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Henrietta's first beating.

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My name is Henrietta. I am a slim blonde, middle class, mature, pre operative transexual. I have always wanted to be female and tended to attract more attention from men than women when I was young. After university I tried to forget my feminine side until I was seduced by a black colleague in my office. he was over twice my age and taught me to enjoy his rough desires. I was lonely and he was very comforting. After he returned to the West Indies I tried to be normal, but a few years ago was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. I took the hormones for a few years and then tried to fight being a woman again. I managed this for a year and then I went back to my feminine ways and started going out dressed. I felt most cmfortable walking by myself in country parks around Milton Keynes. I started doing this last May. It was warm and I had my driver's window down and the door slightly open. I was sitting in my car when a big black Mercedes pulled in front of me The car park is part of an old road that was bypassed by a new dual carriageway. There is a small woodland between car park and new road. A gravel path does a loop over little bridge from one end of the car park back to the other. Another piece of car park has been opened up by gypsies smashing concrete bollards and it is possible to park in this section for seclusion. On that day I was wearing, perfume, make up, high heels, a light blue satin blouse, silver silk jacket and matching skirt which came to just below my knees. I also wore black stockings, suspenders, blue satin undies, including a full length slip. I felt very nervous when a well built man, in a suit, got out of the car and walked towards me. I was very nervous and looked down at my lap as he approached. As he came alongside me, my heart was beating so fast. He smiled confidently and said: 'Hi, how are you?' I blushed under my makeup and spoke almost in a girlie whisper ( I have a high feminine voice anyway ), telling him I was fine. 'Lovely day' he said. Yes I agreed. 'Do you come here often' he asked, with an intonation taht revealed a double meaning.' 'No' I said shyly. He told me that I looked very nice. I told him I was a pre op transexual because I didn't want to embarras him and have him turn nasty. He said I still looked very lovely, in bit of a Welsh lilt. I thanked him again and he said he thought it was his lucky day when he saw a lone woman in a car parked there. I don't know what got into me, but with my heart racing, I said it still could be his lucky day. With that he suggested that we drove down to the far end of the car park and he would shield my little car with his. My heart was racing, because although I had sex with my black friend and some of his friends when I was younger, I had never been so at risk. Still I couldn't help myself. I felt so vulnerable and so excited. Whe he saw me get out of the car and standing in my black high heels, my figure accentuated by my tight blouse and skirt, subconsciously pushing my bottom out, he just slammed me face down over the bonnet of my car and pulled up my skirt and slip, exposing my tight lace and satin panties. His hands were very large and crushing my sex. My tiny penis was crushed flat and taped inside my tight satin panties, my little balls pushed up behind my pubic bone. Between my legs I was as flat as any female and he was squeezing me aggressively. He was calling me names, then he started beating my bottom so hard that i wanted him to stop, but the embarrassment was making me feel excited as well. Then I realised he had his 7" and very thick cock out and he was going to put it inside me. That was until he realised that another car was coming. I pulled my skirt and slip down and he put his huge cock away. The car driver respected our privacy and I blushed again as teh skinheaded occupant stared and smirked at me, as he turned around and went back up the far end. Then with his hand back up my skirt, squeezing very hard and calling me names, I masturbated him. He took his hand from under my skirt and asked me to squat down in front of him. Then he shot what seemed like gallons of cum all over my face while telling me what i filthy slut I am. He was obvioulsly experienced and ready fro this sort of thing because he gave me a wad of tissues to wipe of the blobs of come. At least he thanked me and asked to see me again. When he drove off, I really needed to orgasm. As the black Mercedes cleared the secluded part of the car park and headed out on to the main road, the other car came back. By this time I was sitting in my car touching up my make up. Now the skin head, who was about 35, was at my car window, and tookover where teh business man left off. he was very rough and said some rude things to me, but he made me cum, but that's another story That was just the beginning and how I got into this scene. I can't help myself and I go to that place usually on Mondays, sometimes Tuesdays and Fridays. I have many more stories to tell.

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