Holiday Party Fiction

She had them all…

Saturday morning we started preparing for the party. Emma and Jon had invited some swinging friends.

We nibbled through the morning, food not each other. 

By midday everything was ready. Food in the fridge covered or waiting for a quick blast in the oven and wine on ice.

We all took time out for a shower or bath. We spread condoms and towels about. 

The first couple to arrive walked up from the beach. Irene and Jim, they had… Read more

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Holiday 7 Fiction

Swing high…

We woke, had breakfast and showed Lin the Swing. The morning was still cool but promising to be a hot day. 

'How does it work?' Asked Lin.

Anna patted the swing and said 'sit here'.

I helped Lin up. She lay back, Anna strapped Lin's left leg and I strapped the other.  Lin lay in the swing her pussy open and on display, unable to move her legs.

Everyone closed around her. Adam and Jon, their cocks close enough to suck and Jon off… Read more

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Holiday 6 Fiction

Loads of fun…

We woke together and hugged. 'OK' I asked. Lin nodded. 'No regrets ' Lin shook her head. 'Want to make love?'

Lin rolled over my body and descend,  my cock slipped into her pussy. She began to grind. My mind slipped back and forward between my wife grinding away above me and the day before when she kissed women, eat them 69, and taken cocks in her ass.

She came first, but kept grinding. I came, sat up still inside her. We kissed. She a… Read more

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Holiday 5 Fiction

Never before…

Breakfast was a slow affair.  Emma dropped a little yogurt on herself.  Anna licked at the yogurt cleaning her breast.

Anna dropped fruit on to her lap. Adam bent his head and went dipping,  Anna opened her legs and Adam came up with a cube of watermelon in his teeth. 

After that everyone started dropping things. We all moved to the sofas, no longer a need for food.

'O, look a cherry' I  told Lin, and bent to her lap. 

Emm… Read more

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Holiday 4 Fiction

She took them both…

It was morning again. I woke with my arm draped over Anna and my hand on Emma. My cock was hard and pressed against her back. She reached back and positioned my cock at her backdoor. I took the hint and her backdoor. We woke Emma,  who turned over and started to kiss Anna. As I fucked Anna and they kissed, Emma sometimes allowed her hand to roam over my shoulder. Then I bust my morning load into her. I rolled on to my back and Emma lay on Anna, … Read more

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Holiday 3 Fiction

It's not monopoly…

I was dreaming of sex, being inside a woman. I had no idea who she was. Slowly the dream became reality.  I opened my eyes,  Anna was gently rubbing my cock. As I pulled myself from sleep Anna leaned down and sucked on me. I rolled over and began to eat her 69. Just as she was about to cum, I slipped into her pussy doggy. She came twice before I did. I do enjoy a lady giving me head but I am blessed by the fact I almost never cum that way. Yes … Read more

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Next Holiday 2 Fiction

She did…

I woke up with a woman in my arms. It took me a moment to remember her name. When I did I whispered softly, "Good morning Emma."

She straightened her body and stretched, then snuggled her backside into my hard cock. I kissed her softly on the back of her neck. She wiggled her bum against my cock. "I was hoping you had recovered  " she informed me. Just as I was thinking how I would like to take her she turned over, pushed me on my back and … Read more

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Next holiday Fiction

The surprise…

It's mid January 2021. Lyn has started to talk about Anna and Adam again. She went from guilty to excitement sometimes in the space of a sentence.  

The week before our holiday she shaved her pussy. I knew that was for Adam. 

The original plan was to go back to the same hotel as last year but Anna had found a villa with a private pool so we agreed to share costs. Now we were arriving in a taxi. It was late afternoon but the day was s… Read more

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The Picnic Fiction

Our 3sum…

The 3sum

This story is mostly true or may come true. I will allow you to judge which bits are true. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I had met this wonderful lady, Susan many times and had discussed inviting a man to join us for a mfm. We had even met a man but Susan did not click.

We both enjoy letting the air to our bodies and Sun bathing nude. It was on a picnic that this happened.

We parked the car in the litt… Read more

Beached Fiction

2 women built a village…


I'm not claiming this story is true but I'm told it is.

2 women 6 couples and 15 men are shipwrecked. For the first few weeks everyone thinks there will be rescue and do as the captain says. They find water, food and make shelters.

As time goes on and no rescue arrives the captain starts to lose control. There are more incidents and the single women, Ann and June look for natural protectors. They come up with a plan.

They invi… Read more

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Lockdown 2 Fiction

My backdoor…

Dinner with Simon

I had passed Simon in the hall many times and yesterday he took me to bed. Today he was coming to dinner.

Simon arrived on time with wine. I timed dinner perfectly. Simon had time to open the wine and sit down. I hoped he liked my cooking, I knew he liked me.

We sat down and had the conversation we should have had yesterday.

Do I have a boyfriend? No, I lied. I may have lied, if Simon became regular I would dump Kevi… Read more

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Lockdown Fiction

How Simon won me…


It was the 3rd week of COVID lockdown. My boy friend had told me he could not stay with me because of social distancing.

I was coming home with the weekly shop. Simon from flat 7 was doing pull ups outside the block. We had passed in the hall many times and said hi. That day I stopped and chatted. He smelt sweaty, not stale sweet that is just smelly. He smelt manly, and he looked manly, his arms bulging as he pulled himself up for … Read more

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The Retirement Party Fiction

It was Friday afternoon and the usual ‘winding down for the weekend‘ atmosphere filled the office as 5 o’clock approached. There was a knock at the door and Amanda entered from the Admin. Office, bringing some letters for my signature. She was a very pleasant and nice-looking woman in, I’d guess, her mid-to-late thirties, although having a good figure and legs and dressing well, she looked younger.

“Coming to the party tonight?“, s… Read more

4: The Return Visit (Angela's Story) Fiction

Locking my car door, I walked briskly up the path to Diane & Phil’s front door, my high heels clicking on the bricks.

Anticipating another special occasion* I had brought with me a bottle of my favourite Sekt which was still chilled sufficiently to drink. Phil welcomed me in and took the wine into the kitchen as Diane helped me from my outer coat. She studied my outfit approvingly; the white shoes and hold-ups complimented my short, pale bl… Read more

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3: Homecoming (Phil's Story) Fiction

It had been one of those days when the best that could be hoped for was Not Quite Right, and everyone seemed intent on driving me mad. I was looking forward to a lazy evening of unwinding and doing nothing before hitting the sack.

I locked the car, let myself into the house, left my briefcase in the study and walked through to the drawing room, where Diane was waiting. I gave a low whistle: “Your hair looks fantastic!” I said. “So today … Read more

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2: The Appointment (Diane’s Story) Fiction

I left the office at 3:30 that afternoon to keep my hairdressing appointment at Angela's house. As I parked the car on her driveway and approached the front door I had a slight feeling of butterflies in my tummy, remembering what had taken place a few evenings before at Phil’s and my house* and wondering what today would bring.

Angela answered the door with a smile, dressed as usual when she was working, in a crisp. knee-length white tunic … Read more

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1: FotoFun (Phil’s Story) Fiction

The kids were staying with friends overnight - at last, some time to ourselves! Diane (my wife) and I decided to celebrate by spending a romantic evening at home with a bottle of wine and a candle-lit dinner - nothing elaborate, as this was to be relaxing. Little did we know how it would turn out…
In the spirit of the occasion we dressed for dinner; for me an open-necked shirt and casual pants, while Diane looked fantastic in stiletto-heeled s… Read more

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Black Sex Fiction

All started when we were away in Spain. We had always fantasised about my wife having sex with a black man. She used to get so excited about this and had the most intense orgasms. Anyway we were sitting in this bar having a quiet drink, and got into conversation with a nice looking well built black guy. My wife was nicely dressed in a shortish skirt and a nice blouse and heels. For a woman in her early fifties, she looked great. She kept looking … Read more

girlfriend and me talk about her getting fucked Fiction

my girlfriend and me get so horny talking about a guy wanking as he watches us kissing and playing with each other
and I asked her to let a random guy join us and as I kissed her fingering her he was to lay behind her playing with her nipples as he pressed his cock on her
I would then signal him to finger her cunt as I go to the loo but I told her I would watch from the door as he rubbed his cock on her cunt as she moaned saying what if I cau… Read more

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fantasy of girfriend getting fucked Fiction

i had arranged a night out with friends angela my girlfriend never met them john and elain were with us most they were mid thirtys and i 5 and angela 41 me and john had talked about each others woman many times
we went to my flat and drank talking and went on to sex and how i liked dark nipples so we sugested dare the questions got sexier as john dared elain to show me her nipples in the room as we all were laying on the duvet with a cover over… Read more

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mills and boon Fiction

The warmth of the bath soothed the aching muscles, she lay back and relaxed, why did it always happen this way she thought ... she closed her eyes, took a deep breath ...........
'Come on lazy bones, get that body moving'
Her eyes opened ...... 'dam must have dropped off to sleep, coming'
Quickly she got out the bath, dried herself, and got dressed, slipping into work clothes, she followed her flat mate out ..... no time to see the person in… Read more

mills and boon Fiction

She waited in the lobby of the hotel wondering what the day will bring ..... she caught his reflection as he strode thru the door .... dark glasses on even tho the lobby was shaded .... not a care in the world as if he owned the place, tall, muscular, and tanned .... already she could feel herself getting aroused
'you are waiting, lady, ' he asked,
oh yes I'm waiting was the thought that came to her mind quickly ..... 'yes' she replied quietly… Read more

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Drink Fiction

I arrange to buy you a drink in a pub were we are both comfortable with a neutral meeting place, I see you walk in to the bar and look around, you're wearing a thigh length coat and knee length skirt with either tights or stockings (not sure from where I'm sitting. You look in my direction and see me in the act of standing to greet you with a big warm smile, and you walk over also smiling, we kiss a greeting on the cheek, you remove your coat and… Read more

Playing in the snow Fiction

She said she fancied a fuck in the snow, so they got in their jeep and he drove her up to their favourite dogging spot. She was dressed in very small panties, and peep hole bra, tight leggings, knee high boots, and a long shirt unbuttoned to her ample cleavage. She didn't bother with a coat but threw lots of old but warm blankets into the car. All the way along the roads he had his fingers down her panties, fingering her juicy cunt. The roads wer… Read more

A Perfect Night Fiction

We met at work. A group of us went for a drink. We sat together.

I put my hand on your knee. You put your hand on my thigh. I moved mine higher and so did you.

Your panties were wet and my cock was hard. Your place or mine? We left together.

We fell into my room. Are you sure?

You undid my shirt. I removed your top. You undid my belt. I undid your bra.

You pulled my cock from my pants. I removed your skirt. We were nude lying o… Read more

My Threesome Dream Fiction

Ok well here is my dream or what I can remember of it anyway, so firstly remember it was a dream so I can't be held responsible for it. hehehe. Here we go:

I think we were in a hotel room, nothing fancy just a travel lodge or something, It started of with you and this other women, (for now lets just call her Kathy as its easier) kneeling on the bed kissing each other.

I was sat down in a chair opposite in my suit watching the two of you k… Read more

A Glorious Surprise. Fiction

Andy rotated the wheel and turned right across the flow traffic and into the narrow alley way. It was late afternoon and the skies were beginning to darken as people left their offices for work. My husband pulled the car to one side and killed the engine. He looked at me and smiled leaned across and sliding his hand to the back of my neck, ently puled my face to his and kisssed me deeply. As usuals with him, his soft lips and probing tongue made… Read more

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a fantasy i want Fiction

i keep fantasising of me and l having a smoke and drink and talking about our fantasy i have told her i would love her to get fucked as i watch then join in i want to get a guy from a chatline and get him to come in and as we chat watch porn i say to him as i kiss and feel lo,s tits how horny she was he would say he was hard asking to pull his cock out under a blanket on the sofa i said it will be ok as i said to lo as i kissed her he wanted to s… Read more

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Guilty Pleasure? Fiction

I looked at her plump round ass again as she walked by, thank god I was lucky enough to see that ass every day. It enough to make my dick twitch but I was going to be a gentlemen, I had to, I was married.
My wife and I have been married for just over a year, she is 5’3, has blue eyes and brown hair she as a great body for having four kids and I love her 34D’s. Boy, can that woman make me horny but I just can’t get that ass out of my mind.… Read more

threesome Fiction

my friend john and I had been tempting Jean to play strip poker for weeks when she came in from ladies skittles. One night when she returned she was wearing sling back sandals tight crimson cords and a satin blouse with long beads round her neck- several rows of them. I knew that she had a flesh coloured bra and panties underneath and we soon had her down to her briefs
I pulled these down her thighs as John pulled on a rubber and we lifted jean… Read more

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