Written by Softjoe

9 Nov 2017

I left the office at 3:30 that afternoon to keep my hairdressing appointment at Angela's house. As I parked the car on her driveway and approached the front door I had a slight feeling of butterflies in my tummy, remembering what had taken place a few evenings before at Phil’s and my house* and wondering what today would bring.

Angela answered the door with a smile, dressed as usual when she was working, in a crisp. knee-length white tunic and white shoes, her long blonde hair swept back into a pony-tail. Ushering me into the salon which she had created from a spare room, she took my outer coat and poured me a cup of coffee whilst we exchanged pleasantries about the weather - clearly neither of us knew quite how our relationship had been affected by our previous encounter. I was also dressed in my normal working-clothes: a dark-blue suit comprising a tailored jacket and skirt, white blouse and black court-style high-heeled shoes. As usual Angela helped me to remove the jacket prior to beginning work, but as I shrugged my shoulders back to let it fall she caught her breath at the sight of my breasts pushing at my blouse, the lace cups of my bra visible through the flimsy fabric. She reached out her fingers and touched my nipples; then, taking my chin between thumb and forefinger, kissed me long and deeply as I leaned back against the counter.

Pulling back for breath, we smiled at one another, all questions answered. Raising her fingers once more, Angela slowly unbuttoned and opened my blouse, gently licking the nipples which were clearly visible, and hardening beneath the lace of my bra. Reaching behind me she eased down the zip of my skirt and slid it down over my hips and legs to the floor. I had chosen my matching, pale-pink underwear carefully in the hope that something like this would occur and Angela seemed to approve of my thigh-length underskirt whose lace-trimmed hem just covered the tops of my stockings - panties and suspenders just discernible through its translucence. Raising the hem to my waist, she busied her lips and tongue with the soft skin above my stockings before gently easing my panties to the floor. She was now completely in control as I held my underskirt clear for her to plunge her tongue into my cunny and over my clit and waited for the burgeoning orgasm.

When the tidal-wave had passed, all thoughts of hairdressing were forgotten. Angela removed my blouse, bra and underskirt, and lay me back in a reclining-chair, sucking on my nipples and stroking my pussy until it almost purred. But now I wanted to return the favour and so, taking charge, I stood and gently pushed her back against the counter where I had just been serviced by her. I unbuttoned the front of her tunic to expose the silky white petticoat through which her little bra and panties could be seen. Slipping the tunic from her shoulders I kissed her urgently, our tongues entwining as my hands massaged her breasts, hips and thighs through the delicate fabric and her pelvis pushed hard against me. Disengaging my lips from hers I drew back sufficiently to raise the hem of her petticoat up over her lovely body and upstretched arms. That done, her arms dropped again, pulling my lips back onto hers as my hand slid down over her flat tummy and inside the front of her panties. Smiling at her, I slipped my hand through the hair, found her raised clitoris and rubbed it between my fingers, then ran my index finger along her love-lips, causing her to moan softly.

Dropping to my knees I kissed and licked her tummy whilst hooking my thumbs into her panties and easing them down her slim legs. This enabled me to part her thighs and let my tongue roam where we both wanted it. I glanced up and saw by her half-closed eyes and wanton expression that she was at the mercy of her libido and ready for what I had in store. Reaching into my purse I pulled out my 'plastic pal' - a black, eight-inch vibrator which I usually carry in case of emergency(!). Turning it on - slowly at first - I touched it against her clit, making her squeal in surprise and pleasure. I ran it up and down her labia before inserting it into her cunny, which by now was almost dripping with a mixture of her love-juice and my saliva. Angela moaned ecstatically and leaned back farther as the vibrator slid glistening in and out, then her pelvis began to move against it as I watched, fascinated, and suddenly felt envious of Phil's cock, which had experienced this action at first hand (if 'hand' is the word I'm looking for!). Holding tightly to the vibrator I returned my lips to her tummy and thighs, kissing and licking until her whole body stiffened and began to shudder as this combined action brought her to the sort of climax which most of us can only hope for.

When she had recovered sufficiently Angela helped me to dress; the sensation of her hands running over my body and underwear was such a turn-on that I was ready to start again, but Time was against us. Sitting me back in the reclining chair - upright, this time! - she deftly trimmed and tidied my dishevelled hair. The sight of her in the mirror - naked but for her shoes and bra - had me alternately stroking myself through my panties and fingering her too, until the job was done.

Driving home through the evening traffic I felt my own moistness and began to plan a pleasant surprise for Phil on his return…

* see 'Fotofun'