Written by Mothy1976

13 Nov 2013

I arrange to buy you a drink in a pub were we are both comfortable with a neutral meeting place, I see you walk in to the bar and look around, you're wearing a thigh length coat and knee length skirt with either tights or stockings (not sure from where I'm sitting. You look in my direction and see me in the act of standing to greet you with a big warm smile, and you walk over also smiling, we kiss a greeting on the cheek, you remove your coat and sit beside me I see you're wearing a white blouse and also notice a lacy bra and erect nipples which in turn makes my cock stir! I have already taken the liberty to buy you a glass of wine and we sit and get aquainted with small talk, I'm not 100% sure that you are interested enough to take it further than this so am looking for small tell tale signs, I decide to risk it and see how you react, I place my hand on your knee as we chat, you smile encouragingly, so I slowly slide my hand up the inside of your thigh, I feel you separate your legs for me as we continue to talk, our breathing getting ever so slightly heavier, I discover the tops of your stockings which gives me a little thrill, and only encourages me to keep going I reach your pussy and find that your both shaved smooth and not wearing any panties, I slide my little finger I between your wet lips gently rubbing against your clit.

We finish our drinks with my finger inside your wet pussy and your hand under the table rubbing the bulge in my trousers, we both get up and walk to the car, (which I have conveniently parked in a dark corner of the car park) as we're walking across the car park I have my hand up your skirt grabbing your sexy tight ass, when we get to the car I open your door for you and you decide to lean over to put your bag in the footwell presenting me with your sexy ass I can't stand it so I lift your skirt and push 2 fingers inside your very wet pussy and slowly but firmly push my thumb into your tight ass you gasp with pleasure, with my free hand I undo my trousers and get my hard cock out and I ask you if you want it in your pussy or ass first?

You don't reply so I push my hard cock deep inside your now sopping wet pussy so that its slippery with your pussy juice I then take it out and push its tip against the pucker of your tight ass, I wait to see if you pull away or push back forcing my inside you...

While you decide I reach around and grab you breast and I feel your very erect nipple against my hand and I feel you trembling at my touch, you push back so I push into you as we'll and I feel the full length of my cock slowly go deeper and deeper inside you.

You gasp as I pinch your nipple to distract you from a hard thrust into your tightest hole, you whimper loudly causing a couple to look over at us.

You look up and see the couple looking at us as clear as day via a street light knowing they can also see us you can no longer control yourself and you clench your tight arse around my hard thrusting cock as you climax, you also let out a shout which makes them looking again.

Making you have a smaller orgasm, you pull forward so that I come out of you, you reach back to take me in your hand then guide me into your fantastic pussy and tell me to fuck you hard. I grab your hair and pull it as I fuck you harder and harder making you cum again then just as I'm about to explode inside you I pull out and tug your head around and push my hard pulsating cock deep into your mouth which you take eagerly wanting to gobble me up I feel you trying to swallow my cock whole. You grab my arse just as I explode down your throat, but you don't stop sucking me it feels like you're trying to suck my balls out through my cock you're sucking so hard almost as if you know that's how I like it.