The club Groups


I'm not sure who suggested going to a club but we went one Friday night.

After booking in we changed, took the 3 condoms from the lockers and went into the bar. We opted for a wrapped round towel,  Sara covering her breasts Jenny just covering her lower half. 

I few single men eyed them up. One even said hi. We chatted to him but we were waiting for a couple.

Andy and Jan arrived,  we introduced ourselves.  The girls gave us th… Read more

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4sum Groups

Fucking Jenny…

You may have read about my mfm, my first 4sum started with a phone call.

Sara phoned me, asked me to make a 4sum with her gf who was staying here while she found a flat. Jim would be the other man.

I walked to the pub, found Sara, Jenny and Jim at a table.  Chat was about the weather but soon moved on to Jenny's new job, which Sara helped her get.

By the time we moved on to the Italian the conversation had moved on to the flat she… Read more

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Our last GangBang Groups

Well hi, this our first of hopefully many stories. Bear with me, it my first offering .

First a bit about us then how then the party.
We are in a complicated relationship, age gap, couple (names changed but that it!) Emma has a 12 month old baby girl, tall pretty and 28. Was a regular at a well known, Midlands Swing Club from 2005 - 2010, A greedy girl who was an Escort for years, as well as working in another club, more about that if want… Read more

All holes filled Groups

My wife (Jan) and I have been together many years and our sex life has been good for all that time. We had spoken many times of taking things to a higher level with others involved. We decided that we should make contact through a swingers site and we registered with one of the better known ones. After many unsuccessful attempts at meeting, basically due to some of the many time-wasters there are on these sites, we struck up a rapport with a coup… Read more


My Dirty Little Whore
It all started years ago, as it does! Beautiful wife, great sex and filthy minds. We’d talk for hours about her getting fucked by other cocks; we would both get so turned on. We did get very close a couple of times to making our fantasies become reality but for some strange unknown reason, it just never happened.
No conscious decision was made to put an end to the fantasies was made but they just kinda stopped. Sex went… Read more

I'm Liz! I'm a Slut! Groups

I’m Liz

I’m Liz! I know who I am! But I’m going to show you who I am.

Not tell you. But show you.

I wasn’t always me. But now I am who I want to be.

I’m a slut! A woman who sexually needs not just one man but many.

Can many men satisfy me? Probably not. I’ll always be looking for satisfaction, but lots of men can please me.

My sluttiness is a statement to the world. It says I’m in charge. I satisfy my needs… Read more

is this what you want???? Groups

you who loves to be the centre of attention and the more you get, the hornier you get "I want to be a dirty little whore tonight I wanna get used".your fantasy is my command lady, so we resist the temptation to have each other and get ready for a night out. we start off in the hotel bar We get a couple of doubles to get you lubricated and then we make for the town centre to find a local bar.You are dressed to thrill you look so sexy and lots of … Read more

My new tenant Groups

I was renting a two bed apartment in the heart of the city so I thought it would be good to get a flatmate as it would even help me with my bills and also get some company. Very little I knew what I was getting into?? After meeting a few interested people I shortlisted one and thought what can go wrong with a girl flatmate. Thought would have a friend to gossip with, go for movies and shopping and share style tips and may be even share a bottle o… Read more

3 way Groups

She sits alone,her hands bound to the back of the chair,her ankles bound to the legs,the blindfold around her eyes,she senses he's there,she feels his breath on her neck as his tongue skims the top of herblouse,he firmly tears it open her chest beating heavily as he runs his hands over her stockings,pushes her skirt up and allows his fingers to skimthe smooth satin of her knickers,he slides a finger inside and feels her wetness,moving the gag sli… Read more

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My first dogging experience Groups

I did not quite know what to expect when I parked in this dark place with a few cars. Well, I know I was looking fro something, trouble more like it, but I had not really thought about what I would do, beyond approaching the car and asking if it was OK to touch.
I had wasted a few evenings checking out secluded car parks hoping that I could come as close to some action as I would be comfortable with. A while ago I had been lucky to be allowed to… Read more

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Poker game gone bad Groups

It was friday night and like every other friday i had 5 of my mates coming over for our usual game of poker an beer. It was 9pm and they started to arrive. We all took are seat around the table and like usual my gf Sam made us all drink. Sam knew all my mates and had done for many years as this had been a regular thing for quite some time. We started to play and i was having a really bad game. i had lost most of my money and had just gone all in … Read more

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tit for tat 2 Groups

After our encounter with Zoë, my wife couldn't wait to arrange a threesome for herself and the following Friday she invited tony from work for a drink. I was in turmoil all week worried that my missus was going to get fucked by another man but I had fulfilled my ambition, now she wanted something in return. Friday soon arrived and at just gone eight the door bell rang. Julie answered the door and showed tony into the lounge, he was followed by a… Read more

stand in 2 Groups

Sue in the previous story had been quite shocked by her behaviour but had admitted that being fucked by two well hung guys had been an incredible turn on. She asked me at the time how I had felt about it and l had admitted that l had never had a bigger turn on. So when Steve phoned one evening and asked if sue wanted to earn some money making a video she wanted to know more. Well Michael from the photo club shoot had recommended Sue to the model … Read more

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tit for tat Groups

I had pestered my wife for ages about us having a threesome with me and two girls. So imagine my surprise when she agreed to my request and said she even knew a girl that would like to join us. I couldn't believe my luck when she told me that she was coming around that weekend for a meal and a few drinks. she insisted that I left everything up to her as she had spoke to the girl about it but hadn't said that we were interested, she just knew that… Read more

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kitchen shocker Groups


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stand in Groups

My wife and l had been members of a photography club for about six weeks and in that time we had been to two meetings. The first had been a session with a girl who had posed very openly and had not left too much to the imagination. The second was a very sexy couple who agreed to be photographed simulating having sex. We had both really enjoyed the sessions and found them quite a turn on. My wife had been a little self conscious as she had been th… Read more

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North Carolina Groups

Hello to all the folks! I'm Darren, this is not the first story of mine I'm typing to this site, so don't be surprised to find my name often in various stories. Samantha and I were just sitting around last night watching late TV when the phone rang. Surprised, it was Alexander calling from North Carolina and he wanted to come and visit us again. Well, it had been about three months, (Samantha said later) so we agreed he could visit. Then he laugh… Read more

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Blow jobs under the table! Groups

Thursday night and it was disco night, some call it grab a granny night but I call it grab a fella or two night. Me and my hubby went out all dressed in our dancing gear. I had a short dress on with no knickers, my husband Tony liked it that way. Walking around and dancing was risky but gave me a thrill, Tony was on a power trip too. We go to the main club in the town which is an old public house converted into a night club, it is called the Boar… Read more

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My Virgin Arse Groups

My name is Roxanne, I am a 30 year old brunette with 38DD and a good figure if I do say so myself. I am married to Alun, we have been together for 10 years and had one swinging session once on holiday with a Turkish waiter.
I wanted more, Alun has a big dick but he does not have the sexual appetite that I have. We have sex 3 times a week and always on a Sunday morning. I have always fancied anal sex but Alun does not. He is not convinced he wou… Read more

my cousin Meadow Goodride Groups

I've got to tell you about my cousin Meadow she is known as "flashing Meadow"
The very first time I had actually seen her "flash" was back when I was in college and on the bus with the rest of guys on the football team. We were pulling up to the stadiumm grounds and there she was at the entrance to the lot cheering and waving along with a few of the other cheerleaders. All of a sudden she lifted up her tight pink top to expose to all the team he… Read more

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Cinema fun Groups

My girl friend was a shy girl small but with 36dd tits with big nipples which she kept hidden under her baggy tops.I was her 1st sexual bf and she was shy but after a while she loved sex and didnt mind where we had it or if seen which turned her on .
I always read sexy porn mags and jane got to reading them and even buying them which was a turn on for me and we go back to mine and read the stories and look through contacts.I told her I like … Read more

x wife fucked by boss & doormn at closing time Groups

my X was very inexperienced in sex as i was her only partner when we married, we had 2 small children so money was tight. so she took a job as a bar maid in a night club as it was the only time she could work to fit in with my work time. it all began when a girl i worked with said her boyfriend had just got a job as a doorman in a new night club that was about to open, she mentioned it to my wife ( who i will call kay ) she went for the interview… Read more

First Blind date Groups

Time seemed to go slowly, looking at the clock every few minutes it seemed, but eventually 7 pm arrived, he picked up his gear and the bouquet of flowers he'd got during the lunch hour and started the 25 min journey home.

Pete parked the car in the drive and walked to the front of the house, a note was pinned to the door.


Follow the instructions to the letter, XXX. It read as follows:

" Happy Anniversary, you will … Read more

four for fun Groups

still been seeing our friends and had our best meet yet the other evening.we had been to a and j house and been in seperate rooms until me and j went to join the others as we sometimes do.however they were still shagging so we lay down next to them and started all over again.j got into the doggy position and i moved behind her and drove my cock straight up her and began pumping into her,without warning my wife crawled under me and began licking m… Read more

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wow Groups

what turn on to see my partner and his first bi ex!!
we'd been out clubbing and as normal i was hot as hell and horny for some cock to play with. i was getting alot of attension from a group of 7 black guys, g was watching from the bar as their hands worked there way over my body i was so horny by then i didn't care that my brests were on show and my skirt was up but i felt a hand playing with my lips and god i was wet. the next thing i was in t… Read more

I Watched Her Gang Bang Groups

It all started a few months back when Jan and I discovered we both liked to watch adult movies. We had been apart for several weeks, in different countries, and the distance had an effect we hadn't thought about. It was a good effect too and triggered all sorts of changes in both of us. We'd been together for several years at that time and I already knew I had found the woman of my dreams.

Jan is a tall brunette and very curvaceous with long l… Read more

The Hotel Groups

t was late in December and typically cold and wet for London. But Jan was hot. And wet. And had been for more than a week, maybe longer.

It started a couple of weeks earlier when they had both been looking for something extra to play with. Not the usual toys or lingerie but another man. Jan knew what tonight was all about and had anticipated this evening for a long time. They'd both spoken about it and played games in the bedroom but tonight i… Read more

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The Mystery Woman Groups

As a deep sleeper I will often be oblivious to the outside world while I'm tucked up in bed. All sorts of catastrophes can take place outside the bedroom window and I would be none the wiser, indeed they could happen inside the bedroom and the same would be true. This particular day was no different to any other. I was probably aware that Jan had left for work earlier in the morning or she may have gone to the gym for a workout in the pool but I … Read more

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