts on your tongue. I moved my face up from underneath his hard cock licking my way from his balls to the root of his cock and from there slowly letting my tongue run along his thick. long shaft. Still with no use of hands, they were still squeezing his arse cheeks nicely on their own and I wanted to dedicate his beautiful cock to my mouth and eager tongue alone.

Having let my tongue do the walking along his length I soon reached his cock head, let my tongue run around the edge of it before moving to the small slit at the very top. Drops of clear pre-cum were slowly running down his cock head. I stuck my tongue out again and licked it all up like a good one.

And then I took him into my mouth. I looked up at him as I did. He was smiling all over and when I closed my lips around his tasty cock head he gave me a wink with an eye with appreciation. And having moved his foreskin down with my lips and with my tongue playing with the tip of his cock head inside my warm mouth I began to suck him off. Slow at first then a bit faster.

- Mmmm…

He moaned, and we both knew he could probably shoot his load any second with the lust built up between us already.

- Oh man…

He whispered, and placed both his hands on my shoulders while moving his arse back and forth away and deep into my face. Still with me cupping and squeezing his cheeks the best of ways.

- Am gonna shoot, mate…

He whispered, and within seconds continued:

- Am gonna shoot…

This time he said it a bit louder, back to moaning in a very horny, masculine kind of way.

And just as I was getting prepared to take it all he shot his creamy load deep into my mouth and down my throat:

- Fuuuucckkk…. Mmmmmmm!!

He moaned loud, pumping like a right sinner his load like a good one.

I kept sucking and licking his cock just like he did with our andy moments earlier, wanted to give him something equally good back and by the sound of things I succeeded.

- Man, that was good…

He said, still with his fat, juicy cock in my mouth and still holding onto my shoulders.

- Mmmm…

I mumbled, with my mouth full of cock and creamy, salty cum.

- - - -

Having licked him nice and clean again he gave me a soft kiss on the lips and returned to his own bed.

The sun was getting ready to rise and the first early morning birds could be heard outside. We didn't get much sleep that night after what had been a very long day indeed but when he placed his head on his pillow and looked at me he gave me a naughty smile and said:

- Goodnight, matey…

I knew I was no-longer the same lad.

- - - -