Written by inevitable

16 Feb 2009

her first time

We had only met the day before. We both attended a lecture at the local university. When I saw her the first time my heart started beating fast, shivers made my body convulse and I felt hot. She was pretty, long dark hair, nice trim shapely body, nothing exaggerated, nothing special yet what there was hit the spot. Nice curves, a bum that stuck out as the bottom of her back went in. Cute ears appearing as she moved her long hair behind them. Our eyes met ... and instead of looking away, our eyes stayed staring at each other.

I remember nothing of the lecture. Afterwards she came up to me as I put my things away and we talked. I cannot remember what we spoke about, something about hearing about me and liking my work. We arranged to meet the following evening for a drink and chat at a favourite local wine bar.

We met, we chatted, and we looked into each other's eyes, often without talking. I said something about having some very strong feelings, that I was much older than her and did not want to be misunderstood, many young ladies like to talk to me as a father figure which was fine yet firstly I was a man and being with such a female as she made my body shiver. She answered that she had never been as forward before as coming to talk to me yet felt she had no choice. She reached out and touched my hand. We spoke no more. We got up and left for my home.

As we walked the short distance I reached across and held her hand. She squeezed it and we walked along together ... silently.

We moved inside the main room and we sat down on the sofa. Sitting down with her on my left which I prefer. Looking deeply into each other's eyes we moved closer. The palm of my hand moved the hair off her forehead, I stroked her hair and as my hand moved behind her head I pulled us closer ... there was no resistance.

Our lips met. We joined ... engaged ... crushing each other we drank of each other. Our passion rose and we made strange moaning and grunting noises. Sitting up straight I lifted her legs so they went across my lap.

We parted temporarily before engaging again, lips wet, soft, pushing, to each other.

My arms are around her, one across the top of her back and the other the lower. I squeezed her and as she was almost sitting on my lap I bring my right hand to her left ear, I caress it, softly around her ear, across her neck, under her hair, she groaned. Our tongues caressing, entwined and sucking, I then nibbled her tongue which made her squeal with delight.

Moving my hand I followed the outline of her face, touching ever so lightly, I ran my finger along her chin bone and there were more groans ... and again. Her face, flushed, her lips swollen, her pupils fully dilated, she was panting. Slowly I moved my hand down under her neck to the top of her chest ...

As my hand moved to the top of her chest her arms moved up and around my neck. Her whole body was now open to me, defenceless, waiting. I moved my right hand back across upwards to her shoulder and to the inside of her arm, I moved on to touch her side and run my fingers along the front of her tummy, just under her ribcage, following the outline of her ribs, she wiggled as she felt the tickle of the fingers caressing her, I moved down and felt around her belly button through her blouse, I caressed it and felt it and then moved my hand up and cupped her breast. I just held my hand over it, my palm against her nipple. I could feel the hardness of her nipple pushing hard against my palm. Slowly I then stroked and moved all round her tit, kneading the side of her tit and then moving my palm across her nipple I moved my hand in circular motions round the nipple, she was moaning and groaning and wiggling, our lips were drenched in each others saliva and our tongues were united.

I moved my other hand and repeated the same treatment for her right breast, her nipples were so hard poking out through her blouse and as I rubbed them she would involuntary twitch. I lifter her more onto my lap, I twisted round and laid her down across the sofa. I wanted to be on the outside and have her on the inside, where she would feel contained by the back of the sofa and me on the other side of her. I managed to do this yet our lips parted, I could see her face, it was so erotic, her lips swollen, eyes large and glowing, her skin red and blushed, a blush already running down her neck and disappearing into her blouse. Her hair in disarray.

Now she was laying down, on her back, the back of the sofa one side, me the other, on my left side. She had given herself to me and now I was going to take her.

I looked own at her, her pretty face staring up at me, I started to lift her blouse up and she raised her arms to allow me to remove it. Revealing a nice white tummy and cute breasts encompassed within a black bra with lace surrounds. I thought they were 34Bs and later found out I was correct. With no need to rush I gently ran my fingers along her shoulders to her neck and then caressed her ears and reached down and renewed kissing those luscious lips. Moving my fingers from her ears to her hair, ruffling it and back again I then followed her bra strap down to the cup. Over her bra I again teased the nipples and moved around the curve of her tit. I moved my fingers across her tummy and then followed the belt of her skirt and just as the tummy angles down to her pubic mound so I caressed it, this is a sensitive area and her body twitched and moved so much it was hard to keep control. My cock was so hard it was hurting as it pressed against the refines of my trousers. It was so hard I was thinking it was going to punch a hole in them.

Moving my hand down her skirt I reached the hem. My finger move under and touched her legs, the feeling of I guessed tights, my finger gently caressed, feeling with a definite feel to make the finger tip pressure onto the leg, moving in circular motions I moved onwards upwards.

Suddenly she pulled apart and said "Steve .. please "¦ be gentle with me." Now in my experience if a young lady says that it means only one thing, she's a virgin, yet this lady was 26 years old and I hadn't met a virgin (Hadn't made love to anyone under 24 for a while) for years. I whispered into her ear "Anna, we will join together and be as close as any two people can be, I will enter you, it may hurt a little yet it won't last long."

to be cunt inued