Written by bobxyz

26 Apr 2009

My wife and l had been members of a photography club for about six weeks and in that time we had been to two meetings. The first had been a session with a girl who had posed very openly and had not left too much to the imagination. The second was a very sexy couple who agreed to be photographed simulating having sex. We had both really enjoyed the sessions and found them quite a turn on. My wife had been a little self conscious as she had been the only female there on both occasions, apart from the models of course. But she had got used to the idea and we were both looking forward to the next session. The most adventurous yet with two guys and a girl posing doing a threesome, now these sessions were not cheap affairs costing up to two hundred pounds for the models. It depended of course on how many attended to share the cost. The evening arrived and there were seven of us including Sue, my wife. We all set up our gear and relaxed and waited for the models to arrive. We relied on a guy called Steve to arrange things as he had friends and contacts in the modelling business. They were due to arrive at eight and at about five past there was a tap on the door and two guys were shown into where we were. We expected a girl to follow but we were informed that she wasn't coming. They had tried to get a stand in at short notice but no one would help. The two guys and Steve quietly in the corner for a few minutes, then Steve came over to me and explained that he was in a bit of a spot and would Sue stand in and save the day, but he would

understand if she didn't want to. I said I would ask her and it would be completely up to her. She looked a little worried at first, but was assured by me and Steve that she wouldn't be asked to do anything she didn't want to. She had posed before nude for soft porn magazines and I think because of that she agreed. She asked if it was alright to keep her panties on at least at first. Everyone agreed and she went off into a side room to undress. The two guys, john and Michael just went over into the corner to undress. John was white, six foot, and quite muscular, Michael was black, also over six feet, they were both in their late twenties and it was obvious that both men worked out and kept themselves fit. The most noticeable thing about them was how well endowed they were their cocks were both massive even though still soft. As they finished undressing the side room opened and in came Sue wrapped in a blanket looking a little bit nervous. She stood with John, Mike and we suggested a few poses together to break the ice. It was suggested by Steve that we would just see what happened. Sue threw the blanket to the floor and lay on the bed looking very sexy in just her little black panties. The guys got down beside her and after a few jokes and giggles they were asked to try a sexy position .Sue got on to all fours and john knelt in front of her and she pretended to give him a blow job while Michael was behind assuming a doggy style position. It looked quite convincing with his large hands covering the sides of her knickers. The cameras started to click as they simulated the sex acts. They were asked to try some facial expressions to add the realistic touch. After a few minutes they changed position and sue kneeled on the bed with one of the guys each side. Steve asked Sue if she was happy to remove her panties for a better effect, she didn't hesitate and quickly slipped them off and returned to her position between john and Michael, their cocks starting to show signs of life. I wasn't sure how Sue would react if they got proper erections. The guys put their arms around her and each had one of her nipples in their mouths as she let out a gasp, she was certainly getting into the spirit of things. The cameras whirred and clicked as the action got hotter hadn't taken many pictures as it was a strange feeling watching my wife naked with two men. They carried on caressing her but didn't touch her pussy, l think they were worried what l might say. They continued like this until sue changed the mood somewhat, taking a cock in each hand and slowly wanking the now rock hard shafts. Both looked massive in her hands as they twitched and seemed to grow larger. Steve then interrupted the action and said it was time for a change. He asked Michael to lie on his back and sue to straddle him and pretend they were fucking as she sucked john who stood in front of her. Michael laid down his massive cock laying up his belly a good two inches past his navel .Sue climbed over him and john stood in front of her his shaft right in Sues face. I wondered how she would handle the situation as her fanny slid along Michaels cock and she slowly wanked Johns pretending to suck him. She was getting turned on moaning in rhythm to her movements which became more exaggerated so much so that Michaels cock slipped from beneath her and lay against her back. She reached down with her hand l thought to slip it back under her but she wanked it slowly a few times and presented its massive head to the entrance of her fanny and sat back a little so it just slipped between her pussy lips .She held herself in that position as more photos were taken .A gasp from John took my attention from her cunt and I was stunned to see her actually sucking his cock slowly using her tongue on his glans to excite him. At the same time she slowly lowered herself onto Michaels prick a little at a time until she had taken his shaft as deep as she could. She held it tightly in her fanny enjoying the sensations of being filled by such giant cock. John gasped again as she sucked him hard and deep while gently stroking his large balls. Both men now had forgotten the fact that they were fucking my wife who by the way was taking the lead.

She was now riding up and down on the black cock embedded in her pussy and sucking like mad on the white cock in her mouth. I could see her cunt juices coating Michael as she headed for her orgasm but john beat her to it as

he pulled out of her mouth and wanked himself his cock pointing straight at her face her tongue darting out and flicking his bell end as he shouted and knob jerked and the first jet of spunk shot out straight at her mouth coating her lips and cheek, two more great spurts hit her before she took him back in her mouth and he finished coming in her mouth. She carried on sucking until he withdrew and staggered from the bed; she had swallowed a lot of his seed but what was left on her face she tried to lick off. Michael meanwhile was fucking her like crazy powering his cock into her from underneath and her rising and falling to meet him on every stroke.

I had never seen her so turned on as she shouted for him to fuck her harder with this he eased her over onto her back and threw her legs over his shoulders and carried on shafting her, gaining even deeper penetration with his ten inch cock. John had rejoined them on the bed and took her nipples in his mouth in turn and licked and sucked giving her even more pleasure. She reached down and grabbed his cock and wanked him furiously lost in her pleasure. Michael by this time was close to coming and grunted words to that effect, as she pulled his cock from her body and with a plop it fell onto her belly twitching and jerking as the first jet of sperm shot onto her body reaching up as far as her neck, the second just as powerful landed on her breast just missing john as he recoiled back toying with his own prick which was erect again. Michael took his cock in his hand and continued to spray Sues body with his spunk and as his ejaculation subsided he smeared her pubes with the last drops then he rammed his spent cock up her once more and gave her a few more strokes of his softening rod before rolling off her and resting on his back taking great gulps of air as he recovered , telling her what a fantastic shag she had been and everyone in the room clapped and cheered and congratulated her on being a good sport and putting on a great show for everyone. Everyone like me thought that was it but john had other ideas as he climbed between her thighs ,l looked to see lf she wanted this but she was already guiding his rock hard into her soaking cunt as it was swallowed up with ease. John's tool was by no means on the small almost measuring up to Michaels ten inches. He seemed in a hurry as he shafted her fast and hard not changing his rhythm at all for about thirty seconds as he gave a loud grunt as his strokes became jerky and irregular and it was obvious he was shooting his load right up into her writhing body denying us the spectacle of seeing her covered in yet another load of sperm. He carried on fucking her until his softening cock slipped from her oozing fanny. His spunk dribbled out copiously from her there seemed no end of the stuff as she laid there and gave me a grin like the cat that got the cream. Everyone's cameras had long since ran out and what had started as a photo session had ended up a free sex show that most people never see live. Sue got to her feet and gave both the guys a kiss before retiring to the side room to get dressed, l followed to make sure she was alright about things. She said things had gone further than she had expected but she had got so turned on she couldn't help herself and she was worried what my reaction would be. I reassured her that l thought she had been magnificent and it had ended up being a real turn on for me and I would love to see her in similar situations if she wanted to. As for the rest of the photo club members they agreed with me that she had been a great sport and they were keen to see her again in action.