Written by bobxyz

29 Apr 2009

Sue in the previous story had been quite shocked by her behaviour but had admitted that being fucked by two well hung guys had been an incredible turn on. She asked me at the time how I had felt about it and l had admitted that l had never had a bigger turn on. So when Steve phoned one evening and asked if sue wanted to earn some money making a video she wanted to know more. Well Michael from the photo club shoot had recommended Sue to the model agency he worked for to make a film. Steve left the phone number and told her to think about it and perhaps give them a ring. She rang them the next day and they explained that the film would be her and four or five guys having sex. They told her that the fee was £300.00 for a two hour shoot and possibly more depending on how things went. They told her to get back to them as soon as possible as the shoot was set up for that weekend. We chatted about it and l could tell by the way she was talking she wanted to have a go. She said she would say yes on the condition that l could be there as sort of a minder. Deep down l was looking forward to it as she was. The day arrived and we drove about forty miles to the address given to us, it was on a small industrial we knocked and the door was answered by a leggy blonde who showed us into a small lounge .On the outside the building was dingy and looked like any other factory unit, but inside the place was very up market almost Hollywood style. They didn't keep us waiting and we were shown around ,we got to the set which was a table set for a game of cards and sue was going to be a waitress bringing drinks and things would go from there. They didn't work from a script they just let the actors do what come naturally. They asked for a quick screen test and asked Sue if she would mind stripping for the camera. She removed her clothes and posed for the camera her body was in great shape and everyone gave her the thumbs up .She was handed a dressing gown and we went into a dressing room where the guys were to be introduced. They were all good looking guys, Michael she already knew and one by one she was kissed on the cheek by all. There were two black guys and the other four were all white and were all over six foot. Every one was told to get ready and that they were starting in ten minutes. Sue was given a black g string and a black mini dress that clung to her body and looked like it had been painted on. She was given a tray of drinks and was told to spill one on one of the guys whilst serving them. That would hopefully get things moving. They filmed about ten minutes of the men just sitting around playing cards and Sue serving some drinks. The men were told to talk about her and say what they would like to do to her as they slowly downed their drinks. Then sue got her cue and while serving a round of drinks she dropped a couple of full glasses in Michaels lap ,l think she chose him as she already knew him and felt more comfortable. He leapt out of his chair and said it didn't matter and not to worry ,Sue took the tea towel from over her arm and dabbed his groin area he told her there was no need but she continued to dry his trousers. She suggested he took them off and she would dry them for him. He said he would but all her attention to his nether reasons had got him a bit excited, She insisted so he unclipped his trousers and slowly lowered them .His massive cock sprang out and stood erect throbbing pointing straight in her face .He removed his trousers completely and handed them to her she discarded them on the floor and said she had heard them talking and it was time to show her what these things were that they wanted to do to her. The director of the movie leaned over and whispered that he thought she looked a natural and was doing great. I looked back as she took hold of Mikes cock and gently licked the massive head making him groan with pleasure, the other guys suddenly made a move and clearing the table first she lifted onto the table onto her back. Michael was left with his cock still sticking up but as sue was laid on the table her head dropped over the edge and he moved forward and gently nudged her lips with his cock and she took it deep in her mouth. The others undressed quickly all already had erections and all were massive with one in particular being incredibly fat as well as long. Michael slowly fucked her mouth while two of the others slowly peeled off her g string exposing her neatly trimmed wet fanny.

Then one slowly kissed her stomach working his way down until he was tonguing her pussy making her arch her back to meet his tongue. Two of them had a nipple each in their mouths while the other two slowly stroked their cocks waiting to get in on the action. Michael eased his cock from her mouth and was quickly replaced by another meanwhile the guy who had been licking her pussy had started rubbing his cock up and down the lips of her cunt and eased it into her until his balls rested against her arse. He held it there for a few seconds then started fucking her with slow deliberate strokes nearly pulling his cock right out of her then plunging deeply. Then everyone retreated and Michael lay on his back on the floor and Sue straddled him his cock disappearing into her wet fanny with ease despite his size. The guy with the fat cock then offered her his knob to suck but she could not get it in her mouth ,the best she could do was just slide her mouth up and down the sides of his shaft as she rode up and down on Mikes cock. She was surrounded by cocks as they all offered their tools to her mouth as she sucked them in turn. One of the men then pushed his cock to sues mouth and grunted loudly as jets of thick spunk splashed sues face her tongue darted out and swirled around his large bell end .His orgasm subsided as he wiped his softening knob around her lips covering her face with his seed. Michael below her suddenly called out and she quickly slid off his cock and grabbed it wanking him and sucking him as he shot his load deep into her mouth, she collected it in her mouth then slowly let it dribble out of her mouth and down his shaft onto his balls. She carried on sucking his softening tool as she was entered from behind; letting the soft cock slip from her mouth she worked her body in rhythm with the guy fucking her. He suddenly withdrew and she was positioned on top of another cock, her soaking fanny swallowing it with ease the guy who withdrew then offered his knob to the entrance of her arse and rubbed his slippery knob around her tight sphincter. Anal sex hadn't been discussed earlier and was sure she would draw the line there but then again she completely shocked me as she took his cock in her hand and forced its bulbous purple end into her tight arse ,wincing a little she let him enter her until both men were penetrating her as deeply as they could . After a few problems they got a rhythm going so when one man was deep inside her the other was almost out of her she was having orgasm after orgasm as yet another cock was offered to her mouth she sucked it deeply and wanked the shaft seeming in a hurry to extract spunk from his rock hard tool. All three men now fucked her furiously filling all three of her orifices. The man with the huge thick cock stroked her and tweaked her nipples as he waited for his turn .He had tried her mouth. l was sure he wouldn't get it up her arse so he waited to fill her fanny with his monster cock. All three of the men fucking her then withdrew and flipped her onto her back and gathered around her, their hands flashing up and down their cocks as spunk flew in every direction covering her face and tits in the thick white fluid. In turn she took them and gave them a suck drawing every last drop into her mouth and laying her head back letting it trickle out of her mouth and down her cheek rolling her tongue around her lips enjoying the salty taste. While this was happening the other guy had positioned himself between her thighs and was nudging at her cunt lips with his immense penis. It was probably a good thing that he was last, lf he had been first the others wouldn't have touched the sides. Sue became aware of his cock trying to gain entry and reached down and held her cunt open to make it easier for him. He grabbed it and eased forward, the head entering slowly he released his hold and propped himself on his arms and moved his hips slowly back and forth slowly inching his rod into her, Sue relaxed back and held her legs right back until he was embedded in her as deep as he could go, then he started to fuck her gently at first not wanting to hurt her, aware of his massive size. Slowly his speed increased until his cock was flying in and out of her like a giant piston. Michael meanwhile had recovered and was wanking his cock straight into sues face and with a groan he shot his load over her chin and neck, still ejaculating he pushed at sues mouth and she again took a cock into her mouth and drained the last drops of sperm from it. The guy fucking her shouted out that he was coming but didn't pull his huge member from her and with a load roar emptied his seed into her with jerky strokes telling her she was going to get every last drop. She wrapped her legs around him until his orgasm subsided and his wilting cock (which still looked massive) slipped from her well fucked cunt, followed by what seemed like an amazing amount of spunk. She dipped her fingers into her fanny and licked them clean looking straight at one of the cameras, they signalled for her to do it again and this time she took a massive dollop of spunk and licked it from her hand. l heard someone shout cut and it was over, everyone then rejoined her and they filmed her and the guys sitting around making small talk and smiling and joking. Then the director went over and thanked everyone, especially Sue and then we were shown into a room for her to take a shower .She asked me how l felt and l told her that she had done brilliantly and that l was very proud. They paid her £450.00 which was very useful but she remarked to me afterwards that she would have done it for nothing.