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Fictional Stories

Everyone has their own sexual fantasies and writing about them can often be an erotic experience. Reading adult literature is a guilty pleasure that you can enjoy on your own or with company.

Fiction lets the mind run wild, imagining that you are the character in the story which can be the catalyst for introducing a new activity to your own sex life.

Write your own fictional erotic story here and get your creative juices flowing.


Holiday Party

She had them all

Saturday morning we started preparing for the party. Emma and Jon had invited some swinging friends. We nibbled through the morning, food not each other.  By midday everything was ready. Food in the fridge covered or waiting for a quick blast in the oven...

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Holiday 7

Swing high

We woke, had breakfast and showed Lin the Swing. The morning was still cool but promising to be a hot day.  'How does it work?' Asked Lin. Anna patted the swing and said 'sit here'. I helped Lin up. She lay back, Anna strapped Lin's left leg and I strappe...


Holiday 6

Loads of fun

We woke together and hugged. 'OK' I asked. Lin nodded. 'No regrets ' Lin shook her head. 'Want to make love?' Lin rolled over my body and descend,  my cock slipped into her pussy. She began to grind. My mind slipped back and forward between my wife grindi...


Holiday 5

Never before

Breakfast was a slow affair.  Emma dropped a little yogurt on herself.  Anna licked at the yogurt cleaning her breast. Anna dropped fruit on to her lap. Adam bent his head and went dipping,  Anna opened her legs and Adam came up with a cube of watermelon...


Holiday 4

She took them both

It was morning again. I woke with my arm draped over Anna and my hand on Emma. My cock was hard and pressed against her back. She reached back and positioned my cock at her backdoor. I took the hint and her backdoor. We woke Emma,  who turned over and sta...


Holiday 3

It's not monopoly

I was dreaming of sex, being inside a woman. I had no idea who she was. Slowly the dream became reality.  I opened my eyes,  Anna was gently rubbing my cock. As I pulled myself from sleep Anna leaned down and sucked on me. I rolled over and began to eat h...


I woke up with a woman in my arms. It took me a moment to remember her name. When I did I whispered softly, "Good morning Emma." She straightened her body and stretched, then snuggled her backside into my hard cock. I kissed her softly on the back of her...


Next holiday

The surprise

It's mid January 2021. Lyn has started to talk about Anna and Adam again. She went from guilty to excitement sometimes in the space of a sentence.   The week before our holiday she shaved her pussy. I knew that was for Adam.  The original plan was to go b...

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The Picnic

Our 3sum

The 3sum This story is mostly true or may come true. I will allow you to judge which bits are true. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. I had met this wonderful lady, Susan many times and had discussed inviting a man to join us for a mfm. We ha...



2 women built a village

Beached I'm not claiming this story is true but I'm told it is. 2 women 6 couples and 15 men are shipwrecked. For the first few weeks everyone thinks there will be rescue and do as the captain says. They find water, food and make shelters. As time goes on...

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Lockdown 2

My backdoor

Dinner with Simon I had passed Simon in the hall many times and yesterday he took me to bed. Today he was coming to dinner. Simon arrived on time with wine. I timed dinner perfectly. Simon had time to open the wine and sit down. I hoped he liked my cookin...



How Simon won me

Lockdown It was the 3rd week of COVID lockdown. My boy friend had told me he could not stay with me because of social distancing. I was coming home with the weekly shop. Simon from flat 7 was doing pull ups outside the block. We had passed in the hall man...


It was Friday afternoon and the usual ‘winding down for the weekend‘ atmosphere filled the office as 5 o’clock approached. There was a knock at the door and Amanda entered from the Admin. Office, bringing some letters for my signature. She was a very plea...

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Locking my car door, I walked briskly up the path to Diane & Phil’s front door, my high heels clicking on the bricks. Anticipating another special occasion* I had brought with me a bottle of my favourite Sekt which was still chilled sufficiently to drink....

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It had been one of those days when the best that could be hoped for was Not Quite Right, and everyone seemed intent on driving me mad. I was looking forward to a lazy evening of unwinding and doing nothing before hitting the sack. I locked the car, let my...

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