Friday afternoon tights yorkshire TV

I was contacted by a retired bloke from yorkshire who told me that he shared my interest in tights and 'mild' bdsm activities. I will call him 'don' from here on. I explained to don that I wasn't a crossdresser as such, but that I did really enjoy wearing tights on occasion, don said that he was okay with that, that he basically liked legs and arse in nylons, and also 'feet'. Don told me he was 68, retired, location and that he had fantasized abo… Read more

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Never Felt So feminine TV

It wasa long walk to Hampstead Heath. I turned the corner near our flats and walked along a road that was a mix of fine old houses and sinsiter low rise concrete flats. There wasa rough crowd outsdie teh flats and I got some whistles. Young blokes asked me how much I charged. I shivered with excitement. My hair was shoulder lenght, blonde and curly. i knew I looked good. I tingled between my legs, as I clip clopped on along the pavement, … Read more

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Henrietta becomes a big girl- part One TV

I have already explained how my wife Elizabeth was gang banged by blacks and turned into a black cock whore. I have wanted to be female since schooldays and dressed up in my wife's clothes when she was at work. I loved it when men used to com to our flat to fuck my wife. After teh gang bang she couldn't get enough.

She still worked some night shifts as a nurse. Images of her being gang fucked were alays in my head, her nurses unifrom being … Read more

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Henrietta's first beating. TV

My name is Henrietta. I am a slim blonde, middle class, mature, pre operative transexual. I have always wanted to be female and tended to attract more attention from men than women when I was young. After university I tried to forget my feminine side until I was seduced by a black colleague in my office. he was over twice my age and taught me to enjoy his rough desires. I was lonely and he was very comforting. After he returned to the West I… Read more

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