Lockdown ends

My cunt unlocked…

Simon was out longer than I expected. When he got home I smelt perfume as I kissed him. "Have you been with a woman " I asked him. He never hide it, "Yes" "You fucked her?" "I did, we agreed we could, I told you I would. We played with June an…

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A nice ride

and another ride…

I never imagined what was about to start when my sister asked me to accompany her friend on a horse ride, and my sister still does not know. Kat, her name was Katherine but everyone knew her as Kate or Kat. Thinking about it not everyone knew her …

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Another ride

At her place…

We had just avoided being caught shagging in the stables, I was now giving Kat a ride home. The top was down on my car. Kat's hat was in the foot well, her hair was loose, blowing in the wind. She reached her hand to my crouch. "I'm trying to conc…

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Riding Emma

With Kat's encouragement…

5 pm Monday, Kat arrived, it was our second date, I was dressed a little better than our first, but I was expecting to get naked again.  We kissed each other's cheek. She had a box of pizza and wine, I was expecting to go out, we never. My flat…

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More rides

And how I discovered her secrets…

Kat, my girlfriend had given me to her housemate Emma, but I had still not discovered their biggest secret.  I was about to. It was after a late lunch and two days of fucking them both. "Will you do me a favour?" Kat asked.  "What is it?" …

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Riding again

Getting ideas…

I had been living with Kat and Emma for almost two years. I was officially Kat's boyfriend but I was shagging Emma almost as much. They had both seen me shagging the other, I had never seen them shagging. Yes they had come home stretched, sometimes f…

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Testing Hanna

All OK…

During COVID many of the staff left the island and several never returned. We were all asked if there was anyone we knew, who would fit the island. I thought of Hanna and as a reward was given two weeks in a rather nice hotel with Cath. Jed reminded…

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How we met and got back together…

I don't know how I got talked into it, but my cousin Clive talked me into a walking holiday. We never had much kit, just some dodgy sleeping bags we used to sleep in the back garden when we were kids and a globetrotter gas stove. We stuffed it into a…

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Expanding friendships

Our new 4sum…

It was 6 weeks into our renewed relationship and things had become intense, so intense that I spent a week working from her home. Up till then we spent weekends, first in hotels then her place and once at mine. They followed the same routine, a p…

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Lockdown Fantasy


This is for Dragon.  I would like to tell you how Simon has tempted me into the dark world of swinging but we have been good, getting no closer than 2 metre to anyone. So here is a fantasy that Simon and I have.  Simon opens the door…

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Lockdown 6

100 watching us fuck…

Lockdown 6 Last night Simon showed me a sex site and he made love to me on camera. We chatted to a couple. This morning I plan to open an account on the site? It was very easy. I did a Google search and there it was. I logged in and opened my a…

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Lockdown 5

He had me on camera…

This will be my fifth night with Simon. I will make dinner in his flat, and I know that all I will be thinking about is Simon taking me to bed. That is what happened. We made dinner together. He chopped veg. I watch his skillful hands and thought …

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Lockdown 4

LOVE Beads…

Lockdown 4 The fourth night went well. We had dinner and I wondered if he would introduce me to something new. He produced the vibrator we had used the night before and a string of beads. I wondered what the beads were for. First we made love. …

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Everything I never told you…

You never asked more than I would give you. When we first went to bed that Thursday afternoon I was scared you would want what I could not give you. I told you you could do anything as long as you did not enter my pussy. I wanted you to but I decided…

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Lockdown 3

Porn with Simon…

COVID is not a good thing but my next door neighbor did chat me up and I let him. He asked me to dinner. It was the first time I had been to his flat. He had been to my flat and now I was visiting his. I knocked on the door and 'hang on' came from…

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What the Bus Driver Missed

What the Bus Driver Missed. I used to know a guy who drove a bus for a band. He was for ever disappearing to the continent for days and weeks, and he certainly took advantage of the rock and roll lifestyle. He was married to a girl of 19, and she…

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her first time 2 of 2

from story 1 Suddenly she pulled apart and said 'Steve .. please … be gentle with me.' Now in my experience if a young lady says that it means only one thing, she's a virgin, yet this lady was 26 years old and I hadn't met a virgin (Hadn't made lo…

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my anal virginty taken

i was laid in bed one night playing with my pierced pussy. i was waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work. the porno dvd was on quite loud and i didnt hear my boyfriend get in. i was rubbing my clit furiously and then out of the corner of my e…

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Her first time

her first time We had only met the day before. We both attended a lecture at the local university. When I saw her the first time my heart started beating fast, shivers made my body convulse and I felt hot. She was pretty, long dark hair, nice trim…

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rules of love

kiss on the lips = i love you. kiss on the ear =you are special.. kiss on the nose= laughter.. kiss on the cheek= friendship..kiss on the forehead=i comfort you ..kiss on the neck= i want you..kiss on the shoulder= you are wonderful..kiss anywhere el…

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