Written by geordielass

18 Dec 2010

you who loves to be the centre of attention and the more you get, the hornier you get "I want to be a dirty little whore tonight I wanna get used".your fantasy is my command lady, so we resist the temptation to have each other and get ready for a night out. we start off in the hotel bar We get a couple of doubles to get you lubricated and then we make for the town centre to find a local bar.You are dressed to thrill you look so sexy and lots of guys notice as we walk along the street…… you love it.

As we enter a bar you turn to me and say "right baby I’m gonna get myself a drink see you later" and off you go. I get myself a drink and make my way across to the dance floor. I can see you at the bar with this guy chatting you up and buying your drinks as the evening goes by you move around the bar dancing with a group of girls and coming over to me and dancing sexily...god you look fantastic, i want you.

Back to the bar you stop to talk to a couple of guys…more drinks more flirting. near the end of the evening you bring this tall dark guy over to meet me as he didn’t believe we were together. you tell me you have asked and his two friends back to the room for a drink with us. I could see he was a bit on edge unsure as to your motives but a wink from me seems to make him a little easier, It changes everything and the bulge in his trousers shows the effect you have had on him and he cant wait to get back to tell his mates. The look on their faces all smiles a laughing. They come over to us and we have a couple more drinks and get to know them a little You get so turned on by there attention touching and stroking you, one of them put his hand up your skirt…. i can only presume you are without knickers, i know im right as i see the look on his face as he brushes against your shaven pussy. Ican see his fingers probing and rubbing your pussy…you let out a small gasp and i know then you are ready to leave, you are ready to be abused" we’ve got to go right now" you say! we watch as he pull his fingers out…. We could all see your cum juice glistening on them.

Back to the room!

They can’t keep their hands off you on the way back to the hotel they take turns stopping and kissing you. Squeezing your tits rubbing your pussy! i am asked "what are we alloud to do to her?...... So you wanted to be treated like a whore! Anything you like I say…….

, what the hell we are all drunk and you wanted them so we not going to stop now…….

As soon as we opened the door to the room it was a free for all they just rip your clothes off…………. They lift you on to the bed and one starts sucking and nibbling your nipples, one goes down between your legs and laps your pussy the third starts kissing you, your tongues exploring each others mouths,you seperate and he stands to allow you to release his swollen throbbing cock from his trousers.....you move your head so you can run your tongue along the length of his shaft before sliding the length deep into your hot wanting mouth.

i bring the drinks and hand them out, there isnt one for you... you are now the little whore that is going to be used.... you watch as i remove your bondage straps from your bag, you are going to get fucked and there will be nothing you will be able to do about it.As they drink their drinks and watch I go to work on you strapping and bounding you,due to the amount you have drunk you still have a look of total lust in your eyes but you know exactly what you are gonna get…….. Tie me tight you say and gag me!

I roll you on to your tummy get you up on to your knees pull your hands down in between your legs and tie your wrists to your ankles…Arse in the air your wet dripping pussy on show,i smile at you and so it begins, one of the lads comes up behind you and slides his fingers in your dripping hole you jump and cry out. then you start moaning as he works his fingers in to you, i take your ball gag and put it in your mouth and tie it behind your head to stop the moaning noises………..

you are completely helpless…Right you can do anything you like to the little whore as we agreed ..I watched your face…for a moment horror! you now know,you are gonna get well and truly fucked …….

he takes his fingers out and strips, he positions himself and pushes his cock in hard and deep into your wet pussy forcing you forward pounding your hole deep he is gonna give the poor little bitch no mercy grabbing your tits and pulling hard he forces himself as deep as possible into you…..We can hear his balls slapping against your pussy as he pounds you harder and harder……… tears formed in your eyes as he fucks you using your pussy…

then they were at you from both sides. The gag was off and a cock was in its place keeping you quiet.

They roll you on to your side one of them lies on his back and they roll you back on top of him, sliding his cock back in to your dripping wet pussy…… back in to your mouth went the other one…….. they are relentless.

The third guy now kneels behind you and forces his cock in to pussy! Two hard cocks pounding fucking you r hard!!!!! the guy in your mouth gets more and more excited, holding you by the hair you are no longer sucking him, he is full on fucking your mouth pulling out and then trusting right up till his balls hit your chin deeper and deeper thrusts, faster and faster, you can do nothing but let this throbbing swollen use your mouth as a hot wet fuck hole.his rithym and strength of thrust quickens and you await the explosion of his cock... he moans and then with a sudden jerk he pulls his cock out and feverishly wanks his cock spurting hot cum all over your tits and body, you scream at him in disgust for cummin too soon, total aggression for taking that gorgeous cock out of your mouth, he is milking every drop from his glistening head before sliding his cock back into you mouth to continue the job of stopping you moaning and screaming.chance for you to catch your breath.... the guy in your mouth softens and pulls out.... you gasp for air and start to moan in time with the

your pussy being stretched and pounded by two throbbing dicks.... i take my chance and let my cock slide into your hot mouth, replacing the beasting you have just had and allowing you the chance to suck and taste. I look down and watch the guy at the back slip his big fat cock out of your dripping pussy and ease it into your tight arse...no resistance and the slips his full lenght right up your arse, i feel your suck tense as you arse starts to get fucked... within seconds your arse is getting fucked as hard and as fast as your pussy, i watch you..... your body tenses and eases with each thrust, the orgasms ripping through you are coming from every movement, each throbbing muscle pleasuring your aching body as much as the pleasure it was getting out of you..... i want to cum.... i grab your hair and pull backwards, this forces you to open your mouth and give me the control and access i want.... your now not in anyway in control, your pussy is being pounded, pissing cum and juices out with every thrust, your arse is being used as a fuck hole, being stretched and fucked hard and deep..... no sense or indication that it will come to an end... and now i want more, i want to fuck your mouth, want to feel my cock being grasped by your throat.... hot juices and saliva surround and every squelching thrust.. my ballls soaked in juices.... my thrusts hard and deep.... my balls hitting your face with force.... you are nothing more than a hole and i am going to fuck that hole without any mercy.... alll thee cocks are now pounding hard.... your eyes close as another orgasm rips through your body, you dont care where that has come from, what little movement you have responds and confronts the onslaught.... i feel my balls churning and know that it is only a matter of time......the cock in your pussy is fucking you like a piston....hard fast unrelenting and your arse is squeezing every inch out of the lenghth stretching it..... time....has cum......the guy fucking your pussy moans loudly and your body quivers as he pumps his hot load into your already dripping pussy, almost imediatley your arse is filled with the same hot result, both bodies flop helpless on top of you..... now me i look at you.... your eyes wild..... you want my cum....i thrust harder and faster...fucking i want to explode so deep inside your throat.... i cant stop... i feel the spurt forcing its way up my aching shaft, i look deep into your eyes as i empty in to your mouth, hot cum covering my cock as it apears out of your mouth before i thrust deep into you once again.........….

It wasn’t long before the other guy was hard again he untied you and in seconds he was back in your pussy, fucking you while the rest of us watch, you are free to enjoy each one in turn....... they fuck you which ever way you want them to and once finished they dress and leave......as the last one of them screams as he pumps his cum deep into your arse you colapse in a wasted heap on the bed, he dresses and i lock the door after him. i turn and look at your fucked cum splattered body and look into your eyes.... a look of total aching satisfaction....i hold you and we both know there is enough left for one more ...orgasm......