Written by mikejamo11

24 Dec 2009

It was friday night and like every other friday i had 5 of my mates coming over for our usual game of poker an beer. It was 9pm and they started to arrive. We all took are seat around the table and like usual my gf Sam made us all drink. Sam knew all my mates and had done for many years as this had been a regular thing for quite some time. We started to play and i was having a really bad game. i had lost most of my money and had just gone all in with the last of them. And guess what? i lost. The guys said that i could stay in the game to give me a chnce to win my money back. but there was a condition. in order to stay in the game under these rules the guys said that instead of buying in with money i had to buy in with clothes, I looked around the table with a confused look on my face as what would the lad get from seeing me naked. This is where i got a huge shock because it wouldnt be my clothes on the like it would be sams. I sat there in complete shock at what was happening. But i had no choice i had lost a lot of money in this game that i couldnot afford to lose, and i thought by now that this would be the turning point in the game for me. I told them that i would have to go and speak to sam first. I explaind her what had happened and she went beserk at what i was asking her to do. i told her that there was no way that i could lose that many hands that she would have to show much flesh. Eventually she agreed as she too knew we couldnt afford to lose that much money. We came back into the room to be greeted by many happy faces as my gf is 19 a size 8/10 and has 30 DD tits. She is so sexy but covers it up well. We delt the cards and to my shock i lost the first hand to a room full of cheers. they told sam that she was to remove her t shirt. Sam went bright red when she head this as she thought she would get to choose what she took off. this was not the case but i failed to tell her that in fear that she wouldnt play. She slowly slid her top up and paused a moment below her breasts. finally she raised it up further and off over her head. Her huge tit poped into veiw and bounced as the top came off. Sam inmediatly raised her arms to try an cover helself. very soon i had lost a few more hands an sam had lost her shoes and socks. they where now waitin for her to remove her jeans. She nervous stood up and undid the button as she opened them more the look on her face was complete horror. She looked down and relised today she had on proberly the smallest thong you can get, it bearly covered her pussy. Slowly she pushed them to the floor and stepped of them then sat back down quickly. One of the guys quickly said that he needed another beer and that since sam normally gets them she should still have to. Sam angerally stood up snatched his empty beer and marched out of the room giving the whole room a full look at her sexy ass in that thong. When she returned with a beer her tit bounced as she walked and all eyes where on her. she sat back down and delt the cards. i won a few hands and got some cash back, next tho was what i didnt want to happen i lost. the guys had to choose between her bra or her thong. they agreed on the bar which she quickly undone an dropped to the floor. By now sam had had enough and just wanted to get it over with as she thought once naked the game was done. I enevertably lost the next had as without even asking she stood up and slipped her thong off an threw it on the table. Her fully shaved pussy was now on show for all to see. sam bent down an started to pick up her clothes when the lad told her the game was on done. that no one left the table till one person won. She looked horrifide. However they said there was one way out. They continued to say that she could have all her clothes back if i won the next hand.However if i didnt i had to strip every man in the room naked. suck each and everyones dick then lay back an get fucked by all 5 of us. All while i sat and had to watch. I stood and protested but was soon shot down. my wife told me that she couldnt sit here totally naked for the rest of the game and that i had better win the next hand. I was nerveous as the cards where dealt and i should have been because i had just lost. my wife nearly busrt into tears when she relised what was about to happen. all 5 stood dropped their pants and formed a circle around sam. who by now didnt know where to look. . . . to be continued