Written by syd_bond-2009

3 Sep 2017

All started when we were away in Spain. We had always fantasised about my wife having sex with a black man. She used to get so excited about this and had the most intense orgasms. Anyway we were sitting in this bar having a quiet drink, and got into conversation with a nice looking well built black guy. My wife was nicely dressed in a shortish skirt and a nice blouse and heels. For a woman in her early fifties, she looked great. She kept looking at his shorts and the rather large bulge there. We were having a nice chat about why he was over in Spain and it turned out that he was starting up a business there. He said his family were back in England and he had been over in Spain a couple of months. I was starting to feel quite horny as I could tell my wife was interested in that bulge. We got up to go and so did he. We all walked together along the front and I noticed that there were a few bodies on the sand there really having a good time. So I said to him look at those lot having a whale of a time. He replied that chance would be a fine thing. My wife gripped my hand tight a couple of times. I knew what she wanted. So plucking up courage, I said in a jokey voice well Kay could help you out there. My wife said get away but was laughing, and he said I don't believe you would let her do that. I replied that she always made her own mind up in matters like that. Best of it was, up until then we had never messed about like that. I had a dry mouth, I really wanted him to have my wife, and could tell she was up for it too. So we found a secluded spot and I sat and watched. They lay down on the sand and his hand went up her blouse. He got her tits out and started to suck and bite them, and Christ I nearly cum. I managed to control myself. Pushing her down, he slid his hand up her skirt and when she flinched, I knew he was in her pussy finger fucking her. Her hands fumbled at his zip and wow he had a large cock. After a few minutes of frigging her pussy, he eased her panties down and they were wet I was sure, She opened her legs wide and he lay on top, and slowly pushed his long thick cock into her slowly as he kissed her. Pulling her head back she let out a long soft moan and then he started to fuck her with long hard strokes. She was almost screaming with delight and I was glad it was dark. After about 20 minutes of fucking and about 5 or 6 orgasms from my wife, he cum. I realised that I had cum too. God knows how much seed he put into her but we said goodnight, she put her pants back on and we walked back to our hotel. As soon as we got back to our room, we stripped off straight away. I noticed that her pants were saturated with his cum. Didn't stop us having sex though and she was like an animal, kept me awake most of the night, and for weeks after, she was like a nymphomaniac, which I didn't mind but found it exhausting. That's when we started swinging. Never thought I would at 55 but had a whale of a time, threesomes foursomes ladies, men. Was such a great time. Then she became ill and eventually died. Miss her so much, but we certainly enjoyed our latter years together