Written by leedstights

22 Jun 2010

I was contacted by a retired bloke from yorkshire who told me that he shared my interest in tights and 'mild' bdsm activities. I will call him 'don' from here on. I explained to don that I wasn't a crossdresser as such, but that I did really enjoy wearing tights on occasion, don said that he was okay with that, that he basically liked legs and arse in nylons, and also 'feet'. Don told me he was 68, retired, location and that he had fantasized about spanking and bondage with a woman or man in tights.We chatted a good bit and the following day, during the chat Don asked me if I had on tights, I told him I didnt and Don told me to put some on immediately, I did so and Don told me to get on webcam and on the bed. I did so. I told Don I couldnt type on the bed as the keyboard was too far away and Don told me to give him my phone number, which I did. I cant remember the exact words, but it went something along these lines.

Don - Bend over slut, show me your ass

Don - You need a cock in there, how long are you alone for today

Me - Until about 5

Don - You fucking fag slut, give me your postcode

Me - I gave it to him

Don - House number slut

Me - I gave it to him

Don - Do you have any spare tights and rope

Me - Yes

Don - Have them on the bed for 1.30. I will knock once, if you dont answer we wont talk again, bye.

Don hung up. I was nervous, but not as nervous as I thought I would have been. I got the 4 lengths of rope and about half a dozen pairs of tights and put them on the bed. 1.30 arrived and about 1.45 there was a knock on the door. I answered it and there was a big bloke there, very big, overweight big, jeans, jumper.

I said to come in and he did, he said 'upstairs you fucking cockteasing slut'. We went upstairs, I sat on the edge of the bed, Don unzipped his fly and a very impressive semi erect cock sprang out, thick and heavily veined. Don said 'Get gobbling'. I held it and began sucking him, this lasted for about 5 minutes and he said ' Get on the bed, on stomach, spread legs'. I did so and Don used some tights to tie my hands behind my back, then Don used the rope to tie my legs wide open, securing them at the ankles, then he pulled a pair of tights down over my head. Don removed his belt and the next 45 minutes he strapped my arse, down backs of legs and soles of feet. I heard him pulling his jeans off and he got onto the bed, pushing a pillow underneath me to raise my bottom. Don inserted a finger , then two up me and began frigging me loose. Couple of minutes later he penetrated me and began fucking me, really hard and deep, I thought the bed would collapse, but have to admit, his cock felt incredible, I really wanted him to shoot up me,but he pulled out after about 5 minutes, got off the bed and squirted his spunk all over the sole of my foot. I heard him dressing and he loosened the tights on my wrists, then left, never said a word.