Written by Unknown

31 Mar 2010

She sits alone,her hands bound to the back of the chair,her ankles bound to the legs,the blindfold around her eyes,she senses he's there,she feels his breath on her neck as his tongue skims the top of herblouse,he firmly tears it open her chest beating heavily as he runs his hands over her stockings,pushes her skirt up and allows his fingers to skimthe smooth satin of her knickers,he slides a finger inside and feels her wetness,moving the gag slightly he lets her taste her own juices.

He moves down parting her thighs,his tongue brushing the top of her stockings,tracing the wetness through her knickers as he slides them down then pulling her arse towards him dips his tongue into her juices as she arches her back,letting out a soft moan she feels another tongue running over the edge of the gag,teasing her lips,another pair of firm hands cupping her breasts as he grasps her arse,fucking her forcefully with his tongue.

She feels someone undo her restraints and he asks her to kneel on the chair,as she places her hands over the back of the chair he parts her legs and runs his tongue between her arse cheeks,sliding his fingers into her pussy and fucking her slowly as his tongue fucks her arse,he pulls her head back by her hair and she feels the gag being moved as a hard cock is pushed between her lips and her mouth is fucked,then she feels another cock pushing inside her now sodden pussy,she moans with pleasure sucking the hard cock in her mouth whilst being fucked hard from behind.

Her body is trembling with pleasure,the cock in her mouth now rock hard,her pussy gripping hard onto another hard cock as he pulls out and asks her to stand up,still blindfolded he guides her into the bedroom,he positions her astride him facing away,his cock slowly sliding into her ass,she feels strong hands part her thighs and another hard cock slides into her aching pussy,she moans in ecstasy as they both fuck her x