Written by anon

31 Jan 2015

i had arranged a night out with friends angela my girlfriend never met them john and elain were with us most they were mid thirtys and i 5 and angela 41 me and john had talked about each others woman many times

we went to my flat and drank talking and went on to sex and how i liked dark nipples so we sugested dare the questions got sexier as john dared elain to show me her nipples in the room as we all were laying on the duvet with a cover over us i got up with elain and went to the room

she opened her top showing me her big tits and dark nipples i stroked them as she smiled saying you like them i said yes

next john was to feel angelas pussy under the cover as he did she sighed as he rubbed her clit as she kissed me he fingered her as she loved this she opened her legs wider slowly so not to be noticed so i went to the toilet as elain the kitchen taking my time coming back john was fingering her hard as she moaned as i watched from the hall he opened her legs and got on top of her kissng her as he eased up her and was fucking her i went tothe kitchen and said to elain to be quiet and we watched from the hall as john lifted her legs up fucking her as she moaned as he said to her you like my cock she moaned yes as i walked in saying to john she loves that as she said she was sorry they got carried away i said its okay as she lay on her side kissing me as john got behind her easing up her from behind she wispered he was up her as i said take it i see you want it dont you oh yes im so horny i told her to tell him she wanted his cock and she did john had a big cock and he told her to be dirty i went to the kitchen and watched from the hall as i wanked my cock as he fucked her from the back then side as elain looked at my cock then stroked it we kissed as i put my hand down her knickers feeling her very hairy pussy and wet clit fingering her to climax