My first bi experience Lesbian

This story happened a few months back and was the main reason that I advertised on this site. Friends from school came to dinner and I'd always thought that she was a bit of a dyke whilst he was a real woofter. I'd dressed sexily as usual, high heeled mules, pink toe-nail varnish, no knickers or bra and showing plenty of flesh. He made no comment when he arrived and carried on talking to hubby, she on the other hand couldn't take her eyes off my … Read more

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My Virgin Lesbian! Lesbian

I was at a gay fetish party in LA and got chatting to a 20 year old girl, Nance, who was a gay virgin - I was 31 at the time. (She'd been with men but was wanting to come out of the closet as a lesbian) She'd gone to the club to break the ice I think. Blimey, there's nothing like doing it in style is there?!

Late in the evening we were all quite pissed (U.S. friends - that's drunk not angry!) The girl started dancing with me really provocative… Read more