Written by harriet

9 Dec 2014

The warmth of the bath soothed the aching muscles, she lay back and relaxed, why did it always happen this way she thought ... she closed her eyes, took a deep breath ...........

'Come on lazy bones, get that body moving'

Her eyes opened ...... 'dam must have dropped off to sleep, coming'

Quickly she got out the bath, dried herself, and got dressed, slipping into work clothes, she followed her flat mate out ..... no time to see the person in the hallway she bumped into him ..... the toned arms caught her as she fell against him the smell of the aftershave hit her

It was the man from the dream or was it a dream

As she walked towards the elevator she could feel his eyes gazing after her, she turned her head slowly and caught his glance, his eyes taking in every part of her, as if she had no clothes on at all ..... the doors of the elevator opened she walked in, as the doors closed she caught him still looking at her.

All day she thought about him, the way he looked at her, the way her body responded to the look, as she sat at her desk she could feel the muscles clenching, her nipples tingling at the thought of being caressed by his fingers

'for goodness sake girl, get a grip' she thought ..... 'if only!'

The day dragged, finally it was time to leave .... 'hopefully , I will see him ... I wonder' she thought as she sat on the tube on the way home

She walked slowly up the steps to the block she lived in, not really seeing, deep in thought, thinking of brown eyes, strong hands, the musky smell .....

Suddenly the spell broke, there he was, standing by the elevator, staring at her again, well hopefully staring at her, she could feel his eyes taking in every curve again ...... feel the wetness as her body went into overdrive again

She smiled at him , the twinkle in his eye, the curve of his eyebrows, and the smile .......

'Damm, wonder if that button on the blouse is undone again,' she thought wickedly 'or maybe my skirt has ridden up again'

The door to the elevator opened, he stood aside and let her go first, she stood with her back to the mirrored wall as he entered he turned and pushed the button for the floor they both lived on

He turned towards her, moving slowly, he started to undo the button on her blouse ..... 'much better,' he murmured then slowly

let his hand slip downwards tugging at the hem of her skirt, the slowly moving his hand upwards towards her now wet panties she heard herself moan so slightly as she felt his finger slide inside her, the faint touch sent shivers down her spine

The elevator stopped and the doors pinged as they opened, her eyes opened as she watched him stride down the hallway, she looked at herself in the mirrored wall, no button undone, skirt in place,

'dam and dam .... not again' she thought 'nice tusch tho ' as she watched him walk down the corridor

As if he knew she was watching her turned, and beckoned her towards him, she walked out the elevator and up to him,

'We have so got to stop meeting like this' he said as he opened the door to the flat 'People will talk' he smiled wickedly as she walked past him, and gave that cute tush a slap, dropped her bag on the floor, and jumped up into his arms wrapping her legs round his body

'let them,' she replied and grinned wickedly 'bedroom now, or do you prefer the settee?'

The bedroom turned out to be the place where he was in charge, ..... she closed her eyes and let him take over ........

'so now, lady, youre mine, close you're eyes, ...... and wait' and wait she did

slowly she could feel the smooth soft touch , as he faintly worked his way up her body, blowing softly, then she felt the tip of his tongue glide smoothly into her, she heard herself moan, as his tongue moved around, she arched herself up, so she could feel more ... she felt something else, his finger teasing her ... her moan grew louder as she felt his finger going deeper inside