Written by neila77

17 Jun 2013

I worked in a city centre hotel in Manchester then one night on my night off I was asked to go for a few drinks at work with some colleagues as it got late I arranged to stay in the hotel that night.

As I went to my room I noticed a slim cute looking guy near to my door I asked if he was ok he said he was locked out of his room I said he could ring reception they could unlock his door he said thank you can he use the phone in my room.

so I let him in and I noticed that when he walked past me he had a bulge in his boxers he turned and caught me looking

"you like it" he asked

"sorry I did not mean to stare" i said

he came close and grabbed my hand and pushed it onto his crotch

I took a deep breath and pulled my hand away

he told me to sit on the bed and he stood in front of me and pulled his boxers down to reveal his 8in cock

he pushed it towards my mouth I took it all in nearly choked

I let his cock drop from my mouth and I stood up and stripped naked we sucked on each others cocks and played around

kissing sucking nibbling.

Then he asked if he could fuck me I smiled and got on all fours he got behind me and started to push his cock in me I stopped him

"have you got protection" I asked him

sorry no but I am clean" he said

I thought what the hell and told him to fuck me he started slow and worked up speed he told me to tur over so my legs were over his shoulders while pounding my ass.

he asked me where I wanted him to cum I told him to choose he held my hips firm and came in my ass pulling his cock out and quickly stuffed it in my mouth and shot a load down my throat

he started to suck my cock till I cum in his mouth and he swallowed it all he then called down to reception to open his door the

next morning he left early never to be seen again I was sacked 2 months later after I got caught wanking with a male colleague in the staff toilets