Written by unknown

19 Jul 2009

It's ages since I touched a guy – I've been married for a long while, although it's over now – and as long or more since I went cottaging. I wasn't exactly cottaging this time: I just needed to pee. So when this place appeared I pulled over, parked, and went in. Exactly like I remember: it was darkish with little light coming through high windows, and it had that certain aroma about it. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust, but I could see where I needed to be, and opened my jeans and took out my cock and enjoyed the relief.

Then I became aware that there was someone else at the other end of the urinal. Out of the corner of my eye I could see he was rubbing his hard cock. In an instant my own began to stiffen, and when I realised it was a young lad I was rock hard.

He smiled at me, and I smiled back. He was a lovely young guy, maybe 18, not too tall, slim without being skinny, pretty face. We stood there a few paces apart for a while, then he turned towards me giving me a good view of his very nice cock. I turned to face him too and he took a few paces towards me, gave me a big grin, and took my cock in his hand. His touch was soft, but his grip was firm. I loosened my waistband and got my briefs out of the way and his other hand he cupped my balls. My heart was racing – boy sex after all this time!

Then he shot me another grin and dropped down in front of me in a squat and took my cock in his mouth. No woman can ever understand how to do that – his mouth felt exquisite, hot and wet and with just enough grip. He leaned forward and my cock disappeared into his mouth, then he leaned back and it came into view again. He looked up at me and then got to work seriously on my cock. No cunt ever felt like this. One hand lightly held my balls, the other slipped round and pressed my arse forward keeping my cock under his control. In a few moments I could feel the excitement rising as the sensation increased. I gasped 'Oh god, I'm coming!'. Nothing changed, he kept at my cock exactly as before, and then I exploded in his mouth. I felt three hard contractions as my spunk jetted down his throat and he swallowed eagerly, milking my cock with his hand to get every drop.

I staggered but quickly regained my balance. He stood up, leaned his face close to my ear, and murmured 'You really needed that didn't you?' I just nodded, to breathless to speak after such a tremendous orgasm. 'It's great when a guy loves it like you did, makes me feel really good. I love sucking cock, but when it's like that it's a whole lot better.' It was my turn to grin at him 'I'll give you that pleasure any time you want' I joked. 'Got a mobile?' he asked. I fished it out, and he gave me his number. 'I'd love to suck you again, you really come hard and you've got a lovely cock. Would you like to fuck me? I don't mean now or here, but I'd love you to do that and come up me as hard as you just came in my mouth. I think you'd give me a really good fucking.' 'Oh yes, I'd love to give your arse something to remember. It's years since I fucked a boy, and you're delicious. I'd love to fuck you.'

He grinned at me again: 'Call me on Friday' - and with that he was gone.