What the Bus Driver Missed Romance

What the Bus Driver Missed.

I used to know a guy who drove a bus for a band. He was for ever disappearing to the continent for days and weeks, and he certainly took advantage of the rock and roll lifestyle. He was married to a girl of 19, and she was in no doubt about what he got up to with the girls because the guys in the band would talk quite openly about it.

Well, his wife, Sue, was a real pale-skinned blond, short and a bit on the plu… Read more

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her first time 2 of 2 Romance

from story 1
Suddenly she pulled apart and said 'Steve .. please … be gentle with me.' Now in my experience if a young lady says that it means only one thing, she's a virgin, yet this lady was 26 years old and I hadn't met a virgin (Hadn't made love to anyone under 24 for a while) for years. I whispered into her ear 'Anna, we will join together and be as close as any two people can be, I will enter you, it may hurt a little yet it won't last l… Read more

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my anal virginty taken Romance

i was laid in bed one night playing with my pierced pussy. i was waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work. the porno dvd was on quite loud and i didnt hear my boyfriend get in. i was rubbing my clit furiously and then out of the corner of my eye i seen my boyfriend stood at the door. he was gobsmacked but i could tell by the growing bulge in his pants that he was enjoying what he seeing. he told me to carry on playing with my fanny. i carr… Read more

Her first time Romance

her first time

We had only met the day before. We both attended a lecture at the local university. When I saw her the first time my heart started beating fast, shivers made my body convulse and I felt hot. She was pretty, long dark hair, nice trim shapely body, nothing exaggerated, nothing special yet what there was hit the spot. Nice curves, a bum that stuck out as the bottom of her back went in. Cute ears appearing as she moved her long hair… Read more

rules of love Romance

kiss on the lips = i love you. kiss on the ear =you are special.. kiss on the nose= laughter.. kiss on the cheek= friendship..kiss on the forehead=i comfort you ..kiss on the neck= i want you..kiss on the shoulder= you are wonderful..kiss anywhere else= be careful..playing around with hair=carnt live without you..holding hands=happiness..arms around waist= you are mine /i need you.. a hug=start warming.. nibble on ear= i care ..smiling at eachoth… Read more

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