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Male on Male

"A first meeting exceeds expectations"
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Male on Male As a bisexual man I will occasionally meet a man alone for pleasure as a prelude to him having sex with me and my girlfriend. A was one such person. We had corresponded over a few weeks, through a website , exchanged pictures, and agreed to meet up at a convenient motorway service area with a motel. On the agreed evening I packed a bag and set off. It was getting darker earlier as autumn approached and by the time, I arrived it was dark but the service area was floodlit so I went on into the restaurant. A, immediately recognisable, was sitting on a bench seat in the corner of the room. Rather than getting a drink I went straight over and greeted him. To enable us to chat discretely I sat beside him. We clicked immediately and within a few minutes my hand was on his thigh. As we laughed and chatted, we moved about on the bench seat. My hand brushed against his groin; he was clearly pleased to see me. His pupils enlarged and he was ready for more. Not wishing to be thrown out I suggested we went to my room to continue our ‘conversation.’ As we walked up the corridor to the room, he lightly squeezed my left buttock, my cock twitched and my balls rolled in their sack. The door closed; we stood facing each other, without a word our lips met as we thrust our hips together. My cock sprung up and rolled against his erect penis. This was going to be a great evening. “Wow this is a good start” said A as he stepped back so we could see how turned on we both were. I just love to feel a hard cock through clothing, so I reached forward and laid the flat of my hand on the bulge in his trousers. He did the same to me and we looked each other straight in the eye as we moved our hands up and down. Being fully clothed is particularly erotic. Our free hands gently grasped each other’s balls, which in turn brought us closer together enabling the kissing to continue. “Are we going to fuck?” I whispered in his ear. “Oh yes please.” He answered. “I have brought my favourite body wash, how about we use it together in the shower?” “That sounds good for me. “replied A. We undressed and could see we were both gym fit, being slim, with good shoulders. Our legs nicely shaped. Those engorged cocks stood proudly in front of us. Not monsters but more than adequate. Our bollocks were pulled up in response to our erections. I turned on the shower and it ran for a short while allowing the warm water to flow. “After you” said I. Andy entered the shower. The water cascaded down his body and off the end of his cock as if he were peeing for his country. I followed him and took a large squeeze of wash into my hands to spread all over his body. I turned down the shower to enable me to get my slippery hands all on him, particularly his ass, cock and balls. He did enjoy me pinching his nipples and moaned as I gently held one between my teeth. He was fully shaven so I was able to reach every crevice, taking special care of his smooth anus. We kissed again and he said “It is my turn.” I handed him the bottle and he worked the silky cream onto every part of my body. Before the body wash disappeared from our skin, we pulled ourselves against each other and slid our bodies in a slippery embrace. It was amazing. I turned the shower on full to wash off the cleanser. Without asking A just knelt down and took my clean smooth cock in his mouth grasping my balls with one hand and putting the other between my legs to run his finger round my anus. He wickedly eased his finger in just short of my prostate. He didn’t want me to ejaculate at that point, there was plenty of time yet. The towels in this motel chain are particularly large and fluffy. We used one each to dry the other thoroughly. Once dry we had both taken on the scent of the expensive body wash. Nice! How somebody smells is very important and this was a perfect balance. We lay beside each other on the bed and just relaxed. I had brought a bottle of my favourite wine and we both had a glass. What happened next is in Part 2

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