Written by pussy

18 Jan 2013

She said she fancied a fuck in the snow, so they got in their jeep and he drove her up to their favourite dogging spot. She was dressed in very small panties, and peep hole bra, tight leggings, knee high boots, and a long shirt unbuttoned to her ample cleavage. She didn't bother with a coat but threw lots of old but warm blankets into the car. All the way along the roads he had his fingers down her panties, fingering her juicy cunt. The roads were snowy but not slippy. But she was slippy, her pussy so wet he couldn't wait to drink her dry. She was so horny she was pinching her hard nipples, rubbing them in time to his strokes. By the time they parked up she had her leggings around her knees, and her panties lay sopping wet on top.

They looked around to see if anyone was mad enough to be there, out in the snow waiting for a show. They could see one car parked over the other side, but no one in view. They were too horny to care if there was anyone to watch them or not, although being watched was what they liked the best. She unzipped her boots, pulled them off and down came her leggings too. She pulled her panties up slightly, just something to use to slid over her big booty to tease anyone who did show up. He bent to lick her nipples, sucking them in his mouth, and pulling on the tips. She made sure his hand still stayed between her legs. She would just keep on coming and coming until he was so tired he had to stop, she never tired of being wanked. His hand paused and his teeth let go of her nipple as he spotted a man walking slowly towards them, he was unsure whether to approach. She turned and beckoned him with her finger to come closer to the half open window.

When he was close enough to get a good view, she arched her back, and stuck her ass out up against the window, and slowly teased her panties over her cheeks, until they dropped off to the floor. She parted her legs slightly and gave the stranger a beautiful view of her engorged clit, juice dripping down her thighs. Up and down the window she rubbed her clit against the glass, her husband opened the window fully and then she stuck her ass out the window, and onto the strangers fingers. He couldn't believe his luck, he'd been sat up here for ages and had almost given up on anyone else being mad enough to come up here in this weather.

He thrust his fingers, his hand, deep inside her and she was coming so much. He husband was sat enjoying the view, cupping her breasts which swung invitingly in his face, since he'd freed them off their albeit small restraints. The stranger bent his head and stuck his tongue up her pussy, he sucked and flicked and licked her clit, his mouth and chin were soaked with her cum. As she and her husband kissed deeply, she ground her pussy into the strangers mouth, fucking his tongue hard.

She was bursting to piss, but not in the car. She moved off the guy, quickly but fumbling pulled her boots on, then got out of the car. She said I need to piss, do you want to taste it or feel it? He opened his mouth, and madly lay down in the snow. She stood over him, and relieved herself, some splashing onto the snow, the rest gushing onto his tongue and into his mouth. .....