Written by Mr Cocky

14 Jun 2015

My wife (Jan) and I have been together many years and our sex life has been good for all that time. We had spoken many times of taking things to a higher level with others involved. We decided that we should make contact through a swingers site and we registered with one of the better known ones. After many unsuccessful attempts at meeting, basically due to some of the many time-wasters there are on these sites, we struck up a rapport with a couple in their mis-fifties (like us) on the site messenger service. After exchanging pics and web camming with them we discovered they were an extremely sexy and attractive couple who looked many years younger than their age. People have told us we are the same, not being boastful of course. They had a male friend who they met with on occasions so we agreed to meet them and make up a five-some and take things as they came.

On arriving at M and K's house we were greeted by M who made us very welcome and introduced us to his gorgeous wife K who had very short blonde hair and an hour glass figure. They said that their friend J was on his way and would we like a glass of wine while we waited for him. As we drank they said that J was a bi-sexual male who they had fun with regularly so we could be in for an interesting night. J arrived soon after and to cut a long story short it wasn't long before all five of us were naked with lots of touching and sucking going on regardless of gender as we all got into the swing of things. If you closed your eyes you wouldn't have known whether it was male or female sucking your cock but no-one minded at all. K then said she wanted three cocks at once, apparently it was something she had done many times before when she and M and J got together with other couples. My wife Jan was fascinated by this as she had only ever had my cock, albeit in all three holes at some time or another. K said she wanted me to lie on the floor as she then straddled me and lowered her dripping pussy onto my cock. J stood over us and thrust his cock towards her face which she greedily took. I though M was then going to fuck K's arse to fill all three holes but instead I felt him psu against my own cock as he too entered her pussy.... she was taking two cocks in her cunt. I could see her face distort in pleasure while still slurping on J's cock. M then withdrew and pushed his cock into K's arse so she had all holes filled. Jan was watching in amazement and rapidly frigging her pussy in pleasure. K then lifted herself off me and I wondered what was going on as J's cock was stgill in her mouth and M's in her arse. She then repositioned herself and guided my cock to her arse alogside M's. With a little pushing she soon had both our cocks in her arse and we let her take the rhythm as she rocked back and forth. This of course meant that all three cocks were fucking her at once and it was not long before I heard Jan cum as she rubbed her clit while watching. This pushed us all over the edge as K squirted over my belly as she came, J shot his wad in her mouth and M and I came almost simultaneously in her arse our spunk mixing together. We all collapsed in a heap. We then had another glasss of wine each and Jan said she wanted some of that action too but not two cocks in one hole, she felt that would be too much. When we were ready she got her wish and she got all holes filled with cum as K watched on using her 9 inch dildo on herself.

We have had many more fivesums but they will be for a later story.