Written by saskia03

27 Aug 2014

She waited in the lobby of the hotel wondering what the day will bring ..... she caught his reflection as he strode thru the door .... dark glasses on even tho the lobby was shaded .... not a care in the world as if he owned the place, tall, muscular, and tanned .... already she could feel herself getting aroused

'you are waiting, lady, ' he asked,

oh yes I'm waiting was the thought that came to her mind quickly ..... 'yes' she replied quietly and demurely

'ok, this way' he turned quickly striding out the lobby, she followed, picking up her bag,

the journey to the boat took minutes, but all she could do was stare thru the window and watch the fields pass, every now and then quickly looking at the back of the drivers neck and imagining .... was he watching the road, or was that a fleeting glance in the mirror aimed at her?

The mini bus arrived at the destination, the heat hitting her, filling her body with a warmth, she looked round and followed the group as they walked onto the boat, finding a spot in the sun, and taking off the dress she made herself comfortable, slyly glancing towards the rep as he talked to the captain and crew.

The boat got underway, the wind filling the sails and moving gently, she held out her hand and felt the wind glance over it, suddenly she had a feeling she was being stared at, she glanced round and noticed he had sat down opposite her, dark glasses covered his eyes but still she knew he was watching her and not the scenery

'Come, sit with me, would you like a drink?' he asked her ........ 'would I like a drink,' she thought ..'I would love to drink you til you moaned with pleasure' ........ 'I would love a cola,' she replied

'So what brings you here, why is such a lovely lady here all alone' the usual chat up line, but seemed so different coming from him,

'Oh, I just needed a break' ........... she looked into his eyes, deep brown, she looked away quickly before he could see the thoughts surging thru her eyes .......

'The boat stops here for a while, we can swim, you want to join me?' he asked ..... 'OK' she replied

They dived from the boat into the water, coming up she saw him, already swimming ahead, he joined a group of people and started talking to them she started to swim to the shore as her feet touched the bottom she felt something behind her, hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her back, she felt something hard against her back ......

'are you ok?' he asked, 'I am fine, thanks' she replied

She could feel him close .... his manhood erect and firm against her back, she began wondering what it would feel like, to have his body on top of her, to feel the hardness inside her

'come, I will help you back' ..... he took her hand and pulled her towards the boat

The boat pulled up anchor and started to cruise once more .... she towelled herself dry and drop on top of the damp towel, closing her eyes to the sun ... the warmth starting to make her come alive, she drifted off, dreaming of dark eyes...... smooth skin, and kisses

the hours passed and the cruise finished ...... back to the shore and the drive back ... eyes meeting every so often a soft smile spread to his lips as she watched him .... she slowly licked her lips and saw him smile more

The hotel appeared quicker than she thought, first one off ...... as she was helped down she felt something slip into her hand as she walked to the room, she looked , a slip of paper with a number on ...... does she call it ..... could she call it .....