Written by inevitable

6 Aug 2009

from story 1

Suddenly she pulled apart and said 'Steve .. please … be gentle with me.' Now in my experience if a young lady says that it means only one thing, she's a virgin, yet this lady was 26 years old and I hadn't met a virgin (Hadn't made love to anyone under 24 for a while) for years. I whispered into her ear 'Anna, we will join together and be as close as any two people can be, I will enter you, it may hurt a little yet it won't last long.'

and now cuntinued ...

We continued kissing and she seemed to press even more hungrily to me. I moved my fingers along the inside of her left thigh and her legs moved apart. That is so sexy! and slowly, and yet never stopping, my fingers moved higher. She was wearing tights and the gusset was quite low making advancing difficult. Thinking of what she had said my natural inclination to rip them was deferred to moving around and caressing the side of her hips under her skirt. I moved across the front of her pubic mound and down her right leg. I moved my hand under her bottom and rubber her bum cheeks. I then sat up and reached round to the clasp and zip of her skirt. I am a dab hand at removing bras, two fingers, click and off, Most things I can remove no problem, yet one thing I generally have problems with are skirts, the clasp and zip yet this time I didn't need any help. The skirt just gave up and opened. I pulled it off and as I did grabbed the top of her tights and removed them at the same time.

Laying in front of me, wearing just her black lacy bra and skimpy black panties (thankfully both the same colour, they matched!), she was a delight to behold. Her nipples were prominent through her bra and she was panting, her skin blushed, a blush running across her neck across her chest.

I told her how beautiful she looked, she reached up to me and pulled me down on her and we kissed. I reached to her breast and kneaded them both, then took my forefinger and thumb and twisted each nipple gently; she convulsed so much I had to let go. By now I had already removed my shoes and socks (I can't stand wearing socks when making love!) and had undone my belt yet nothing else. She reached out and pulled at my shirt, although buttons up the front we just pulled it over my head and threw it across the room. I reached own and hugged her, my bare chest against hers. As I did this I slid my trousers down and off, my cock was huge and hard, straining against my pants.

Moving apart, our lips parting, I moved both hands onto her breasts, then moved under the cups of her bra and pushed them up, revealing her nipples. Now both tits were exposed and available so I moved my fingers around her nipples and rubber them, she was twisting and her hips started to buck. I reached round under her and unclipped her bra and lifting it over her head it was removed. I kissed her and then kissed her cheeks, ears, neck, her jaw bone, her neck again, moving across her shoulders gently giving little kisses and butterfly kisses moving across her chest to her left breast, kissing round the side of her tit and under then suddenly clamping my lips over her large engorged pink nipple and sucking, she gasped and again her hips bucked.

I sucked and do what I like doing, taking as much of the tit as I can in to my mouth and sucking. Moving across to her right tit I repeated this, sucking, nibbling, kissing her tits, going from one to the other, she gasped something about not being able to stand any more.

While doing this I had moved my hand to the inside of her left thigh, it was so soft, and then move ever closer upwards. As I got to the edge of her panties I moved to the other leg, just above the knee and moved up that leg, again to the edge of her panties, her legs were nice and parted. I moved my fingers along the top of her panties, along the waistband and then one finger moved down to her slit. It was drenched, sodden, and she bucked and bucked as I made contact with her. As I moved my finger up and down she rocked and pushed against me, I could feel her clit proudly sticking out through the material.

I rubbed her clit through the panties and she twisted so much I couldn't keep contact, so I moved around and up and down either side of her slit. This was getting too much for me, usually so patient, so I then quite quickly, to stop her from thinking about it, quickly pulled her panties down, my pants came off almost at the same time, I moved over her outer leg and between her legs. I had withdrawn a condom earlier from my wallet, a 'pasante' as I like them; they have more room than a durex, which are always tight.

She lay back, legs apart, her cute little bush with her swollen lips, her cuntlips, nicely exposed through her hair, and her moisture glistening in the light. Her erect clit proudly peeping out from under its hood.

I moved down and placed my cock at her entrance and before she could think I entered. Short, hard, firm, straight in and straight to the base of my cock, she started rocking and rocking and I held on as she bronked and bucked. There had been little resistance so the hymen was not intact yet she was very tight. Despite being saturated with her juices she hole was small and I felt very tight within her. As we settled down we just lay together, me inside her, her with a glazed look in her eyes, we smiled at each other.

We gently started rocking with each other and develop a nice rhythm, my cock felt squeezed yet so good. For those who know I was enjoying the 'feeling' while Anna was enjoying feeling my cock rubbing in and out of her cunt. After a while I felt the point of no return coming and so I pulled out, and then lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom. I laid her down in my bed and we continued. She said she wanted to see my cock and I said there would be plenty of time for that later. A beautiful intimate night continued and there was no blood spilt yet a lot of cum.

There was a rather unusual end to the next time we came together (we came together a lot *S*). I was laying on my back, I like that as I am lazy, the lady likes it as well as they can get the right angle for best pressure on their clit. She again went crazy as she came and bucked and rocked on me. She was always so tight and even though very wet pulling part was laways an event in itself, I stay hard after coming for a while. This time it was still tight yet as I withdrew we saw that the condom was split. Not just a small bit but completely shredded. We were both worried yet both went to the STD clinic and thankfully cleared. We didnt need ocndoms after that for a while.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it. It was a good reminder for me. We lost contact a few months ago which is a real shame!

She is one of those special ladies that just sink into you when hugging them, so soft and cute, pretty and intelligent, and such a tight cunt. Lovely Anna from Rome, I miss you!

Take care and lots of love to you dear reader. Steve xx