Written by softjoe

22 Nov 2017

Locking my car door, I walked briskly up the path to Diane & Phil’s front door, my high heels clicking on the bricks.

Anticipating another special occasion* I had brought with me a bottle of my favourite Sekt which was still chilled sufficiently to drink. Phil welcomed me in and took the wine into the kitchen as Diane helped me from my outer coat. She studied my outfit approvingly; the white shoes and hold-ups complimented my short, pale blue dress which was high at the neck but slit at the sides – although not to the same extent as Diane’s mid-calf length black skirt, which was slit on the left to reveal a couple of centimetres of pale skin above her red stocking! With her red high-heeled sandals and clingy black jumper displaying the shape of her firm breasts, she looked like a million dollars – and the expression on her face told me that my credit was good!

Lightly brushing my lips with hers she led me into the sitting-room, where Phil had re-appeared with the open bottle of wine and three glasses. Glasses charged, we drank a toast to “This evening”, and whilst raising the glass to my lips I caught sight, in the opposite corner, of a video-camera mounted on a tripod. I Looked questioningly at Diane, to be informed that it had been Phil’s idea - to try something different. Did I mind?

“Did I mind?”!! My knees felt weak at the thought of reviewing what would probably happen tonight! That settled, Phil went to prepare the camera as Diane winked at me. “He’s a great one for gadgets!”, she said, smiling. I suggested that he might not be the only one and reminded her of the “gadget” she’d used on me at the salon**; she blushed prettily and I kissed her, slipping my hand into the slit of her skirt and stroking her thigh.

“Wait a minute, girls, I’m not ready yet!”, exclaimed Phil, and walked over to us. “You could have fooled me!”, I replied, reaching out to touch the bulge in his pants. The rest of him stiffened, too, for a second and then he relaxed, taking my face in his hands and kissing me hard as his rod pressed against my belly. From the corner of my half-closed eye I saw Diane move to the camcorder and begin to film us. Phil’s kiss had turned my knees to jelly and when he released me I sank down to be confronted by his straining pants. Unfastening his belt and easing the zip down, I let them drop. His boxer shorts looked fantastic, over-filled with all that manhood, but they had to go – I needed to get a view of what was inside! His cock liberated, Phil began to slip his foreskin back and forth, its head winking at me rhythmically from a few inches away.

“Suck me now…”,he breathed huskily. I needed no second bidding; it had been over a week since I’d ‘eaten meat’, and I was hungry! Sliding my lips down over his erection, I played my tongue around his glans and cupped his balls in my hand (the other was groping his firm buttocks) and began to move my head backwards and forwards to meet his thrusts. To my surprise he pulled away, saying that it was too soon to cum! Helping me to my feet, he turned me around and unzipped my dress, easing it from my shoulders and letting it slip to the ground to reveal my baby-blue silk camisole and matching panties above my hold-up stockings. I then became aware that Diane had left the camcorder running and quietly joined us. As Phil and I watched, transfixed, she drew the front of her skirt aside to reveal her red panties, stockings and suspenders; then she unzipped it, dropped it to the floor, slid her right hand inside the front of her panties and began to masturbate slowly and deliberately, right in front of us!

We watched as Diane, eyes closed in concentration, worked on her pussy with her fingers. Phil placed one hand on my hip and with the other gently pushed my shoulder so that I bent forward at the waist. Keeping my gaze fixed on Diane, I could feel my panties being lowered and the head of Phil’s hard cock sliding along my well-lubricated labia, before plunging inside and making me squeal involuntarily at being impaled so fully and so suddenly. Both hands now on my hips, he pulled me rapidly on and off him – his prick emerging completely between thrusts – until he ground his pelvis against my behind, spurting what felt like pints of hot cum deep inside me.

From her vantage point Diane could see right down the front of my camisole as by breasts leapt and swayed under Phil’s assault. That view filling her sight, she brought herself to a moaning climax and slumped exhausted to the floor. With a slight slurping sound from my vagina, Phil withdrew his sated prick and I joined Diane on the carpet, mounting her in the classic ‘69’ position. I removed her panties and lapped at her swollen lips and engorged clit like a hungry kitten as she did the same for me, feasting on a heady mixture of Phil’s and my love-juices. After the screwing I had just received, it didn’t take long for her to bring me off, my orgasmic contractions forcing some of Phil’s cum out of me and into her mouth. She swallowed it greedily, purring with pleasure. “If only you could cum like that normally…”, she murmured.

Diane removed my camisole and I helped her from her sweater and bra; we wrapped our arms around one another, regaining our breath and pressing our naked breasts together luxuriously. Phil re-appeared, his half-erect cock leading the way, carrying three re-filled wine-glasses on a tray; I giggled uncontrollably at the irony of this gorgeous, naked man serving Sekt to two girls who had just behaved like such utter sluts.

“Well”, he said; “Shall we watch the video now? Or do you want to rush away, Angel?”

I grinned wickedly at him. Nothing could have been further from the truth…