Written by anon

28 Feb 2015

my girlfriend and me get so horny talking about a guy wanking as he watches us kissing and playing with each other

and I asked her to let a random guy join us and as I kissed her fingering her he was to lay behind her playing with her nipples as he pressed his cock on her

I would then signal him to finger her cunt as I go to the loo but I told her I would watch from the door as he rubbed his cock on her cunt as she moaned saying what if I caught them

she wants a big thick cock so as the guy rubs it at her cunt she will position herself so he can get it up and I would have said to him to ease it up her saying he knew she wanted it she said she would tell him to give her it deep I would let them fuck a bit then make a noise as I come back in

as we lay on our sides kissing he watching us wanking as I tell her to look at him and as she does say to her how it was bigger than mine and signal for him to put it up her as I kissed her

as he does this she will moan and tell me as I say to her if she likes it tell him asking was it big and she would say yes and I would tell her it was okay to fuck him

I would say to him she loved it as he turned her onto her back kissing and fucking her as I wank watching