Written by cindrella_scs

23 Sep 2010

I was renting a two bed apartment in the heart of the city so I thought it would be good to get a flatmate as it would even help me with my bills and also get some company. Very little I knew what I was getting into?? After meeting a few interested people I shortlisted one and thought what can go wrong with a girl flatmate. Thought would have a friend to gossip with, go for movies and shopping and share style tips and may be even share a bottle of wine on weekends. So she moved in as planned and at first everything went well. She seemed to be a simple girl but then one day I returned home from work and heard some voices from her bedroom. Not that I am a nosey person but thought should check if everything is all right. So as I went closer to her room I realised that these were very not just voices of people talking but probably she must be watching a porn movie and masturbating herself. I was not sure if I should knock or not but just when i turned to go to my room the door opened and a man walked out of her room. He was partially naked with only his boxers on and to be honest he had a very good physique. I apologised and said did not know if she had a boy friend so was coming to knock the door to check if she is okay. He smiled and said that he is not her boy friend and asked me if I would like to take a look inside and see what was happening. I replied no as I respect my roommates privacy and would not like to offend her. He said she would not mind and insisted I should peep in.

Though hesitantly I peeped my head into her room and to my shock I saw three stark naked men with very hard cocks standing and my room mate was on the floor on her knees. Probably she was giving them all a blow job. She smiled and asked me to come in, and for some strange reason I actually went in. There was a camera set up and a fourth guy was actually shooting her and these men. The fourth guy whom I had met outside the room came in and started to unzip my dress, again for some reason best known to myself I did not even attempt to stop him. All I could think of was sucking these cocks and getting fucked by these men. At this point they moved her aside and pulled me towards them, asked me to kneel and start sucking their cocks. I was blind folded by my room mate and all I know after that is I was fucked in every hole of mine. I don't know how many men were there and how many actually fucked me and how many times any one fucked me but I was fucked as and when pleased. My pussy still hurts and my arse still throbs with pain even when I think about it.. After a few days she bought in a CD and asked me if I want to watch it and to my horror it was the recording for that evening. And what I saw was something really good. I was actually used and abused by these four men who fucked me senseless. I wish I could be fucked like it again, but guess it is a once in a life time experience...