Written by stanarrows

20 Jan 2010

I did not quite know what to expect when I parked in this dark place with a few cars. Well, I know I was looking fro something, trouble more like it, but I had not really thought about what I would do, beyond approaching the car and asking if it was OK to touch.

I had wasted a few evenings checking out secluded car parks hoping that I could come as close to some action as I would be comfortable with. A while ago I had been lucky to be allowed to watch a beautiful blonde being having sex with a butchy bloke at the back of a 4x4 whilst her husband or partner was watching, taking photos and masturbating. But since then, nothing. The situation was that I have had this fantasy of having group sex and for a variety of reasons I thought that the safest option in terms of personal involvement was to hope for a lucky strike on a car park.

And there it was, I arrived on this small carpark, 4 cars, a couple in one of the cars and after waiting 10 minutes and making myself seen, the couple gave the sign and we were 3 blokes surrounding the couple's car, watching this gorgeous lady give oral to her partner, then the windows went down and I had completed the scenario I had prepared, asking "is it OK to touch". And it was OK. And I was in completely unknown territory. Where was this going to lead? where was I going to pull out? No idea. Only one thought : try to bring pleasure to this lady, so my hands were busy caressing her where ever they could reach. The thing is that it did not stop there, the couple stepped out of the car and we could admire the lady in all her glory, I rushed to suck her tits, but she was really after sucking cocks right then. At that stage I already had by dick in my hand and I was watching her suck my neighbour when finally she turned her attention to me. Her mouth was so smooth that it did not take me long to come although I was perturbed that I had not prepared to put a condom on for the blow job. Anyway we all had our turn in her mouth and next thing her husband took a plaid out of the boot and there she was on all four taking the first guy in, with a condom, which reassured me. Then it was my turn. It was my first experience of group sex so my level of excitement was sky high and her inside was even more welcoming and cosy than her mouth, there again it was a brief affair and I stayed to watch her being finished by her husband. It took about 30 minutes altogether and we all parted company.

On the positive side, I have ticked that box. But in all fairness I am not sure it was a very fulfilling experience from the point of view of sensuality. I would have preferred to be alone with a couple and take the time to caress her body, see her enjoy things, take it slowly to full sex.

Also I was worried with the unprotected blow job, I checked afterwards that the risks are limited, so I guess I was lucky I did not run into trouble. But here is my piece of advice, do pack flavoured condoms as well as standard ones if you want peace of mind because you do not know who are your partners of fortune.

So there it is, dogging is not for everyone, it's raw, impersonal and not really sensual, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to have sex with a lady who is eager for it, and gosh she was REALLY good!