Written by dazlee11

21 Apr 2009

Hello to all the folks! I'm Darren, this is not the first story of mine I'm typing to this site, so don't be surprised to find my name often in various stories. Samantha and I were just sitting around last night watching late TV when the phone rang. Surprised, it was Alexander calling from North Carolina and he wanted to come and visit us again. Well, it had been about three months, (Samantha said later) so we agreed he could visit. Then he laughed and said he was calling from the airport in our town and said he would be here in less than 30 minutes.

When he soon showed up at the front door he had a lady friend with him, a woman about 30 or so, who was so fucking hot with big tits and a body to die for. I secretly wondered why Alexander appeared here for my wife again when he had this dream girl with him. The answer he gave was that she was his good friend's wife who had been widowed for about 3 years now. This lady still needed a lot of sex but didn't want any permanent relationships. It seemed that he was bringing Maria here for me and so I wouldn't be so left out while he fucked Samantha.

That was great news for me as it had been too long since I had any young pussy and I was dying to try her out right now! We invited them in for a drink, loaded their luggage into the guest room and sat down to chat. Alexander said his new house was being repaired now, because he recently suffered from hurricane, so he also missed Samantha and would like to stay for a week and get relaxed with her fabulous pussy. How could I object since I would be able to watch them fuck and enjoy Maria at the same time? That was really a great idea!

After a couple of drinks we all got down to business, the guys undressed the women and then ladies helped us undress as well. It didn't take more than a minute or two and we all were on the floor of the family room and Alexander was rubbing his 10' monster dick up and down Samantha's face! She was horny and she had a wet pussy lips and when he started rubbing his cock against her cunt, the slurp sounds could be heard clearly! Soon things got to the point that Samantha was begging for him to put it in. Alexander remembered how tight Samantha usually was, so he took a tube of lube and rubbed it all over his big dick. With that he then teased her with it putting it in an inch in there, rolling it around and pulling it almost all the way out. All the same time Samantha was arching her back, pulling on Alexander's ass and trying to pull him all the way in! Finally they seemed to be enjoying the time together; I pulled the lips of Maria's labia open and began to lick at her shaved pussy! It was so delightful. I was a good pussy-eat boy! She had the thickest set of pussy lips and they were gushing at my mouth until she let me know that she wanted my dick now!

I was a bit startled by such a young beautiful woman who was hot for a mature man like me and had so much of sexual passion! Yes, I know that she was not too young, but it had been a long time when I last had sex with such a gorgeous lady! She was just so damn beautiful. Meanwhile Samantha had Alexander's dick in her pussy about 6 inches deep and with her legs she pulled his ass forward until he sank the entire rod into her waiting pussy! As I watched them start to fuck like a couple of rabbits I got hard again and slipped my dick into Maria's pussy too. She was very appreciative and she wiggled her ass for me! Now I knew she was really enjoying the sex. With all the action going on around me, it didn't take me long to cum and shot my load after 10 minutes. Soon I was shooting my load all over her vagina when it came to my mind that we didn't use any condoms! Maria said not to worry because she was on the pill and she never used condoms! Well, her cum covered pussy looked so great that I couldn't help lowering my head and tasting all of that cum! So I knelt between her legs widespread and started licking that hot cum! It tasted so fucking good! I was a good cleaner boy! I cleaned her pussy thoroughly, without missing a drop and soon my efforts made her cum all over my face! But I managed to clean her up totally!

Now we were both free to watch Alexander and Samantha fuck like crazy while we waited for me to get hard again. Now Alexander hold Samantha leaning on the couch and he was pounding her pussy with his big dick! The sounds of their flesh banging together and the slurping sounds of her pussy caressing his dick were heard outside the house. These sounds were intoxicating Maria and me.

After at least 20 minutes or more Alexander shot his load all over Samantha's breast and belly and she collapsed on the couch to catch her breath! Now, I thought good old Alexander needed some rest too! I crawled for them and started eating my wife's breast where there cum was! I ate that Cum and Damn, it tasted so fucking yummy! I loved that cum! Alexander was sitting near by, watching me being a good cleaner boy, and smiled. My wife moaned with pleasure and her face radiated happiness and delight! She was saying what a good boy I was and that I might be loving Alexander's cum! Without stopping, I mumbled something like I was. After she was all cleaned, I got up to the kitchen to prepare some more drinks and when I came back in the room Alexander was fucking Maria for all he was worth and Maria was screaming in orgasm and calling Alexander the best fucker she ever had! That was a bit disappointing to me because I thought I was pretty good too, even though I didn't have Alexander's size!

We all went to bed shortly after that. Maria and I went to the guest room and Alexander and Samantha left in our bed room. Well, guys, and it was a long night of sex! Was I jealous? Not at all, I had a young pussy and I also had tons of sperm to eat!