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Lesbian Stories

Sexual practices involving just women often display an engagement of erotic affection. If the women are exclusively sexually attracted to women only, they are classed as a lesbian.

However, it's fairly common that many women in heterosexual relationships have lesbian fantasises that they'd like to fulfil. For swingers, participating in lesbian sex can unlock many first-time bisexual experiences and introduce a taste for regular MFF threesomes. Desiring lesbian sex can raise many questions about a person's sexuality; bicurious, bisexual, gay or just happy to have an open mind.

Probe into the lesbian intimacies in our collection below. Are you also desiring a lesbian exchange or experienced one that you'd like to share?


This story happened a few months back and was the main reason that I advertised on this site. Friends from school came to dinner and I'd always thought that she was a bit of a dyke whilst he was a real woofter. I'd dressed sexily as usual, high heeled mul...

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I was at a gay fetish party in LA and got chatting to a 20 year old girl, Nance, who was a gay virgin - I was 31 at the time. (She'd been with men but was wanting to come out of the closet as a lesbian) She'd gone to the club to break the ice I think. Bli...

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