Written by Unknown

14 Jun 2008

I was at a gay fetish party in LA and got chatting to a 20 year old girl, Nance, who was a gay virgin - I was 31 at the time. (She'd been with men but was wanting to come out of the closet as a lesbian) She'd gone to the club to break the ice I think. Blimey, there's nothing like doing it in style is there?!

Late in the evening we were all quite pissed (U.S. friends - that's drunk not angry!) The girl started dancing with me really provocatively. She was all curves and breasts, tight short rubber skirt and a fabulous skin tight lace top showing her low cut rubber bra. Dark curly hair, sexy black eyes, bright red lips. Not stunning looking but a really sensual, expressive face.

Of course I responded in kind! It was quite heavy dance music and we giggled and wiggled a lot at first. I held her full hips while she moved on the dance floor. Her tits were spectacular and I couldn't take my eyes off them or her mouth actually - I wanted to touch her so badly and her lips were just asking to be kissed. When the music slowed down, I made my move and kissed her. Her body just melted into mine and we kissed long and slow.

There were quite a few couples seriously getting it on. I'd been to one party like this before in New Mexico but I only watched then. We began touching each other discreetly at first and then something happened. Inhibitions just went out of the window. I had to have those fabulous tits in my mouth. I pulled her lacy top up over them and I could just see her dark nipples peeking over the top of her bra. I took her in my mouth and licked and sucked her nipple while my other hand squeezed her round firm behind. She was already moaning. My pussy was so wet I could feel it running down the inside of my thigh.

I felt so high. I knew we were being watched and it just made me more horny. I was self conscious at first. It was so public but that didn't last long! I dropped to my knees, abandoning her breasts which were now outside the bra and on view for all. I wanted her pussy and had no thoughts of anything else. She raised a leg up onto a nearby chair I eased the rubber skirt up a little. Delighted to see she was wearing no panties and she was spectacularly unshaved (my little fetish) Her pussy was soaking wet. I could just see the black hair glistening in the low light. I ran my index finger gently up her slit, parting the hair to make way for my hungry mouth. Her pussy was swollen and her clit was hard and standing out. I was only conscious of the heat, the smell and the taste of her as I began to lick her wetness. She grabbed my hair and I held her hips. I struggled to be gentle. Wanting to bite and suck, devour her. She was rocking her hips and her head tilted back moaning. As I changed position I saw a woman at a table near us who was rubbing her clit and watching us and another couple kissing and watching - so fucking horny. My God I'd never experienced anything like it.

I continued licking her out as I inserted my thumb into her pussy and a finger into her ass. I thought she was going to fall she bucked and writhed so wildly. It was only her holding onto my hair that kept her upright I think! My face was covered in her juices as she came really hard. After that we kissed and she licked and sucked my lips and face, tasting herself and loving it! She said she wanted to lick my pussy - her first time. She pushed me down onto my back and somehow managed to get one leg out of my leather trousers - God knows how!

Looking back I'm amazed it was her first time. Nance was a natural. To be honest I was so horny and the atmosphere was so thick with alcohol and sex and heavy music, I came really quickly. She fingerfucked me really hard and fast while she brought me off for the second time. really mindblowing. that all might sound pretty pervy but what else was going on was really outrageous. While my sexy girl was licking me out a really butch woman started to touch her arse which was sticking up in the air because of the position she was in. Nance told me later that she looked round and basically nodded encouragement to her! i didn't know at the time but my girl was getting her pussy and arse fingered while she was doing me!

I honestly don't know how we got ourselves together to get dressed & out of the party! Her legs were like jelly she told me and I wasn't much better. Well we went home together and just sucked and fucked for the rest of the night and slept half of the next day! That was that. i never saw her again. I think she just wanted to lose her "cherry" and I was glad to oblige! It was one of the most sexually exciting nights I've ever had and she'll always be on my mind now and again, as long as I live. I have had so many orgasms over that memory and it never gets tired.