Written by BackroomLover

9 Oct 2012

We met at work. A group of us went for a drink. We sat together.

I put my hand on your knee. You put your hand on my thigh. I moved mine higher and so did you.

Your panties were wet and my cock was hard. Your place or mine? We left together.

We fell into my room. Are you sure?

You undid my shirt. I removed your top. You undid my belt. I undid your bra.

You pulled my cock from my pants. I removed your skirt. We were nude lying on the bed.

We began kissing each other from top to toe. You pinched my nipples. I sucked your toes.

You explored my body with your mouth and tongue.

I kissed your tits and nipples. Your mouth reached my cock.

My lips descended to your cunt. My cock stiffened, My fingers caressed your clit and explored both your holes.

You licked just the head of my cock. I sucked your clit into my mouth. My tongue lapped at it.

You moaned gently. I kissed you deeply and held you closer to take a breather.

You pushed me away. You grabbed my cock and engulfed it with your lips. I pushed two fingers into your cunt and massaged your clit with my thumb.

You pulled a vibrator from your bag. I turned it on and pushed it up your cunt.

Your moan turned to a shriek. I sucked your clit. The volume increased. I found your G spot. You sobbed as you came.

You took my cock deep into your mouth. I gently caressed your body. You sucked me deeper and I came wildly.

You swallowed it and licked my cock clean.

A perfect night.