Written by reading_andy

29 Aug 2012

Andy rotated the wheel and turned right across the flow traffic and into the narrow alley way. It was late afternoon and the skies were beginning to darken as people left their offices for work. My husband pulled the car to one side and killed the engine. He looked at me and smiled leaned across and sliding his hand to the back of my neck, ently puled my face to his and kisssed me deeply. As usuals with him, his soft lips and probing tongue made my pussy dampen and I felt his hand slip between my thighs which I parted slightly, moaning as his fingers lightly moved up the soft bare skin until the eddge of his index finger brushed lightly along my slit.

He broke off our kiss and nodded towards the door in the wall a few metres ahead. 'In there' he said. I didn't know what to expect, he called me only half a hour ago after dressing me for work that day in an extremely short black dress with bare legs and high heels and demanded that I come down from the office and get in the car after insisting that I remove my knickers and bra and leave them in my desk drawer.

I opened the car door and got out of the car, luckily being an average joe there were no paparazzi waiting for the upskirt shot of my neatly trimmed pussy. I tottered away from the car on my 6" heels and nervously looked back to my husband who sat watching me as I approached the door. It was quite shabby with the purple paint beginning to peel from the wood beneath. I tentatively knocked but there was no reply. After waiting a short while I reached out and gripped the handle turning it gingerly and pulling open the door. I peered into the gloomy room inside and seeing it empty, stepped inside letting the door swing shut behind me. I stood there for a moment, letting my eyes adjust to the gloom and noticed 4 doors directly opposite me with green tabs showing I assumed indicating that they were free. I walked over to one of the middle two and pulled it open. Inside was a fairly sparse cubicle, maybe one and a half metres wide and two metres long, softly lit with bare black painted walls and a blood red carpet. On the wall opposite me was a small cupboard, painted the same black as the walls with a note taped to the door. A silver stool sat belolw it with a wide cusioned, black leather seat. I entered the cubicle and pulled the door closed behind me, excitement building inside me as I pulled the note with my name on it of the cupboard and looked at it.

It wasn't my husbands writing! Now I really was getting turned on and could feel the warmth flooding between my legs, I reached out and opened the cupboard, inside was a small silver bullet vibrator and a 9" dildo with a wide suction cup on the bottom. I smiled and took them both out closing the cupboard door and sat on the stool. I put the dildo on the floor and taking the little bullet, pressed the blue button on the end. It vibrated very quickly and I knew it would bring me to orgasm in no time. I spread my legs and ran my fingers lightly along the slippery lips of my pussy. Christ I was turned on and immediately parted them, my middle finger seeking out the already hard clit, lightly rubbing it with a fingertip as I teased my nipples with the vibe though the material of my black dress. I let one strap of my dress fall from my shoulders as my fingers went to work on my clit, rubbing it slowly at first and gradually getting faster and faster along with my breathing.

I spread my legs wide apart and brought the vibe down between them, circling the tip round and round my clit as I fought the urge to touch it, the stool was slick with my juices now and my bum was beginning to slide around on it as i squirmed. Finally I pressed the tip of the vibe onto my engorged clit. 'OH FUCK' I murmured as the intensity of my pleasure increased, I could hear myself moaning as the little bullet worked it's magic, my arm outstretched with my palm flat on the wall to support me as I writhed around on the stool.

Suddenly there was a clatter from the door shutting in cubicle next to me, I jumped and sat still the bullet falling to the floor and buzzing away. I didn't move, quietly reaching down and picking up the bullet I listened as the person next door unbuckled his trousers and let them fall to the floor. I smiled knowing it was Andy next door and returned to pleasuring myself. Once again I pressed the silver bullet against my clit and groaned audibly, knowing that my husband could hear me. I could just about make out the slap of his hand on his cock which spurred me on, my orgasm building, my moans becoming cries as the first wave of pleasure hit me, the muscles throughout my body tensing as I was wracked with spasms, strangelly turned on more knowing that he was listening next door.

As my orgasm subsided I slipped my cum soaked hand from between my legs and as I did, noticed a long thick and already hard cock poking through the previously unoticed hole in the wall. Once again I sat frozen, staring at it with a mixture of shock and excitement, It wasn't Andy's!! It was a similar 8" and similarly thick but this one was cut whereas Andy's wasn't! I sat there looking at it for a second and thought about what was happening, Andy knew I was here, he must have known what this place was when he brought me here and god that cock looked good, it was thickly veined with a slight curve and a wide pink tip which I new wold feel amazing sliding into my slippery cunt.

I moved closer to the wall, reaching down I wrapped my hand around the hard, throbbing cock and gave it a squeeze. I heard a soft moan coming from the other side of the wall. I gently squeezed it a few minutes before beginning to stroke it slowly up and down. I was concentrating on this stranger's hard cock when I felt something brush between my shoulder blades, I whipped my head around and to my shock there was a hand sliding back through a whole in the opposite wall a finger beckoning me over to it. I wasn't sure what to do but I was so excited I hadn't even noticed my own hand back between my legs rubbing my pussy as stroked the gorgeous cock with my left hand.

I stood up and dragged my stool to the middle of the floor between the two holes and knelt on it, my hand continuing to wank the cock to my left as i bent over offering my firm arse and pussy up to the other glory hole. I leant forward and began to jerk it off harder and faster. I could make out grunting and moaning through the thin wall between us before I felt his cock harden, expand and watched a stream of thick, sticky cum shoot halfway across the small cubicle. The throbbing dick shot off a couple more streams of cum before slowly going soft in my hand. I released my grip on the spent member and he slowly withdrew it from the hole. I then heard a gentle rap on the wall which I gathered was a Thank You!

Whilst this was happening the hand had slipped back through the other hole and I jumped as it's fingertips moved over my bum, seeking out the heat between my legs and slipping a finger easily into me. I whimpered once more as it moved gently inside me at first, the fingertip moving over my slick walls, I gasped as it moved over my g-spot and he knew it, just what he was looking for, he slipped a second finger into me and curled them both up inside me working my g-spot with his fingertips whilst his thumb getly massaged my clit. I could feel myself about to cum as looking up a second cock was pushed though the first hole right before my eyes. I didn't hesitate this time and taking it into my hand I gently squeezed and stroked it noticing a little bead of cum oozing out the tip. Squatting down I slowly licked the cum off before pulling it into my mouth. I began to suck and slurp on this hard dick hoping the owner was enjoying the pleasure. knowing he could feel mine as I moaned on it, my own orgasm building and once again my body went taught the muscles clenching throughout as the strange man fingers made me cum once more, his thumb workingmy clit and two fingers in my pussy, I took as muck of this new cock to the back of my throat as I could without gagging, it muting the sound of my screams. just at the moment of climax the door to my cubicle opened quickly and there in the doorway, watching me cum with a strangers cock in the back of my throat and anothers hand buried in my pussy was Andy. It sent me over the edge as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me, I barely heard the door close behind him so engrossed was I in my own orgasm, the hot juices running over the strangers hands and down my sliky smooth thighs. AS I fought to catch my breath with the cock in my mouth I felt Andy's hands on my shoulders gently rubbing. He slowly pulled the top of my dress down releasing my tits from the confines of the thin material letting them fall free.

Reaching down he massaged both tits while I greedily sucked the dick in front of me. I could hear the moaning in the next room get louder as I felt his cock swell and then shoot stream after stream of hot thick juice into my waiting mouth. I gobbled and swallowed as much as I could but still some spilled from my lips as this guy was a very heavy cummer. When he had finished shooting his load, I pulled the semi hard cock back into my mouth and cleaned it off for him. I released my grip on it and he slowly eased it back into his side of the wall.

I stood up the stretch my legs and wrapping my arms around my husband, gave him a hot passionate kiss, my mouth still coated with a strange man's hot jizz!

Andy broke off our kiss and looked at me with a amused smile across those wonderful lips, 'Enjoying yourself?' he whispered. 'Fuck yes' I replied, 'that was my second!'. As I said it I gasped as the stranger slipped his fingers from my dripping cunt and rubbed his thumb up over my puckered bum hole.

I spread my legs a little further apart bending slightly at the waist while moving closer to the wall giving the strange hand more access to my cunt. He ran a well lubed finger over and over my arse hole and slipped in into me gently. I looked at Andy, 'he is in my arse' I said and he grinned back at me toying with my exposed tits. Andy stood up infront of me and gently placing his hands on my shoulders pushed me back onto the strangers finger. I gasped as his finger pushed deep into my arse and after finger fucking my arse for a few minutes he gently slipped it out. His hand then disappeared but was replaced by a rather nice, large cock which was already hard as a rock.

I bent over a little more and thanks to the high heels I was wearing, my ass lined up nicely with the hole in the wall. Reaching between my legs, grabbed the big dick guiding it into my dripping fuck hole. Once the large bulbous head cleared the entrance of my pussy lips, I shoved my ass back against the wall impaling the gentleman's cock deep up my horny little twat!

I heard a loud groan when the cock hit bottom and knew it felt good to the owner. I kept my ass lodged against the wall and let him do the fucking at his own pace enjoying the sensation of my pussy being filled. Andy was about to get his cock out in front of me, his back against the opposite wall when another cock slid through the hole in that wall. Seeing that, he grinned and backed up sitting in the chair to watch.

I reached out and grabbed the second cock and began jerking on it while the one in my pussy was busy giving me a good hard fucking. I enjoyed his big cock sliding it and out but I did miss the sensation of a man's balls bouncing off my cunt when I get fucked from behind like that. Oh well, I wasn't complaining!

I just couldn't get my mouth on the dick in front of me so I hoped the guy who it belonged to would be patient until the one in me had shot his load! By the way he was pounding my cunt I knew he was about ready to lose it. With a last hard shove which shook the wall when he slammed it home, I heard a loud groan and felt his hot seed fill my wide open pussy to overflowing. With short little jabs and loud grunts, he emptied his ball sac into my sloppy cum filled snatch. He let it soak a few minutes before it fell out with a loud plop. Squatting down in front of the cock poking through the opposite wall, I pulled it into my mouth as strings of thick gooey cum poured out of my freshly screwed pussy causing a puddle in the floor.

"I wonder how much man cum has been cleaned off this floor?" I mused to myself while slobbering over the hard cock in my mouth. I sucked and pumped until I felt it begin to throb and pulse shooting streams of juice down my throat. I kept sucking and swallowing until it began to go limp then let it slide out of my mouth and back through the hole.

I stood up to see Andy sitting in the chair, his cock in his hand slowly stroking it with a glazed look of lust on his face. I knew he was enjoying the show! 'Mmmmmm what if a big black guy should stick his cock through here? I asked. "Well, you've never tried one so it would be a new experience for you." He replied with a slight laugh. I reached down and squeezed his cock noticing the head was slick with his oozing precum juices. "Having fun?" I teased giving his hard cock a few pumps.

"Oh yea baby, you know I love it when you play a nasty little whore for me!" "Are you having fun sucking and being fucked by strange cocks?" He asked moaning slightly as I pumped his cock.

"OOOOHHHH yes sweetie, I love it!" "You know I love to make you hot and horny." He was squeezing my tits as I continued to pump on his hard dick. I bent down to suck it for him and he just moaned as I pulled it into my mouth.

After sucking a few minutes he pulled my head off "Easy baby, not yet." "You've got another customer." Andy pointed to the wall behind me.

"Oh my God!" Was all I could get out, my eyes widened in disbelief at the sight presenting itself to me. "That thing can't belong to anything human" I stammered mesmerized by the length of the shaft. It had to be at least 12" long and that was just what was on my side of the wall. I figured he must have had a couple more inches on his side. Though it was not that big around, it was absolutely the longest cock I had ever seen in person!

It was circumcised, bent slightly upward and hard as a rock. It was as if I were in a daze when Jim finally nudged me, "Well, are you going to play with it or just look at it?" He laughed.

I leaned over and whispered in Jim's ear "Do you want me to suck him off or would you like to watch him fuck me with that weapon?"

"Whatever you feel like doing baby." Was his reply.

With that I reached down and wrapped my fingers around the middle of the long shaft and squeezed firmly feeling the hard warm flesh in my hand. It felt simply wonderful and I knew I would have to have that thing up my hot pussy before long! I began to slowly stroke the lengthy shaft from near the base up to the velvety smooth pinkish knob at the end. Little droplets of cum was forming at the tip and using my finger gently wiped it off. Bending down I pulled the head into my mouth, swirled my tongue around it a few times before pulling as much of the shaft in as I could.

I then grasped the shaft with both hands and started to pump. I was getting really hot now. My juices mixing with what was left of the load that had already been pumped into my cunt had my pussy well lubricated. I was thankful of this fact.

"Oh yea baby, suck that big cock for me!" I heard Andy hiss softly as he pumped his cock.

Getting more excited and anxious to cum, I suddenly pulled my mouth off the huge thing and spinning around, I bent over and backing up guided that horse cock into my sloppy wet cunt. I shoved back plastering my ass against the wall with a thud emitting a loud grunt as I tried to get every inch of his cock up me. I wriggled and undulated my ass around against the wall feeling that huge cock buried deep up inside my womb. Andy got up and came over standing beside me to get a better view of that extra long cock sliding in and out adn rubbed my clit fast and hard with his fingers. I pulled forward until only the head was lodged in my pussy then slide back slowly giving him a good view of that thing disappearing up his slutty wife's hot cunt!

I worked my ass and hot cunt around the huge member feeling the sensations of being completely filled. Was glad that the anonymous owner of such a proud and lovely cock was obliging me by not moving but rather letting me have my pleasure with his manhood. I was beginning to squeal and whine with pure lust as my orgasm was working to a conclusion. "God I wanted to feel the whole thing up my horny cunt, his balls slapping against my pussy as he rammed that horse cock home!" Was what I was thinking to myself and that vision brought me over the edge. I squealed and groaned as a violent orgasm took over my body. I shook and quaked uncontrollably letting out animal sounds which I was sure everybody in the place overheard but could not help myself.

When the sensations finally started to subside I felt the hard cock inside me begin to slowly pull out and then be shoved in again. The owner of that great cock knew I had cum and now was taking his turn. I just shoved my ass back against the wall and let him enjoy himself.

Thinking to myself, "I'll bet he would love to be able to grab my hips and really ram that enormous piece of meat up my hole as far as he could right now!" The thought was so enticing that I was almost ready to pull myself off that fucking cock and run into his booth to let him really screw my ass good when I heard him grunt and moan loudly. Feeling his cock swell even bigger and Andy's attention to my clit made me cum once more, as I did so I could feel the huge length now slamming in and out of me begin to throband finally I heard a groan from behind the wall as he exploded deep inside me we came together as his hot load gushed into the deepest recesses of my stretched love canal.

It seemed to take him forever to finally finish Cumming and when he did eventually pull it out with a loud squishy sucking sound it looked like a balloon had burst inside me as a huge glob of sticky white juice spattered down my inner thighs and onto the floor beneath my legs. Any ran his hand along my swollen pussy and scooping some of the hot load placed his fingers to my lips so that I could suck it from them and we could share it in a passionate kiss.

we were mid embrase when I noticed a hand come through the wall with a note in it. I took it and read the guys name and phone number. Then putting his mouth near the hole, thanked me by saying "That was the best fuck I've ever had!" "Call me if you ever want to meet." Then I heard his door open and he left. I had the urge to open our door to get a look at him but didn't.

"What did he give you?" Andy asked. I handed him the note. "Well, that was nice of him." He kidded. He shoved the name and number into his pants pocket.

"Maybe I'll get to feel that hot cock up my aching pussy fully the next time!" I mused to myself with a giggle.

We had been in that booth for some time now and Andy indicated that I might suck one more cock off while he fucked me and we would leave. We didn't have to wait long as another hard cock was already in view on the side of the wall he was sitting at. "There it is baby" I whispered to my husband.

I bent over taking the cock in my mouth as Andy positioned himself behind me, his pants down around his ankles, I felt his hard cock slowly slide into my thoroughly cum soaked stretched out cunt. Grabbing me at the waist started to fuck me in rhythm with the cock sucking I was doing in front of me. I used one hand to steady myself against the wall and the other to pump the guy's cock while sucking.

A few minutes later I felt the cock in my mouth begin to swell and tense before unleashing a torrent of its molten hot salty liquid down my throat. I slurped and swallowed as fast as I could as he emptied his load.

I continued to gently give the gentleman's semi hard cock a good tongue bath cleaning every last drop of jizm while Andy's rhythm got longer and harder. I heard him begin to groan and grunt with each thrust before experiencing that familiar feeling of a hard cock start to swell and pulse the instant it shoots its load.

My husband must have really been hot and horny from the excitement because his cum literally gushed bathing my already gooey pussy with his own load! His grunting and moaning seemed to last for a long time as did the streams of hot cum he dumped inside of me. When he finally pulled out, I felt another big glob of cum drain out splattering on the floor between my legs.

Smiling as he pulled up his boxers and jeans, Andy eyed my breasts before bending down and gently sucking on each nipple. I pushed his head away and pulled up the straps of my dress, lifting them one at a time into it before tugging down the hem over my bum and opening the door. We left hand in hand and got in the car, I left a nice sticky pressie on the car seat for him that night but didn't fail to notice him tuck the name and number away in his glove box and I wondered dreamily if he would ever call the number.

But that is another story.