Written by felix99

27 Aug 2010

What the Bus Driver Missed.

I used to know a guy who drove a bus for a band. He was for ever disappearing to the continent for days and weeks, and he certainly took advantage of the rock and roll lifestyle. He was married to a girl of 19, and she was in no doubt about what he got up to with the girls because the guys in the band would talk quite openly about it.

Well, his wife, Sue, was a real pale-skinned blond, short and a bit on the plump side. She seemed much younger than she was and she had a Norfolk, "country girl" accent which I found very sexy. Well, I'll tell the truth, I found her very sexy and really fancied her, and since her man was playing away I didn't see why I shouldn't do something about it. She used to wear short skirts and show enough plump little thigh to make me feel very horny. I got a flash of her knickers more than once and I got seriously turned on. I began to have vivid fantasies about slipping my hand down her knickers and feeling her fleshy little cunt. The problem was she and her man lived way up in Norfolk and I was in London and I didn't get to see her much.

One time when her man, Pete, drove the bus down from Norfolk to pick up the band for a short tour she was with him. She had come for the ride and planned to go back by train. After the bus left I offered her a lift back to Norfolk and she agreed. As you can imagine, my mind was racing and I didn't know what to do, whether I dare let her know what I was thinking, and what she would say if I did.

It was about one o'clock in the morning when we got to her house, so we agreed that I would sleep in the spare room and go back in the morning. Outwardly it all seemed quite innocent, but inwardly I was all wound up wanting her but I didn't dare do anything about it. I had a bad nights sleep. Then early next morning she walked into the room with a cup of tea for me, wearing a short towelling dressing gown. Was it just an excuse to come in? We looked at each other for a while and my mind was racing; were we both thinking the same thing? I had to find out.

"Sit down for a minute", I said, "I want to ask you something".

"What?", she said, sort of playfully. I was struggling to take the plunge. Not only that, I had a sort of suspicion and I badly wanted to know something.

"Well, it's a bit personal, you might tell me to mind my own business."

"Well, you are obviously going to ask me." By now I was hard under the bed cover and the tension was unbearable so I took the plunge.

"Have you ever had sex with anyone other than Pete", I asked softly.

"Christ! That is personal." She coloured up and avoided eye contact and we sat for what seemed like ages. I just did not know what to say next. Then she said in a very low voice, trembling a bit, "Well, if you must know, I haven't."

The tension eased a bit. I thought she must know where this was going, and if she was still sat on the bed with me then she must be thinking the same thoughts that I was. It was time to get closer to the point.

"Wow, that's no good", I said, "you need to know what it's like with some-one else, it's always different." I reached out and took her arm and pulled her closer and she came willingly. I felt sure it was going to happen but I wanted to string it out and make it really nice. I was thinking "god, it's really going to happen, she's going to let me do it." I was really hard.

"Well, I'll tell you what", I said softly close to her ear, "it isn't half nice when you do it with some-one else. It's like doing it for the first time but you know what to expect, you know, the nice feeling that just comes, and you know what to do to make it feel really nice." She would still not look at me and she was blushing like mad. I just kept talking, saying sexy things.

"I mean, you do like it, don't you? You know, when Pete's thing gets hard and he puts it in you down there, that feels nice doesn't it? You know what I am talking about, there's no need to feel shy. It's the same for everyone. You just enjoy the feel of doing it and after a while you get a lovely feeling and you can't stop and he squirts all his stuff in you."

"Every-one likes it. That's only natural", she said, sort of breathless. By now we were whispering.

"Well, we're both grown up. You must know what I want to do, I've been wanting to for ages". There was another long, long silence, so I kept trying. "Listen love, we both want to do it badly and there's no reason why we shouldn't. Just lie down with me and I promise I'll make it really nice for you.

The next silence seemed to last a lifetime, then she said, "Promise you won't tell any-one? I don't want any one to know. I don't know why but I would just feel so embarrassed."

"Best kept secret ever", I promised. The she just seemed to melt and the next thing we were kissing and all the tension evaporated. "You don't mind me doing this?" I said, and very gently I stroked my hand up the inside of her plump little thigh till I was touching her knickers. She didn't stop me but she didn't help either, so I pushed her legs apart, and very gently rested my hand on her cunt. She let out a sort of anguished sigh.

"Oh chri "¦" she breathed, "we shouldn't do this".

"We can't help it now love. It's only natural to like it and we both know it's going to happen so don't worry. Take this off and lie down. Lets just play with each other till we can't wait any longer. I got her dressing gown off and all she had underneath was her knickers. I pulled her down beside me and slipped my hand inside and pressed and rubbed and she was very wet.

"Oh chri "¦, For god's sake. You won't tell no-one I let do this. Please?"

"Promise. No one will ever know. But "¦ listen "¦ isn't there something you want to see?" She didn't answer so there was nothing for it but to throw off the bed cover and let her see my prick.

"Oh chri "¦ it's big. You won't hurt me?"

"Don't worry. I'll do ever so gently. I promise you will like it. I pulled her knickers off and knelt over her, and she couldn't take her eyes off my prick. "Don't you want to play with it? Just hold it and give it a little stroke. You do it for Pete, don't you?" I felt her soft little hand gently grip my prick and I knew I would have to struggle not to come too quickly.

"Oh chri "¦ It's so hard "' it won't go in.

"Yes it will, just open your legs as wide as you can and lie still." I felt the tip of my prick touch her fleshy little cunt and after that it was a real struggle not to lose control for both of us. She let out another big sigh, "Oh chri "¦ we mustn't", but she pushed herself up to me and opened her legs wide and my prick went in about half way. I had to struggle hard not to cum. The only thing I could think of was to get her to relax by saying sexy things to make her cum before I did.

"There, I know you like it. There's nothing wrong with it, its only natural for a young girl like you to like doing this. Tell me if you think it's going to happen "' you know, the nice feeling"

"Oh chri "¦ will I get it in me? You know. I will if we don't stop."

Suddenly I got a bad feeling that we were being way to careless. I kept still for a moment and said, "Will you be alright if you get it in you?"

"Yeah "¦ I have to take something "˜cos Pete does it in me every time. Don't worry"

After that neither of us could help what happened. We did it really fast and my prick went right up and she was shouting in my ear. Her little cunt spasmed hard and when it relaxed I shot big squirts into her and she jerked each time.

I can't remember much of what happened after that.