Written by sexydebs69

22 Mar 2009

This story happened a few months back and was the main reason that I advertised on this site. Friends from school came to dinner and I'd always thought that she was a bit of a dyke whilst he was a real woofter. I'd dressed sexily as usual, high heeled mules, pink toe-nail varnish, no knickers or bra and showing plenty of flesh. He made no comment when he arrived and carried on talking to hubby, she on the other hand couldn't take her eyes off my tits. She offered to help in the kitchen and on a few occasions brushed passed my tits. During dinner we sat together whilst the boys chatted and I was getting very drunk but noticed her hand on my leg. She whispered whther I minded and I smiled and opened my legs to let her hands wander over my smooth shaven pussy. It was quite sexy to have her rub my clitoris whilst hubby chatted about football. She eased her fat fingers inside my hole and began to finger-fuck me and then pushed her thumb into my arse. I made an excuse to go upstairs and show her the new decorations and when we got into the main bedroom I let her take my dress off and suck on my nipples. She kissed my feet and sucked my toes. She asked if I had any toys and was soon fucking me with my double-end dildo (see my pics) whilst sucking on my clitoris. We kissed for a while and then she asked me to sit on her face and stuck her tounge deep into my pussy hole whilst easing the dildo up my arse and squeezing my nipple. I came over her face and she licked me out and then put me on all fours and rammed my arse with the dildo until I came again. We cleaned up and went back to the table. She's contacted me since and asked if I want to repeat the experience.